February 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Date:  February 21, 2011
Opening Time 7 p.m. Farmhouse

Members Present:  Sara Dill, Sue Patt, David Bova, William Coleman, Michael Cassella, Barbara Guenst,
                              Christine Trevascis
Members Absent:  Frank Cetera
Others Present:  Property Manager – Danielle Diamond
  Maintenance – Scott Leidy
Quorum:  Yes
Previous Meeting Minutes:  Approved with changes
Moved by David Bova with changes
Seconded by Sue Patt
Motion carried.
  1. Sara Dill tended resignation as Treasurer effective immediately.  See letter.
    1. Recommended an outside “accounting review” be completed every 2-3 years.  Cost approximately $2000 – 3000 versus an “audit” which would cost approximately $8000 – 10,000.
    2. Will provide Mike Cassella, acting President, with information to hire an accounting temp and the information regarding the firm for the accounting review.
    3. Sara stated she would make herself available for advice if needed.

  1. 2005 Capital Reserve Study by Ray Forgione
    1. Discussion was held regarding Ray completing a new audit of the development.  Suggestion was made to use Ray’s services for Project Management for some of the larger projects which had not been completed in last study.  

  1. Maintenance Report – Scott Leidy
    1. Provide list, see attached
    2. Scott will work out fees with Ray regarding a C.R.S. and Project Management.

     4.  Committee Reports:

a.    Architectural Committee –

      1. Only three requests this month.

b.    Search Committee –

      1. 4 candidates had been interviewed.  One stood out and will be offered a second interview.
    1. Nominating Committee -
      1. Connie Long will be notified by Danielle regarding vacancy for Treasurer.
    2. Website Committee –
      1. Ideas discussed re: seasonal photos/contests.  No children will be put on website.
      2. Will help board organize emails/documents.

  1. Treasurer Report:
    1. Tabled until next month.

  1. Property Manager Report – Danielle Diamond:
    1. All agreed to order new Whirlpool refrigerator for the Farmhouse.  
    2. Snow removal discussed.  High cost in cleaning court parking spaces.
    3. Danielle presented new format of Roster.  Less expensive.  
      1. Agreed to have a trial issue for April or May and get feedback from Homeowners.
      2. Alarm codes discussed
      3. graffiti was reported to police
    4. Attorney-
      1. Motion made by Dave Bova to retain William A. George for three months then reevaluate.  Sue Patt 2nd motion.  Carried.
    5. Proposed getting laptop for office. And consider mypc.com.

  1. Sue Patt motioned Board adopt the CAI document “Model Code of Ethics for Community Association Board Members.”  To be tabled until next month so all can view.

New Business:
  1. Dave Bova expressed concern regarding a full page ad placed in the Rhondda Roster with inaccurate information regarding electrical deregulation.  A retraction will be placed in the next roster.
  2. Landscapers:  Bids will be obtained for the care of the entrance beds.

Meeting adjourned 9:45p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Guenst
Secretary, Rhondda Homeowners Association