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Architectural Committee

Every spring or early summer, the annual community walk-through takes place. Volunteers from within our neighborhood review each property within Rhondda. The goal of our annual inspections is to ensure that our community is being properly maintained, with an ultimate goal of insuring that each of our home values continues to increase as the years go by.
As the process takes place, feel free to say hello to the volunteers.
If you're interested in volunteering, clicking here to sign up.

Part of the Architectural Committee's role is to review requests from homeowners in regards to home improvements that effect the exterior of the home.  Approval is needed before any work can be done so that the job meets the standards and guidelines set forth by the Rhondda Homeowner's Association.

The Architectural Committee meets on the second Monday of each month, and you should submit architectural requests to the office before the meeting. If you have any concerns, you are more than welcome to attend the meeting.
Please see the architectural request form for your convenience.