Rhondda's Architectural Committee is looking for volunteers to review requests for home improvements that are governed by the Architectural Control Rules and Regulations, complete walk-through inspections of the community from time to time, but at least annually to identify owners who are not in compliance with the applicable provisions of the Declaration, the Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations regarding maintenance or architectural control.

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The Board of Directors is looking for members of the community who are interested in serving on a NEWLY forming Bylaws Committee (August 2012).

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Social Committee

Rhondda's Social Committee helps organize the annual parties Rhondda has each year.  Social engagements including July 4th party, Breakfast with Santa, Easter Egg Hunts, End of Summer Party, etc.  If you would like more information about this committe, please contact the office or follow the directions below.
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The Composting Committee is currently seeking members of the community who are interested in learning the how to's and benefits of composting.  Composting offers the obvious benefits of resource efficiency and creating a useful product from organic waste that would otherwise have been thrown into landfill.  

Want to learn more about composting?  Follow this link to a presentation on "Composting is Recycling Naturally" produced by Penn State and available on the Chester County Solid Waste Authority web site:

Rhondda's Landscape Committee is a group of residents who have an interest in maintaining and beautifying our community. Hopefully, residents have noticed the progress of the court reseeding and boulder project that was begun last year. Our common ground is beautiful, but our center courts are where we live!

We have a new entrance bed on the southeast corner of Bausman and Worthington Roads. Please take a look at the beautiful new flowers in all of our entrance beds and let us know what you think. The goal this year was to have variety and more concentrated color; and hopefully we have achieved that goal. Mother Nature has been helpful with the watering, but there will certainly be times during the summer when hand watering will be needed. If you live near an entrance bed and/or are willing to water occasionally, please let us know!
Joining the Landscape Committee is a great way to get in touch with other residents in our community. Please consider joining us! We are also in need of someone to coordinate the activities of the committee.

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Rhondda's Safety Committee is looking for volunteers to meet and discuss safety issues in our community that should be addressed as residents prepare for the upcoming spring/summer season. The goal of the newly- formed Safety Committee is to work together with  neighbors to enhance the security of our fellow residents and maintain our sense of community.
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The Website Committee is always looking for ideas and volunteers.  Please contact for more information or sign up and volunteer.