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Safety Goals

    Priority One

    We need vounteers! In order prioritize activities of the safety committee we must first establish the level of participation of community residents. In regard to safety there are many opportunities, from resident involvement to physical improvements to the community.  Resident involvement can range from membership on the committee, volunteers for safety improvements, education, or community safety walks.
    Here are some ideas
  • Enhance lighting throughout the community in common areas using inexpensive and eco-friendly solar lighting (as needed)
  • Assist residents with the purchase (and possibly installation) of motion-sensor lighting, compact flourescent bulbs (for outside lighting) and "Children at Play" warning signs, and reflectors for safety when walking the community after dark.
  • Work with local law enforcement to take advantage of programs already in effect including: Household Security Inspections and Vacation Checks.
  • Training and educating residents to recognize "Suspicious" behavior and who to contact in an emergency and non-emergency situation.