July 2011 Board Meeting Notes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Date: July 18, 2011
Opening Time 7 p.m. Farmhouse

Members Present: Christine Trevaskis, Debbie Dainis, William Coleman, Michael Cassella, Barbara Guenst, Angelina AlMadanat, Sue Patt, Frank Cetera

Members Absent:  David Bova

Others Present:
Property Manager – Danielle Diamond
Architectural Chairperson – Brooke Coleman

Quorum: Yes
Previous Meeting Minutes: Approved
Moved by Angelina AlMadanat to accept
Seconded by Debbie Dainis
Motion carried.

    1.  Brooke Coleman expressed concern about the Walk Through inspections preformed by some of the Board members.  They did not follow the procedures as expected and created more work for herself and the office. 
Barbara Guenst stated she would look if the Community Associations Institute had a company locally listed who performs property inspections.  It was agreed by all this is a difficult job for the association and the architectural committee. replace with 1) above

     2.  Angelina AlMadanat expressed her dissatisfaction with treatment she received at last meeting.  She emphasized the importance of having all the chairpersons of the different committees collect the names of all volunteers so everyone is appreciated.

     3.  Maintenance Report–
List submitted by Scott to Danielle Diamond was read.  (see attached)

     4.  Committee Reports:
     a.   Website Committee- no report
     b.   Architectural Committee– no further report 
     c.   Social Committee-  no further report
     d.   Landscape Committee -  still waiting to review bids and plans already in action
     e.   Election/Nominations Committee - Connie Long submitted her resignation.  It was discussed how the upcoming elections and request for nominations needs to be printed in the Rhondda Roster. Connie will be asked if she has recommendations for a replacement.  

     5.   Treasurer Report-  Bill Coleman
  Reviewed budget and advised we are on track for the year.
A portion of the Capital Reserve funds will be rolled over in the certificates of deposit.

     6.   Property Manager Report – Danielle Diamond
Entrance Beds were being cleaned and mulched.  New planting will take place in the fall.
Suggests we consider a collection agency to deal with delinquent dues from homeowners.A motion was made and the Board voted to pursue this as an option for seriously deliquent accounts. 

There have been anumber of encouters with younger children at the pool. Many are unsupervised and a few are no longer to use the pool for the remainder of the summer as a result of their actions.   The property manager porposed changing the age for children to be without an adult from 10 to 13 years old.  The board discussed and feels it is neccessary, but does not want to change the rules part way through the season. This will be readdress in September.   For now we need to assure that the life guards are enforcing the current rules. 
Discussion ensued regarding the trash can rule.  Will address individual homeowners and residents who call the office.
Curb issue was addressed with the Township.  The curbs in the courts are the property of the Homeowners Association.  The curbs of the singles and twins are the Townships responsibility because they are on Township roads.  Dainielle was asked to get a copy of the report from the Township who performed the research regarding this issue.

Minutes Review/Old Business: 
See Curb Issue in Manager Report.

New Business:
1.  Mike Cassella to clarify project management fees with Ray.
2.  Many of the mailbox cement pads in the courts are in disrepair and need to be replaced or patched. 
Sue Patt moved to have all mailbox pads throughout the community that need to be repaired or replaced bids are obtained before the next meeting.
Debbie Dainis seconded.
All in favor.  Motion carried.
3.  The macadam and curbs in the courts need to be addressed.
4.  Weeds are growing between the curbs and macadam.   Discussed that Biddle the  landscape contractor who currently mows the grass should spray the weeds monthly

5.  Frank Cetera expressed concern about the geese problem around the ponds.  Discussion ensued.  All agreed this is a problem that needs to be addressed.
Mike Cassella will ask Scott to get pricing on a used golf cart which can be used to chase the geese.
           6) Since we have canceled the cleaning contract, the farmhouse has been found in disarray prior to some of the activities. Angelina suggested pursuing cleaning services through Brian's House, since they are inexpensive and would provide work for others who would normally not get the chance.  Angelina to pursue and update appropriately.


Respectfully Submitted,
Barbara Guenst
Secretary Rhondda Homeowners Association