Rhondda Events

President's Message

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy holiday season.
We recently had a record snowfall, I have heard it was the 4th largest storm in history for our area. We have a letter to the community, which I’m sure you have seen, on the front page of the Roster. Rhondda has 13 courts that need to be plowed by our contractor. Due to the large volume of snow that fell along with the significant drifting, we reached out to our landscape contractor who was eventually able to come and assist in the clean-up operation once he finished with his usual customers. The Rhondda office was closed on Monday and Tuesday that week, as that area is the last to be plowed, the courts are the highest priority. Both the Office and Facility managers were working to retrieve messages and troubleshoot problems as they arose during the clean-up operations.
We plan to hold a meeting for Talgrath and Neyland Court homeowners on Monday February 22 at 6:30pm in the Hankin Center to begin discussions about choosing a solid stain color for the cedar on their townhomes. There is also a notice in this Roster as well about that meeting.
The Appreciation Dinner will be held on February 21st at Timothy’s to thank everyone that volunteers their time throughout the year on many of the committees and for the family events.  I am looking forward to seeing many of our volunteers.

Debbie Dainis

Property Manager's Message

I hope everyone stayed warm and safe during this past snow storm. I am aware that not everyone was pleased with the performance of the snow removal effort. Others stated that once it was cleaned up it was the best job we have ever done!

A few things are apparent when Rhondda is faced with a major storm exceeding 18” of snow in a single storm:

  • No cars should be parked around the islands in the courts.
  • No snow should be shoveled into the drive lanes.
  • Additional equipment and manpower is required.

If cars are parked along the island in a Court there is no place for the plows to off load and dump the snow. This is not a huge problem for smaller snow events because the plows are able to push the snow a greater distance and off load where ever there is a space. In a major storm like we just experienced the plows need the entire Island to off load snow quickly. I don’t know how we will ever accomplish this. Parking in the development has been a problem since day one and we have not found a solution.

If snow is shoveled into the drive lanes it cuts down the distance the plows can push the snow. This was definitely a problem during this storm. Additional loaders and manpower had to be brought in to move the snow bucket by bucket because it could not be plowed. Moving snow in this fashion takes a lot longer than plowing snow.

I will be discussing changes in the way we prepare for major snow storms with the Board this month.  

Happy New Year!

Scott Leidy
Property Manager

Office Manager’s Message 

Our next community activity is the Easter Egg Hunt, being held March 19th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm (rain or shine). The children have had a great time at this event. Volunteers are always needed. Please call the office if you would like to help at the refreshment table, putting out treat filled eggs, or accompanying the Easter Bunny.

Anyone renting in Rhondda is required to obtain a new resident pass for the pool each year. Now is the time to get a jump start on the 2016 Pool Season. Complete a new application, enclose color pictures (driver’s license size), and drop it off at the office. Current pictures are needed. All residents 5 years and older must present a resident pass to be admitted into the pool area.  

Please mark your calendars. The next quarterly Homeowner’s Meeting is Tuesday, March 8th. This is an opportunity to discuss any concerns that you may have with the Board Members that are present.

Dianne O’Melia
Office Manager