June 2011 Board Meeting Notes

Approved: Sue Patt, Angelina AlMadanat

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Date:  June 20, 2011
Opening Time 7 p.m. Farmhouse

Members Present:  Debbie Dainis, David Bova , William Coleman, Michael Cassella, Barbara Guenst, Angelina AlMadanat (left earlier), Sue Patt (arrived late), Frank Cetera

Members Absent:  Christine Trevaskis

Others Present:  Property Manager – Danielle Diamond
   Maintenance – Scott Leidy
                           Architectural Chairperson – Brooke Coleman
   Landscape Committee Chairperson - Dan Shallow
Quorum:  Yes
Previous Meeting Minutes:  Approved
Moved by David Bova to accept
Seconded by William Coleman
Motion carried.
  1. Homeowner, Mr. Mohammad Jan, expressed concern about failures from the “Walk Through” inspections, fining process, and removal of privileges.  It was made clear by Michael Cassella, Rhondda HOA president, that once the failures are corrected all privileges will be reinstated.

     2.  Election Box from 2010 had been found.  

     3.  Maintenance Report –Scott Leidy

Listed items completed the past month.

Scott looked into infrared cameras for the Farm House, Pool, and Club House areas.  

Barbara Guenst moved to have Scott research and purchase the infrared cameras if appropriate.  This final approval can be made via email.  However, Debbie Dainis, Barbara Guenst, and Sue Patt will be on vacation and agree to have Scott make the purchase if appropriate.

Angelina Almadanat seconded.

All agreed.  Motion carried.

     4.  Committee Reports:

     a.    Website Committee- no report

  1. Architectural Committee – Brooke Coleman stated a grid product is available for windows without grids.  Information will be forthcoming.  

c.     Social Committee -  Angelina AlMadanat gave out lists for each committee chairperson to write the names of the volunteers.  She wants to be assured no one is missed for the Volunteer Luncheon and Pool pass.

d.  Landscape Committee -  Dan Shallow requested clarification of his role as chairperson.  Barbara Guenst agreed to work with him to develop long term plan for the landscaping of Rhondda, review the bids from the contractors, as they pertain to the tasks indicated, not the price of the work,  and make recommendations to advise the Board.

     5.  Ray Forgione discussed Tennis Court project.  Three contractors came out for a site visit with only one   
          submitting a bid.  
Debbie Dainis moved to accept bid from Sportsline Inc. to repair the tennis courts.
Barbara Guenst seconded.
All agreed. Motion carried.
  Capital Reserve report was reviewed by board members with questions for Ray.
Sue Patt moved to reestablish annual maintenance contract for the heating system.
Frank Cetera seconded.
All agreed.  Motion carried.

     6.  Treasurer Report:  Bill Coleman reviewed budget.  Discussion ensued.

     7.  Property Manager Report – Danielle Diamond:
    1. Rhondda can move the mail boxes to repair the cement pad  The Postmaster would need to be notified in advance and homeowners would need to pickup mail for several days
    2. Walk Through letters complete and ready to be mailed.
    3. Homeowners are pleased with rolling approvals and new forms.

     d.   Damaged curbs will not be addressed in Walk Through.

Minutes Review/Old Business:  None

New Business:
      1.  Dave Bova would like Board members to discuss issues where they belong in the agenda.
      2.  Barbara Guenst requested clarification on the ownership/responsibility for the curbs that pass in front of the homes. Curbing that is located along common ground is clearly the responsibility of the association. There is a question from the walk through as to the homeowners actual responsibility to replace/repair curbing.  Danielle will research and have an answer by the next board meeting.
Meeting adjourned approximately 9 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Guenst
Secretary, Rhondda Homeowners Association