Rhondda Events

President's Message

I hope that by the time you are reading this issue of the Roster the weather has warmed up somewhat. We have had some really cold temperatures the past few weeks and I myself am really ready to see spring arrive. 

We recently enjoyed the annual Appreciation Dinner to thank everyone that volunteers throughout the community on the various committees we have, I think we had a very enjoyable evening with good food and great company. I would like to thank everyone that does give their time to volunteer within the community. Your time really makes a difference. 

I would also like to mention our annual Volunteer of the Year Award was given to Adri Recio. Adri has lived in Rhondda for many years and has been very active on many of our committees. She has served as a Block Captain, on the Election Committee, on the Architectural Committee, and on the Bylaws Committee. Currently she is working with the Entrance Committee which is working hard to update the entrance signs and beds throughout the community. She is also currently serving as the Secretary for the Board. So as you can see Adri has been a very active member of our community and really deserves this award. Thank you Adri for all of your time!!!!!

Stay warm and THINK SPRING!

Debbie Dainis

Property Manager's Message

Trash and Recycling

Our trash pickup is contracted with Mascaro & Son’s (1-800-334-3403) through the Township. If you have any questions regarding your pick up please call Mascaro & Son’s at 1-800-334-3403.

If you have a complaint about your trash pickup service, please call Uwchlan Township Administration at 610-363-9450. 

Last month I suggested we get recycle labels from the Township to place on our trash cans to make larger more stable recycle bins. A resident called to inform me that the bigger cans seem to blow over and the shorter cans stay put but the contents blow out. If anyone has a suggestion to solve this problem let me know.

Contractor Licenses

It has come to my attention that some contractors have the impression that their State License is all they need to be able to perform work in this Township. When residents ask if they have a permit for the work, they reply yes. They are not aware that a Township permit is required. Please specify to your contractor to check with Uwchlan Township for special permits that may be required.

Snow Plowing

The Rhondda Homeowners Association contracts the snow plowing of the townhome courts. This does not include streets that are dedicated to the Township: Bausman Rd., Carmarthen Dr., Merioneth Dr., Denbigh La., Glamorgan Ct., Llandovery Dr., Brecknock Dr. or Aberdare La. 

Please direct your questions regarding plowing to the Uwchlan Township Administration Office: (610-363-9450) if you live on one of these streets. Thank you!

Scott Leidy
Property Manager

Office Manager’s Message 

Included in the paper issue of the Roster are pictures from the Annual Appreciation Dinner. There are many opportunities available for volunteering in our community. Call the office to find out more about them. The volunteers are the backbone of the community and they help us continue to make Rhondda a wonderful community to reside in.

The next community activity is the Easter Egg Hunt. The children have a great time at this event. Registration is a must. Let us know if you are able to donate baked goods for the refreshment table. Volunteers are always needed. Please call the office if you are able to help. Additional details are included is the paper issue of the Roster.

Please remember to turn your clocks ahead one hour on Saturday, March 7th, before you go to sleep, as Daylight Savings Time begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 8th. 

The next quarterly Homeowner’s Meeting is Tuesday, March 10th. This is an opportunity to discuss any concerns that you may have with the Board Members that are present.

Dianne O’Melia
Office Manager