January 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
Date: January 16, 2012
Meeting brought to order at 7:02 p.m. at the Farmhouse

Members Present: Mike Cassella, Sue Patt, Deb Dainis, Ryan Dawson, Dave Bova, Frank Cetera, Angelina Almadanat
Member Absent: Chris Trevaskis
Others Present: Scott Leidy

Approval of December 2011 minutes- Dave Bova made a motion to accept the meeting minutes as amended for spelling correction. Frank Cetera seconded motion. All in favor.
Property Managers Report- see attached

Additional information:
1. Scott discussed the different options between salt, calcium, sand, and cinders. He stated he would continue to research other options and cost and will speak to Ryan for any questions.
2. Mike questioned the additional invoices from Ray Forgione for his oversight of the tennis court repairs. Mike and Scott will speak with Ray about his costs and will also discuss the cracks that have developed in the lower court following the repairs.
3. Scott will bring in contractors to bid on the court macadam repairs after winter storm damage is done.
Staffing Proposal- Scott presented his staffing proposal and it will be discussed further in executive session following the meeting. Also it was discussed that Scott and Carol will interview potential candidates for the office assistant position, an ad will be placed in the Roster.

Committee Reports
Architectural Committee- Dave Bova discussed that the Architectural Committee had an issue with a resident on Carmarthen Ct. She put in a request for work after the job was complete. The township had stopped the work after it initially began and made her fill out the forms for a township permit, but there had been no approval from Rhondda. Scott will draft a letter to go out from the chairperson and Dave will work with Mary Malpeli for the wording of the letter.

Social Committee- A new chairperson is needed for this committee. Dave suggested that a notice needs to be put into the Roster requesting residents to come forth to run activities so that they can continue.

Website Committee- the meeting was deferred so there is no new information. The committee would like monthly submissions from all the committee chairs to post info on the website.

Lighting and Parking Committee- Mike will speak to Mark to see if the committee still wants to pursue their proposals.

Old Business
Curbs- Scott indicated that Total Site Development has some ideas for their replacement.

New Business
1.  Neyland Ct.- the detention basin is almost done, it still needs some work on one wall of the basin. Total Site Development left some money out of the bill in case any repair work needs to be done on private property. Scott noted that there is an area around the court where the land keeps seeping water many days after a rain. There has been a proposal to add a new drain leading over to the storm pipe. Sue made a motion to accept the $5,200 bid from TSD to get this work done. Angelina seconded motion. All in favor.

2. Recommendation to raise the curb on the right side approx 6 inches and add overlay to the macadam to direct storm water into the center of the court and the existing drain. The cost for this additional work would be $6,000. Angelina made a motion to accept this bid and complete the work as suggested. Sue seconded motion. 5 members in favor, Dave opposed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:39 p.m.