June 2010 Quarterly

 Rhondda Homeowners Association

Quarterly Meeting

June 9, 2010


Meeting called to order at 7:00 at the Farmhouse.


Present at the meeting were the Property Manager, President and Secretary of the Association, and about 15 residents.


The President asked those in attendance to write down any questions they might want to have answered during the meeting and if there are any questions about minutes from the March meeting or the budget.

Items brought up for discussion included the following:

Availability of the Roster in hard copy for residents who do not have access to a computer: only those residents who request an electronic copy of the Roster receive it in that manner; the minutes from the quarterly meeting are included in the Roster.

Boulders placed around the outside of the courts were meant to solve the problem of erosion and residents parking on the grass. It was successful on Lampeter Ct. so it was extended to other courts. Several people are unhappy with the placements or have a general concern about not having enough room to back out of their parking space or the safety of children playing on the rocks, as well as whether an emergency vehicle can get through the court. A resident from Caernarvon Ct. thought that residents of her court should have been consulted about the boulder placement; she stated that the main damage to the court this year was from snow plowing and she is concerned that there will be a problem for the plows in the future. She also believes that residents need to be empowered to make decisions.

The President's response on the boulder issue was that the snowplow was able to move the boulders on Lampeter Ct. and they were repositioned in the Spring. In regard to boulders that may make it difficult for residents to navigate, efforts will be made to make adjustments where needed such as moving the boulders back a few inches.306-312 Penwyllt Ct. is one location that needs assessment. The boulders are also meant to protect the asphalt from erosion. The Board looked into using "geo grid" to protect the areas around the court, but it was too costly. 

Additional parking spaces have been a topic for the Board; a resident pointed out that parking is the real issue, not boulders. Information from the Township indicates that this project would be very involved because parking must meet current codes which demand increased draining areas, lighting, etc. We could consider solar lighting which would not increase expenses a lot and would be a deterrent to vandals, but some residents do not want lighting in the courts. The Township requires the Association to hire an engineer to draw up a plan before they will consider approving anything.  There is a larger issue of people having more than two cars. An additional resource that we have to begin looking more at this problem is the book from the CAI. "The Pursuit of Parking." Any changes to the current parking arrangement must be submitted to the Township.

A resident commented that the bylaws say that boats can't be parked in spaces; what about changing the bylaws to say that if you have more than two cars, any extra need to be parked in a remote lot. It would be a bylaw change and it is very difficult to quantify 2 spaces per resident because guests come, etc. Another solution could be a visitor permit. The President believes that we need to be very sure that we are covering all the bases before we make major changes in the bylaws. 

Loose Cats: Animals are not to be loose in the community. Despite Uwchlan Township not having a "leash law" for cats, they are not to be allowed to roam. A resident suggested that one way to keep cats out of a garden area is to use citrus peels to repel them.

Property, lawn, people, noise: A resident asked if it is possible to ask the Association's contractor to mow no later than 6 p.m. Per the Property Manager, ordinance says 9 p.m. A solution might be to ask them to mow courts earlier in the day and more remote areas later or to ask them to vary their routine so it isn't always the same area that is being bothered.

Talgrath kids playing hockey in middle of court. Residents feel that this is unsafe and could be a hazard to cars; a notice could go out to residents of Talgrath to supervise the hockey, but one resident believes that parents wouldn't do anything. Caernarvon Ct. residents asked kids/parents to move somewhere else and it was a successful solution. The President said that it is a challenge for kids to have something they can do in constructive play without damaging property or endangering themselves; these kids should be asked to move to common ground behind homes. Motorized bike also an issue on Kidwilly and the police will not address it. Parent supervision is the issue. kids hanging out on playgrounds, graffiti, swings being broken are another problem. The curfew for teens is thought to be 10 p.m. during the week and 12 midnight on weekends. Last year residents tried to establish a Neighborhood Watch but there was not enough interest from residents. Police only enforce township laws. No trespassing sign or a sign saying playgrounds close at dusk might be solutions, although there is no way to distinguish between teens and adults. When residents observe problematic behavior, they must call the police on the non-emergency number. Again, the Safety Committee was disbanded  due to lack of interest. The question was asked whether there are demographics of the Rhondda community that find residents to be getting older or younger.

Poor attendance at Quarterly Homeowners Meetings:  A suggestion was made that a notice be put in the Rhondda Roster and online alerting residents to come to meetings; an electronic reminder could be sent out. Electronic notices are something that residents need to opt into. Twitter, Facebook, email are means that the website committee is using to alert people. A suggestion was made that there be an incentive to come to quarterly meetings such as a raffle, pool pass, or another gimmick such as "come to a meeting and bring a friend then you will receive "x" There was no one at the meeting who would be willing to spearhead an effort, the suggestion was made that it needs to be publicized and discussed by the block captains.

A resident reminded the Association that she has a hedge which she has offered to Maintenance and she wonders whether it is still wanted. Maintenance just got too busy with focusing on the courts and the pool to dig up the hedge. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.