December 2011 Board Meeting Notes

Rhondda Homeowners Association
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
Date: December 19, 2011
Meeting brought to order at 7:06 p.m. at the Farmhouse

Members Present: Mike Cassella, Dave Bova, Frank Cetera, Sue Patt, Ryan Dawson, Debbie Dainis and Chris Trevaskis arrived at 7:24 p.m.
Member Absent: Angelina Almadanat
Others Present: Scott Leidy

Transition to new Board members — all members received a copy of the Model Code of Ethics for Community Association Board Members.
Selection of Chairperson: Dave Bova nominated Mike Cassella to be chairperson. Ryan Dawson seconded motion. All in favor.

Discussion of the Ethics for Community Associations — Mike expressed concern that some confidential information from previous executive session meetings was being disclosed to other homeowners and he indicated that was unacceptable and would not be tolerated. He noted that the model codes are nice guidelines to attempt to uphold and should be honored by all members.

Comment on July Board Meeting Minutes — Mike stated that at the meeting Brooke Coleman chairperson from the Architectural Committee made a statement that walk through guidelines were not followed the same by all the people that participated. Mike stated that the changes that had been noted to the minutes at the August meeting had never been posted on the website version - the original uncorrected minutes are still posted on the website. This needs to be corrected.
Mike expressed a concern about how a Neyland Court resident had been addressed at the recent December Homeowners’ Meeting. Scott voiced that he felt the homeowner voiced her concerns multiple times and that the resident needs to understand that she has an easement on her property to access areas of common ground and if her property sustains any damage while work is being done, her property will be restored to its original status by the contractor.
Maintenance Report — see attached

Approval of Previous Board Meeting minutes:
October 17, 2011 minutes — it was noted that the October minutes were never approved or corrected at the November meeting.
Discussion about area where September minutes were motioned to be approved and seconded - no one at meeting could remember who made those motions.
Amendments to October 17, 2011 minutes
1. Dave Bova noted that he opposed, not declined items #1&2.
2. For item #3 — Dave noted that Mike had resigned from the Board and had no desire to be involved reviewing the oil contract at the time. Dave noted that it was too much work to compare all the terms of the contracts for just one person to do the comparison.
3. For item #8 — Carmarthen Court had 3 cracked drains and needed brickwork rebuilt around the boxes. Scott stated to omit the sentence “fill up with river rock and top coat with….” He noted this was probably for another area, not Carmarthen Ct.
4. For item #9 — it was noted that an auger and camera rental were just a discussion to possibly evaluate the cause of the sinkhole behind the tennis courts.
5. For item #11c. — Angelina reported that the Halloween party was coming up the following weekend and plans for the haunted house were coming along, she noted that she still needed volunteers for the event.
Dave Bova made a motion to accept the October minutes as amended. Sue Patt seconded motion. All in favor.
Amendments to November 21, 2011 minutes
1. Take out the motions noted for the October minutes since the minutes had not been reviewed at the meeting.
2. For item #6 — Surveillance cameras - Scott added that he discussed that he repositioned 2 cameras, one was adjusted to view the parking area in the front of the building.
3. For item #2 — in Executive Session - add that Barb Guenst opposed motion.
Dave Bova made a motion to accept the November minutes as corrected. Frank seconded motion. All in favor.
Treasurers Report- none for December meeting

Unfinished Business
Items from previous minutes- addressed earlier in meeting
Ownership of curbs- Mike noted that at the December Homeowners Meeting that it was addressed that the Board does not know who owns the curbs but it was being researched. Frank noted that there was paperwork that Hankin filed with the township while he was building the community.
Frank, Ryan and Scott will all research the curb ownership and report their findings at the January 2012 meeting.
Walk Through follow-up — Scott stated that he is having issues with some of the violations. He is doing the re-inspections and then will come to the Board with the things that he is having issues with for guidance.
Collection Agency — Scott will speak to Carol about the collection agency and the contract that is in place.
Property Manager search — Scott stated that he has made the decision that he would like to take the position and he would like to discuss salary. It was requested that Scott put together a proposal/plan with Mike and Carol with his suggestions on employees needed for the office and the schedules he foresees. Also, his salary requirements are to be discussed.

Taxes and SWIF prep — Carol is working with Sara Dill for the SWIF audit in January.
Payment for Mesko Engineering is done.
Property Managers Report- see attached
Committee Reports
Social Committee — none
Architectural Committee — Mary Malpeli has agreed to take over as chairperson for this committee.
Website Committee — none
Parking and Lighting Committee — none

Bylaws Committee — Frank noted that resident Greg Orishack had indicated at the November Board meeting that he would like to head this committee to review existing bylaws for possible changes. Mike will speak to him about his interest in still doing this.
New Business

Mailbox Pads — Dave noted that he had headed this project to meet with the postmaster and he had met with Scott and inspected all of the mailbox pads to determine which ones needed to be replaced and repaired. Dave and Scott will continue to follow this project until it’s completion in the spring.

Signatory Cards- Scott will draft a letter to the banks and get signatory cards to add new Executive Board members and to remove Bill and Barb as signers now that they are no longer on the Board.

Scott will get keys and passcodes to Ryan so that he can come to office to sign checks weekly.

Scott asked that any Board members that wanted to submit info for the January Roster needed to get that info to him in the next 2 days.

There is construction going on over on Carmarthen Court at a private residence. Ruts have been created on the commonground and the resident has come to the office and reported that she will pay for the repairs to the area. Scott was asked to check with the resident to see what work she is getting done and to see if it has been approved by the Architectural Committee if it is outside work.

Future Business
Non Profit tax status needs to be determined for the community.
Mike would like to put together a schedule of projects that will be completed in 2012 and announce that to residents in the early part of the year.
Dianne O’Melia (resident) was present and asked about the recent budget that was included in the December Roster, she noted that it showed a higher “income” than “expected expenditures” and she wanted to know why the dues had been increased. Scott will research the budget info from the Finance Committee and will have the corrections published in the next Roster.
Meeting adjourned at 8:53 p.m.