Good Maintenance Descriptions

Good Maintenance Descriptions

Good condition for all cement surfaces: Finished, No Aggregate (stones) Showing, Clean, No Flaking, Level -    No Raised/Misaligned Sections (curb, sidewalk, steps, front door landing)

Railing: Fixed and rigid, anchored securely, smooth paint

Parking spaces: Clearly marked and numbered, no oil, no crumbling

Driveway: Finished, no cracks or loose gravel, seal coated, no oil

Landscaping: no exposed trash, clear of clutter

Grass: Not higher than 6 inches depending on weather, trimmed, nothing in sidewalk, reasonably weed free

Trees: Appropriate height, no limb or root damage, do not restrict nor impede pathways

Large Bushes: Appropriate height, no dead limbs, does not impede windows or doorways, not against house or deck

Plantings: Trimmed, mulched, weeds under control

Fences: Unrestricted pathways behind homes, in good repair, approved style, stained

Sheds: Unrestricted pathways behind homes, in good repair, painted proper color TBD

Storm Door: Glass and screen not broken or torn; no chipped paint, door closes completely

Front Door: No chipping or peeling, closes completely, uniform style. Color Options TBD

Cedar Siding: No boards broken, rotting, loose or missing. Color options TBD

Front Porch: Not damaged, loose, chipped, or peeling; no exposed trash or trash cans

Front Light Fixture: Firmly attached; no broken or missing glass, style in compliance

Metal Roof: Not damaged, loose, rusted, chipped or peeling. Color options TBD

All Windows & Screens: Proper color and style. No chipping, peeling, rotting wood. No torn screen

All Soffits: Proper placement and color, not misaligned or missing

All Gutters & Downspouts: Not missing, damaged or loose; clear of debris; proper color

All Flashing: Not missing, damaged or loose; proper color

All Shingles: No missing or raised shingles; proper color

Firewall: No missing, damaged or loose, cedar or flashing: proper color

Garage Door: Not damaged, no chipping, proper color

Bricks: Clean, in good repair, mortar intact

House Numbers: Clearly visible from the road

Chimneys: Not loose, crooked or damaged.  Proper color

Fences: In good repair, stained, do not restrict pathways

Ponds: Clean and functioning

Back door: No chipping or peeling, closes completely, uniform style

Slider/French door: Proper color, no chipping or peeling, glass clear with no seal damage, closes completely

Deck: Appropriate size, color (TBD), railings and steps secure, no rotting wood, no exposed trash

Exposed Basement Wall: Proper color, no chipping or peeling paint, no moss, mold or stains

Sheds: Straight and level, no peeling stain, paint or rotting wood, securely fastened, does not restrict pathways

Back Light Fixtures: Firmly attached; no broken or missing glass, style in compliance

Retaining Wall: (where applicable) Stable, firm, clean, stained, in good condition


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