2011-2012 Rhondda Homeowners Association Candidates


Mike Cassella, candidate for President

“I have served as a board member and currently as President for the past 2 years and was a block captain for four years prior to this. My family, (wife and three children) has lived in Rhondda for 13 years. Currently I am the General Manager of an environmental energy company in Glenmoore. As president, I would strive to keep the momentum going forward on improving the condition of our neighborhood amenities and common grounds, as well as looking ahead at issues that may arise.”


Mohammed Jan, candidate for President

“I am married with two boys. Both of my children were born in Exton and my elder son was born right here at Rhondda in 1994. We were residents here at Rhondda before, and again since 2005 'till present.

I have a B.S. and M.S. in statistics from Bangladesh. I have an MBA in Industrial Management from Los Angeles, California. I am taking classes towards an Accounting Degree from West Chester University. I know the Americans are the best and most caring people (more than 100% true) in the world. We have a very good community at Rhondda. I will be very proud to serve the RHOA as President. I will be a President BY the Homeowners and their children, OF the Homeowners and their Children and FOR the Homeowners and their Children. “


Sue Patt, candidate for Vice President

Sue is a Rhondda resident of 22 years.  Sue has served in leadership as President and Vice-President of the Board, and as a committee member on many committees.   She believes passionately in the value of community, and would like to continue to work toward implementing best practices of community associations as outlined by the professional association “Community Associations Institute,” with which Rhondda has been associated.  She believes that the crucial demands for the association to face currently involve providing a good mechanism to address the needs of our aging structures.  Sue has been instrumental in assisting the community in addressing the disparity of appearance within the cedar portion of the townhome community by utilizing solid stains and permanent materials above the roof line.  She has also been instrumental in improving communication between members of the community by participating in the creation and maintenance of the web site.


Ryan Dawson, candidate for Treasurer

Ryan has been a Rhondda resident for 1 year. As a co-owner of Finnerty, LLC, Ryan has gained experience in managing a company and overseeing budgets. He received a degree from Virginia Tech in horticulture and contracting. Ryan strongly believes that the Rhondda Homeowners Association needs to maintain and improve the property values by having regular upkeep schedules for all the common elements as well as owners maintaining their individual properties. 




Barbara J. Guenst, candidate for Secretary

Barbara has been a Rhondda Resident for 20 years. She served as secretary for 2011.  As a Board member, she is committed to the fiduciary responsibility of protecting and enhancing the property values in Rhondda. Goals to achieve this include improving the infrastructure needed to ensure good maintenance of our association assets including landscaping.  As Rhondda is an aging community we need to continue to solve problems associated with the upkeep of all our homes. Barbara was an active proponent developing a cost effective solution to the disparate and aging appearance of the cedar townhome units. Barbara’s commitment to improve Rhondda has led her to become a member of the

Community Association Institute, America’s advocate for responsible communities. The willingness to educate herself about Homeowners Associations, understanding the roles of its members and association leaders, has prepared Barbara to work for positive change within the Rhondda Homeowners Association.


Angelina Almadanat, candidate for Board of Directors

Angelina has been a Rhondda resident for 5 years and has served on the Rhondda Homeowners Association Board of Directors for 4 of those years. As a business owner in Exton, Angelina has enormous amount of professional management and budgetary experience that is invaluable to Rhondda HOA. She demonstrates her passion about improving our community by serving on the Social Committee and organizing many of the Rhondda parties. Besides her involvement with Rhondda, work and her family she is active in several local charities. 


Frank Cetera, candidate for Board of Directors

Frank has been a resident of Rhondda since April of 1978; “a lot of changes have occurred in that time. I have been a Chairman of the Architectural Committee in the early years, also a member of various other committees. Spending 16 continuous years as a board member, I have noticed every year that the challenges become greater! The concerns from the Singles and Twins are different from the concerns of the Townhomes, an open mind and the willingness to listen can and will make Rhondda a great place to call home. Two years retired from Exelon I have the time to devote to the problems that seem to always turn up.”


Deborah Dainis, candidate for Board of Directors

Deborah has been a Kidwelly Court homeowner for 17 years and has been an active volunteer in the community during that time. She previously served on the Board for 8 years; 2 years as Board member, 2 years as President, and 4 years as Vice President. She is also currently serving as Board member for 2011. Deborah has served on many committees including the Pool Committee, Party Committee, Architectural Committee, and the Finance Committee. Deborah also served on the committee that planned and raised funds to upgrade the playgrounds. "I believe strongly that Rhondda is a wonderful community to live in. I am committed to maintaining the integrity of the community and feel it is vital to maintain the appearance of the community so that property values will continue to increase in the future. I feel that I possess the knowledge and experience needed to serve on the Board."