Rhondda Events

President's Message

Hello Rhondda! 

We have started to have some warmer days with more sun so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is a good sign that spring will be getting into full swing soon.  It's the time of year that we begin to start to clean up the outside of our homes following the long winter and all the damage that has occurred.  As you have seen in the past couple of Rosters the annual walk through process will begin soon.  The Architectural Committee with the assistance of volunteers will begin doing that in April.  This year they will concentrate on the townhomes again.  

The dates for the township yard waste pick-up can be found in the current issue of the Rhondda Roster, which is delivered to all homes and is available in the office.

During the March Homeowner’s Meeting, there were several residents that commented on the amount of pet waste in the center courts and along the bike trails.  We realize it has been a bad winter, with a lot of snow, but cleaning up after your pet should be done year round.  Please see the reminders in this Roster pertaining to several of our rules and regulations regarding your pets.   Another important issue is that a pet must always be on a leash and the pet owner should be able to control their own pet to avoid an unsafe situation with another animal.  Please be a courteous pet owner.

Another issue that was discussed at the quarterly meeting was that recycle containers have materials in them that will blow all around the roads if they are put out on a windy day.  Please remember to bundle papers and circulars so they do not blow away, and if able place a lid or cover over your container to keep items from being blown out.  Those simple things can help keep our community looking tidy.

Thank you again for your attention to these matters.  Enjoy the warmer weather, we all deserve it!

Debbie Dainis

Property Manager's Message

Winter is supposed to be behind us. We weathered 16 snow storms this past season and the combination of snow plowing and tree damage clean up exceeds the funds in our operating budget. While we have gone over budget on snow removal we do not have to assess our homeowners for the shortfall.  Because of the Association’s good budgeting habits a special account was set up a number of years ago where budgeted funds not used were diverted.  The shortfall is now being paid from this account.  I’ve heard that residents in other Homeowners Associations received heavy assessments to cover their snow removal costs this winter.

It’s a blessing that the majority of our Homeowners pay their dues in advance or on time as we head into what I call our spending season. This builds our balance in the Operating Account and gives us a running start before it begins. In late March our bills begin to increase as we prepare for the spring and summer season. The following activities all begin to kick in and generate bills during March and April:

  • Geese Management
  • Tree damage clean up.
  • Blow cinders off the curbs before the street sweepers come on March 24th.
  • Reposition Boulders in the Courts.
  • Repair snow plow divots.
  • Put up signs knocked down by the plows.
  • Landscapers spring clean up.
  • 1st application of weed & feed to the common grounds.
  • Mulching 9 entrance beds and approximately 175 trees.
  • Entrance bed plantings.
  • 1st cut and trim for the season begins the 2nd week in April.
  • Pool Opening.
  • Pond Treatments.

Here are some events and Holidays observed in April:

The 1st April Fools Day! 7th World Health Day, 13th Palm Sunday, 15th Passover, 15th Tax Day, 17th Holy Thursday, 18th Good Friday, 20th Easter, 22nd Earth Day, 23rd Administration Professionals Day, 25th Arbor Day, 27th Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The temperatures are still very cool and I hope we start to warm up quickly so everyone begins to venture outside and spruce up their property in preparation for the 2014 spring and summer season!

Scott Leidy
Property Manager

Office Manager’s Message 

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held April 5th from 2 to 4 pm, rain or shine.  Please call and register your children for this fun activity.  Volunteers are always needed and very much appreciated.  I look forward to receiving your calls.  More details are found in this issue.

A new lock will be placed on the tennis court gate and keys will be available May 1st.  The cost for each key is now $2.00.  Keep your key in a secure place and please make sure the gates are locked as you leave.

The pool season will be here before you know it.  I’ve included the application for pool passes in this issue for new residents and anyone that has misplaced their pass. Children 5 years of age and older are required to have a pass.   Tenants must apply for a 2014 pool pass.  Tenant  2013 pool passes will not be accepted.  Please include a color picture when returning your completed application.  There is a $5 charge for the replacement of a lost pool pass.  Pool passes will be sent prior to the pool opening Memorial Day Weekend.  Remember, you must be in compliance with the rules and regulations and your homeowner’s dues must be current to enjoy the pool privileges.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Brian and Danielle Rooney for the time they served as Block Captains for Pembroke Court.  The court is now in need of another Block Captain.  Think you might have the time and would like to get to know more of your neighbors?  Give the office a call.  

It’s spring!  Now if the weather will only catch on.

Dianne O’Melia
Office Manager