Rhondda Events

Rhondda Homeowners Association Management 

The Rhondda Homeowners Association is now using Associa Mid-Atlantic for management. Rhonda Zivitz is the Community Manager.

The Rhondda Roster is now distributed using email, and paper copies are available to residents who visit the Rhondda office.

Reminder: If you are planning to make any changes to the outside of your home (including new roofing, windows, lighting, sidewalks, sheds, decks, and more), please check your rules and regulations guide or check with the office to see if approval is needed from the Architectural Committee for the improvements you are planning. Remember that a fine will be imposed if you begin any work without first receiving approval from Architectural Committee. See Architectural Guidelines for more information.

New to the Neighborhood?

If you've recently moved into Rhondda as a new owner or as a renter, see your neighborhood block captain or contact the office with any questions!