Rhondda Events

President's Message

Happy Spring everyone!

First, I want to thank all of the residents who attended the March Quarterly Homeowners Meeting for coming. The Board of Directors appreciates hearing your comments and concerns and would like to reiterate that we are all interested in maintaining the appearance of our community and increasing property values.

We held an informational meeting in February for the residents from Neyland and Talgrath Courts to discuss a solid stain option for the cedar on their homes. After mailing letters out to every homeowner from these courts, a large majority of the responses that came back were in favor of pursuing this as an option for their homes. We will be holding separate meetings for each court so they can have further discussions on this decision.

We recently held our annual Easter Egg Hunt and although it was pretty chilly outside, I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  Pictures of the event are included in this Roster.

With the warmer months coming, adults and children will be out more enjoying the nice weather and the common grounds, ponds and bike path areas.  Please be courteous of everyone else and pick up after your dogs while you are walking them throughout the community and also on your own property.  Please be a responsible pet owner!

We are also headed into the time of year when everyone starts to fix up the exterior of their home and clean up the yard after the winter months.  The annual walk-through for the townhomes should begin soon. REMINDER: If you are planning work on the outside of your home please check your rules and regulations packet or check with the office to see if approval is needed from the Architectural Committee first for the improvements you are doing. 

I hope everyone enjoys the warmer weather!

Debbie Dainis

Facilities Manager's Message

Congratulations to the Villanova Men's Basketball Team for winning the 2016 NCAA Championship! This was the most exciting championship I have ever seen! I hope you all got to watch it. All I could say was WOW!!!

Curbs & Sidewalks

This year, we will be replacing some curbs. If you are having your sidewalk done, please call the office so that we may evaluate the curb. Our contractor will submit a competitive quote to do your sidewalk at the same time he replaces the curb. Please note the curb must be replaced before you replace your sidewalk.

Lawn Care and Inspections

Spring is here and there is much to do. The cinders have been blown off the curbs before the Township sweepers arrived to clean the streets. Spring clean-up began with picking up the branches that came down during winter storms and the snow plow divots were placed and filled in. Boulders which were moved were put back in place along the center islands. The tree rings and entrance beds have been cleaned out, treated with a pre-emergent to control weeds, and fertilized and mulched.

April 15th should be our first cut and trim of the common grounds. Looking at the growth today, I may have them cut a week early. The Association cuts and trims the common grounds weekly from April 15th through November 15th each yer, as stated in our rules. This rule applies to every one of us and I will begin weekly inspections the week after the initial cut.

Weekly or seasonal inspections are performed for the following:

  • Cutting and trimming grass
  • Excessive weeds in gardens, bushes, sidewalk cracks, and grass areas
  • Leaf clean up
  • Trash cans kept in the front of the house
The first violation is a courtesy warning followed by fines, which escalate for each occurrence, like the example below:

Occurrence                      Penalty
Warning                            No fine
First violation                    $25.00 fine
Second violation                $50.00 fine
Third violation                   $75.00 fine
Fourth violation                 $100.00 fine
All subsequent violations    $100.00 fine

Please - let's all have a fine-free year. We do not like issuing fines any more than you like receiving them and paying for them.

I have placed a flyer that lists the township's yard waste pick-up dates for you in the paper Roster to save as a reminder.

Scott Leidy
Property Manager

Office Manager’s Message 

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt was a huge success. I want to thank our volunteers that helped the day of the event and to all those that donated baked goods.  Pictures can be found in the paper issue of the Roster.

A new lock will be placed on the tennis court gate and keys will be available May 1st. The cost for each key is $2.00. Keep your key in a secure place and please make sure the gates are locked as you leave.

The pool season will be here before you know it.  I’ve included the application for pool passes in this issue for those renting in Rhondda and anyone that has misplaced their pass.  Children 5 years of age and older are required to have a pass.  Tenant 2015 pool passes will not be accepted.  Please include a color picture when returning your completed application.  There is a $5 charge for the replacement of a lost pool pass.  Pool passes will be sent prior to the pool opening Memorial Day Weekend.  Remember, you must be in compliance with the rules and regulations and your homeowner’s dues must be current to enjoy the pool privileges.

There are several inserts in this issue.  Please save and refer to them.  The Architectural Inspection Form will give you an indication of the maintenance necessary to maintain your home and property values.

Dianne O’Melia
Office Manager