January 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Approved by: Sue Patt, Bill Coleman

Rhondda Homeowners Association Board Minutes

January 17, 2011  

Meeting called to order 7:09 p.m.

Present: Sue Patt, Sara Dill, Barbara Guenst, William Coleman, Michael Cassella, Chris Trevaskis, Frank Cetera, David Bova

Others Present:  Danielle Diamond, Scott Leidy, Rebecca Shallow, Debbie Dainis

Review of Minutes from December 20, 2010 meeting
Sara Dill motioned to approve
Seconded by David Bova
All approved

Website Tutorial – Rebecca Shallow
Discussed with Board members access to the website

Maintenance Report – Scott Leidy
Discussed 2011 Project List (brought later to meeting)

-Sink holes to be filled with dirt in early spring.  Landovery, behind Lampeter, and South Snowdon, above small pond and Newcomen Road.

-Paint for the parking spaces in courts.  Too cold to paint now

-Gang graffiti.  Too cold to paint.

-Replace siding of Hankin Center, moved inside siding to outside wall.  Will need to consider new siding since old one cannot be matched.

-Diesel fuel delivery over budget by $36.

-J&J stated they had a problem with the boulders and snow removal.  Previously assured Scott boulders would not be an issue.  Issue with cars parked around courts to clear courts.

-Water company replaced cap of water pipe.

-Property physical condition report will be reviewed with Danielle and Sara.

-asphalt issues will be addressed in Spring

Capital Reserves Study 2005 dollar amounts.

Committee Reports:
  1. Architectural Committee
    1. Architectural Shingles have been approved for the singles, twins if both units have the roofs replaced at the same time.
    2. Documents need to be updated
    3. Shed appeared too close to house.  Using Uwchlan Township Code.  Dave Bova waiting to hear from Tom Cook regarding information about fireproof paint so the sheds can be up against a home.

  1. Social Committee – no news

Treasurer Report:
-Problem balancing December transactions as they were entered incorrectly
-Financial Reports in past were generated on a spread sheet and not using the computer software, Peachtree.
-In the future all financial reports will be generated using Peachtree so all the numbers will reflect the correct accounts
Treasurer’s Goals:
  1. All reports will be drawn from Peachtree and not another spreadsheet.
  2. Office Staff – account reporting to be consistent, accurate, and reported on a regular basis.
  3. Transactions to be accurately represented.
  4. Consider assistance with Account Temps to run all reports needed.

Property Manager’s Report:
-Gang Graffiti noted three times on garage.  Danielle to notify police
-Rhondda Roster, will be able to save money in future as current costs excessive.
-Attorney resigned.  Called three attorneys. Only one agreed to a retainer or monthly fee.  Danielle contacted an attorney she knew regarding an issue.  One homeowner threatened to sue Rhondda regarding an issue from last year with plowing.  The attorney stated Rhondda HOA had no liability with the issue.
-A resident came to office to volunteer assistance.  Questions whether this would be acceptable.
Michael Cassella made motion to allow volunteers to assist Danielle in the office during the transition.
Second by Bill Coleman.  Motion Carried.
Volunteer will sign a confidentiality agreement, Mike to send a confidentiality agreement to Danielle.
-A few homeowners have significant balances which were not addressed aggressively in past.  Danielle has gotten a list from Andy Calvelli, previous attorney to continue to address these balances with a new attorney.
-Cleaning company, Jani King.  Suppose to be cleaning two times in a month.  No one is cleaning because they claim the locks have been changed do to changes in the management.  They claim a “lock out.”

Minutes Review/Old Business:
  1. Property Inspection/Walk Through Process to be worked on.  Re-evaluations and guidelines.
  2. Volunteer Luncheon to be held February 27th.  Danielle to contact Angelina.

New Business:
  1. Job descriptions for Board Positions
    1. Confidential and Respectful

  1. Michelle’s resignation as president.
    1. Reviewed governing documents for direction for selecting a new president.  Bylaws page 6, paragraph 3.
    2. Michael Cassella motioned to follow the bylaws as written.  Chris Trevaskis 2nd motion.  In agreement – Mike Cassella, Chris Trevaskis, Bill Coleman, Sara Dill, Barbara Guenst.
    3. Dave Bova motioned Mike Cassella to be interim President.  Barbara Guenst 2nd.  All approved.  
    4. Nominations for president will close at the March Homeowners Meeting.  Connie Long will be notified.

Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Guenst

Rhondda Secretary