General Association Questions
What is the Homeowners Association fee?
In 2017, the Homeowners Association fee is $62. Residents have the option to pay in advance by paying quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Please contact the office for more information.
When is the Homeowners Association fee due?
The fee is due no later than the first day of each month. (A late fee is assessed if you pay later than the 15th of each month.)
Please note there are incentives for paying early.  If you pay six months of dues in advance at the beginning of each year, you receive one free guest pool pass, and if you pay one year in advance, you receive two free guest pool passes.

What are the Rhondda parking regulations?
See the Parking Regulations page for information on the current parking regulations.

What forms do I need to fill out if I want to rent my home?
In addition to the forms required by Uwchlan Township, you must fill out the Lease Addendum form for Rhondda. Contact the office for more information.

Who do I contact about trash and recycling?
Rhondda trash pickup is contracted with Eagle Disposal through Uwchlan Township. If you have any questions regarding your pick up please call Eagle Disposal at 717-355-9560. If you have a complaint about your trash pickup service, please call Uwchlan Township Administration at 610-363-9450. 

What kinds of licenses do contractors require to work on homes in Rhondda?
In addition to a State License, contractors who work on homes in Rhondda also require Uwchlan Township. Contact the township for more information.

What roads are contracted by Rhondda for snow plowing?
The Rhondda Homeowners Association contracts the snow plowing of the townhome courts. This does not include streets that are dedicated to the Township: Bausman Rd., Carmarthen Dr., Merioneth Dr., Denbigh La., Glamorgan Ct., Llandovery Dr., Brecknock Dr. or Aberdare La. Please direct your questions regarding plowing to the Uwchlan Township Administration Office: (610-363-9450) if you live on one of these streets. Thank you!

Neighborhood Communication and Safety Questions
How can I keep in touch with what's new with the Rhondda Homeowners Association?
The Rhondda Homeowners Association publishes a newsletter each month, and that newsletter is delivered to residents and owners in email format.  (Please note that the newsletter can only be delivered to people who live in Rhondda or own a home in Rhondda.  If we cannot verify your residency or ownership, you will not receive the newsletter.)
What do I do if I see suspicious or disruptive behavior?
If you see suspicious or disruptive behavior, please call the police immediately.  The Uwchlan Township police are very close and respond quickly. 
If you are experiencing an emergency situation, please call 911. 
To reach the non-emergency police dispatcher, you can call 610-692-5100.
My neighbors are breaking the Rhondda rules!  Who do I contact? 
If you have a complaint, use the Resident Complaint Form to share your information with the office.
Please note that your complaint will be treated anonymously by the staff (your name will not be reported to your neighbors), but you must provide your name so that the staff can verify that you are a resident and have the right to bring a complaint against your neighbors.  If your report is anonymous, it cannot be verified or tracked.
You can also discuss your concerns with your block captain.  For privacy reasons, the block captains names are not listed on-line, but they are listed in the newsletter every other month.  Contact the office staff for the name and address of your block captain.