December 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association
Board Meeting Minutes
December 21, 2009
The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m.
Present: Sue Patt, Sara Dill, Sally Burmeister, Angelina Reyes, Patrick Milia, Frank Cetera, Joyce Fedora, and director-elect Michael Cassella. David Dunn and Tom McCandless were absent.  Dianne O'Melia and Scott Leidy were present.

The President introduced Michael Cassella who is newly elected to the Board and discussion about the election process ensued. Suggestions were to include the candidates address and agenda with the bio that appears in the Roster, and holding a "meet the candidates night"; it would not be worth the effort if residents do not attend however. Voter turnout in this election was one of the lowest with only about 1/3 of the residents voting. A Board member asked whether voting statistics are shared with the residents and suggested that residents might want to know how many votes their candidates received.


Resident appeal to Architectural Committee/Board: There is a vinyl sliding door that is the wrong color, but the resident bought the home with no prior walkthru failure cited. Alternatives would be to "grandfathered in" the discrepancy until the property is sold or require the resident to replace or paint the door. It is problematic that other residents might see the color and think it is approved. It was pointed out that this is the first year that homes to be sold were inspected prior to their sale. It is the homeowner's responsibility to know what is and is not allowed, but it is also the responsibility of the Board and the Architectural Committee to ensure that inspections are up to date and infringements corrected. Angelina Reyes made a motion that the door can remain as it is until the property is sold; if a home was purchased prior to this year's detailed inspection, such discrepancies will be grandfathered in. If other painting products are discovered that work well on vinyl, it will be recommended that they be used. Sara Dill seconded and the vote was unanimous.


A resident proposed organizing a Lions Club in the Rhondda community. He explained the services provided by such clubs and the role it could play in the community. A first step would be finding out how many people are interested via an informational meeting. He would set up the initial meeting but needs to have information put in the Roster. He will give information to the office for the Roster.


Review of November Minutes:

The Website Committee has not met.  Contractor Etiquette Sheet: Sara Dill will give the office a form that her builder/employer has to help with contractor relationships; it could be included with the list of home improvements that must have approval by the Architectural Committee. Bids for boulders: bids will be requested from J&J, Anastasi, someone Tom McCandless suggests (Scott will contact Tom for their name/number).


Maintenance Report:

Snow zones: not all courts have the stenciling but they will be completed as time and weather permit; it is the best solution to where plows should put excess snow. Snowdon Ct. is one court that needs to be done. Towyn is a court that does not need zones per the contractor. Boulders: there is concern about snow plows moving the boulders'; the consensus is that boulders are still needed and risk to their placement is low since heavy snow plowing occurs only a few times each year.

Parking spaces: The President asked the Property Manager to check with the township about adding more parking spaces and to find out if there are any alternatives. Since the ratio of parking to open land was determined when the community was established, it is unlikely that more spaces can be added.

Miscellaneous maintenance activities included installing a "Do Not Feed the Geese" sign, draining outside waterlines, winterization of the pool houses, removal of graffiti on north playground, storing of landscape committee materials, repairing of kicked in door on Hankin Center, picking up concrete debris left by contractor on common ground, repairing gutter over kitchen window and cleaning out gutter which may have solved the problem with leak in the conference room wall,cleaning out parking spaces and storm drains in courts, repainting reserved spaces in Caernarvon Ct. A resident suggested activating a twitter account when the truck is coming into a court to plow; the homeowner who suggested it was told that inquiries would be made.


Treasurer's Report:

Question for the Property Manager about late fees: what is being done to resolve over due monthly fees? Residents who are working with the office to resolve financial issues are not being re-notified on a regular basis, only residents who are ignoring the fact are being sent notices. The budget is current up to 11/30/09. The Treasurer will follow up with the Property Manager regarding 1099s.


Property Manager's Report:

All advertisers in the Roster have provided their HIC licensing numbers.

Volunteer Luncheon: $19/person was approved for the Inn at Chester Springs and employees will be invited; volunteers will be invited, but spouses/others may attend if a check for the cost of a guest is submitted with the RSVP. Xerox Machine: The end of our contract year is approaching and the Association will own the copier. The Xerox maintenance fee will be .0139 cents/copy including toner. Community Associations Institute:  The annual cost of membership is as follows: 1 person = $114, 2=$189, 3=$264, 4=$324 The Property Manager will also check on what is included in this option and whether there is a group rate, or resident rate. Information applying to aging communities is relevant to Rhondda. Roster: Include recommendation for residents to use Ice Melt not Rock Salt and the suggestion that glass panels in sliders can be replaced individually rather than replacing the whole door. FreeCycle: This option could be part of the website, but it has not been implemented. Breakfast with Santa: There were 69 children who attended and 8 families were no shows - the chairperson did a great job and has volunteered for next year.


Architectural Committee: The Chairperson has resigned as of 1/1/10 and an email was sent out to the committee to ask for someone to replace her. The President will follow up with possible candidates; approvals were signed after the meeting was canceled last week. The desire is to have multiple people to head up subcommitties of the Architectural Committee.


Election Committee: The Chairman will contact his committee members about how the process might be updated.


Landscape Committee: The Chairman has resigned; it was suggested that another resident landscaper be asked to head committee and have a nonlandscaper cochairman to assist.


The President would like to put the pole only of her basketball hoop at the inside edge of her court as a bollard to prevent the trash company from running over the turf; she will talk to neighbors to get their input.


New Business:

The President mentioned the Six Priorities that were introduced at the quarterly meeting and starting the process of surveying residents soon. Discussion included general apathy in the community and how to get residents to take an interest. The hope is to find out what issues might be important enough to the homeowner for them to get involved. The President will do a beta test in January. Maintenance on properties is not just a problem with rental units. The Board likes the idea of identifying the units with the most failures and then trying to work with them to improve conditions. The Property Manager will compile a list; this will be taken up with the Architectural Committee as well.

Reminder: The Property Manager will be on vacation from the December 23rd to the 4th of January.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:15 p.m.


Respectively submitted,










Sue Patt, Mike Cassella, Angelina Reyes, Patrick Milia approve these minutes
Frank Cetera, Sara Dill, Joyce Fedora did not respond to the request
Tom McCandless and retiring board member David Dunn were not present at the meeting