Rhondda Events

President's Message

First, I would like to begin by mentioning that we had a very successful 4th of July celebration at the pool.  We had a huge turnout this year. The weather “mostly” cooperated until the very end of the day when it started to rain. I would like to thank all of the people who helped to make the event successful. 

We will be holding our annual Family Fun Night in August, please check the Roster for more information on the upcoming event. I would also like to encourage people to sign up for our Activity Committee so that these fun events can continue in the future.

The Board has chosen a new management company that will be starting in the office in the next week or so. The new company does plan to hold an open house event to allow residents a chance to come by to meet the new property manager in person. There will be more information to come on when that will be. They will also be sending each homeowner a welcome letter which will include more information on the company. Once the attorney completes the contract review, we will finalize and sign the contract. This process did take the Board several months to complete as we extensively interviewed 5 different management companies before making the decision on which company we felt would be the best fit for Rhondda.

***IMPORTANT NOTICE:  It has come to the attention of the Board that there are several homes in the community that are renting out single rooms in a “boarding home” fashion. This type of rental is not permitted by our rules and regulations. The homes in violation will be sent violation letters and will be subject to fines if this continues.

I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer and is able to spend time with family and friends.

Debbie Dainis

Facilities Manager's Message

It has been a very hot and humid summer. We have had enough rain to keep the plants alive in the entrance beds but the grass is browned out and stressed in many areas. We are concentrating on keeping the crack weeds down along the curbs and streets and beginning our brush clearing.

I am looking forward to working with our new management company. Dianne and I will oversee the transition and our goal is to have them effectively managing the Association by the end of August. 

I hope many of you are enjoying the pool and having a wonderful summer!

Property Manager

Office Manager’s Message 

Summer has arrived. Our children are out of school and are playing everywhere. Please slow down. Parents, there is plenty of common ground within the courts for children to play. Unless there is permission from a neighbor, please have your children plan in the common area and not a neighbor’s lawn or parking space. When playing hockey in the courts please stay clear of parked cars. By taking a little extra care, everyone will be able to enjoy a safe and fun filled summer vacation.

Included in the printed issue of the Roster are pictures from the July 4th Celebration. I would like to thank those that helped during the event and everyone that brought desserts.

Family Fun Night is scheduled for Saturday, August 20th, from 7 pm to 10 pm. Keep your fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate.

This roster issue combines the July and August information. Please mark your calendars. Our next Quarterly Homeowners Meeting will be September 13th at 7 pm in the farmhouse.  

I’m looking forward to assisting with the transition to a property management company and retirement.  I plan to still be involved with the Rhondda community but as a volunteer. This is a great family community and I want to see it stay that way.

Have a great summer.

Dianne O’Melia
Office Manager