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Safety Committee

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Current News

The Rhondda HOA has purchased a large quantity of reflective arm bands that can be worn on your sleeve to increase  visibility to passing automobiles are you walk or ride through our community at dusk or after dark.  The arm bands are available at the Rhondda Office at a low cost of Free!   Pick up a few for yourself, your children, or a neighbor.


Spring has sprung and the air around Rhondda is once again filled with the sounds of children playing outside and our community’s open spaces, playgrounds, and courts are alive with activity. In order to promote the safety of our youngest residents and to alert drivers to any activities, we checked local retailers and found that the Exton Toys-R-Us store carries portable, bright yellow, A-frame signs that read “Slow – Kids at Play” at a cost of less than $12.00 .  For the last couple of weeks we have been setting up these signs while our kid’s are riding their bikes on Caernarvon Court and have found them to be very effective. These signs are not intended to replace the attention of a responsible parent, but to simply alert drivers to nearby children’s activity. The HOA recommends that as children get older that these activities move to the designated trail/sidewalk system.


The 4th of July picnic is quickly approaching. As part of the many family activities at the picnic, we will be holding a bicycle safety check for kids twelve and under to make sure their bikes are properly adjusted and ready for the long summer season. Along with the bicycle safety check, we will also have inexpensive (probably less than $15.00) children’s bicycle helmets available for purchase. If you would like participate in the bicycle safety check or pre-order a helmet (or if you have questions about the “Kids at Play” signs) please call Mark Gallant at 610-280-9250.


Thank you and Think Safe!