March 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

 Rhondda Homeowners Association
Minutes of Board Meeting
  March 18, 2009

In attendance:  
Sue Patt,  Sally Burmeister, Frank Cetera, Joyce Fedora, and Angelina Reyes. Tom McCandless and David Dunn were absent and Todd McFarland could only attend briefly.  Dianne O'Melia and Scott Leidy were in attendance.

President Sue Patt called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Angelina Reyes made a motion to accept the minutes from the last meeting and those in attendance agreed. There is still a goal to have "virtual" Board approval of the minutes. As long as the website is public, it was approved to post a general summary of the minutes on the website.

Maintenance Report:  New keys will be made for the tennis courts by April 15th and will again be available for residents to purchase for $1. Nets have been ripped down and only one is usable; another will be purchased and the upper courts will be cleaned for use. Scott will install the wind breaks if requested. Per John Zaprala, bids on staking up the arborvitaes are still in process; Scott said that he could do it himself and save money. There continues to be a problem with kids cutting the fence and skate boarding on the courts. As mentioned at previous meetings, calling the police has not been a successful strategy to discourage trespassing. It is difficult to come up with signage that is appropriate. The suggestion was made that Dianne contact the attorney to ask him what wording would be best legally. There was a question regarding how many trespassing incidents there are per year.

Biddle will be mulching the entrances by the first of April, so any trimming should be done before that date. The township will also be coming through to clean the streets by early April.

Scott continues to make inquiries about the pool drain. Depending upon the assessment by the inspectors, no changes may be necessary.

Todd McFarland appeared briefly to report on the cost of repairing the tennis courts. He has received two quotes and is waiting for one more. The cost is around $60,000 - $65,000 to rehabilitate two tennis courts, and converting the courts to basketball courts would cost close to $60,000. The high cost is due to the increase in the cost of petroleum products. Residents should be canvassed in order to determine whether the demand for the courts is high enough to warrant the large expenditure.

Treasurer's Report: Dianne O'Melia reported in the absence of the Treasurer. The bulk of the snow plowing bills are in, but the budget also covers November and December 2009. Past due monthly dues were about 2%; the $18 late fee appears to be an incentive for paying on time. It should be noted that $1000 paid out of the Capital Reserve Account was the deductible for the damage to the Hankin Center last year.

Committee Reports:
Landscape Committee: John Zaprala toured the common grounds with Sheila Fleming from the Brandywine Conservancy. She offered to look for grants to cover the cost of Rhondda preservation and will present her findings and recommendations to the committee. Some natural landscaping is needed to filter out petroleum runoff. Carmarthan, North Snowden and Neyland are have been identified as the courts that are most in need of repair. John will present three quotes for court restoration and boulders.

Safety Committee
: Mark Gallant was not present but left a notebook with ideas for community safety. It is likely that he will be able to get reflective armbands that could be available for residents to purchase for a small fee. He is trying to get more volunteers for the committee.

Architectural Committee: Adri Rocio reported that the committee is checking with the township to find out whether there are regulations that apply to maintenance of the community.

Committee chairmen were reminded that they should provide a monthly report from their committee to be filed in the office.

Social Committee: Angelina Reyes reported that there are 56 children and 60 parents signed up for the Easter Egg Hunt. She is still in need of volunteers to help with set up and during the party.

There was a question as to whether any other committees need to be established. There should be a committee for investor relations since about 20% of Rhondda properties are investor owned.

Old Business:
The "matrix of maintenance" for use with the walk through inspections was condensed to two pages. It is very important that there be a consistent format for evaluating each residence. Any changes or suggestions should be directed to Sue Patt. Residents will be provided with the matrix and the date/time of the inspection; the emphasis will be on proper maintenance. Separate sections need to be developed for the matrix to be applied to twin and single family homes. The deadline for the April Roster is March 23rd, so announcements relative to the inspections need to be forthcoming.

Leaf/yard waste pickups will be April 11, 18, 25, and May 2. Inspectors should take this into consideration when completing inspections. John Zaprala offered to provide a list of native plantings that are recommended.

Property Manager's Report:
Major accomplishments included emailing the Roster to those who requested email delivery and progress on the tax return.
Focus for the next month will be on the Easter Egg Hunt, guest passes to the pool for volunteers, tracking of past due monthly dues, and providing information to the Landscape Committee.
Dianne reminded committee chairmen that they should be tracking volunteers via a sign in sheet so that names can be provided to the office. Also a committee needs to be established to canvas residents about use of the tennis courts.

New Business:
A voting process needs to be determined for the color selection. There was a suggestion that other questions could be put to the residents during this process, such as whether a change in the color of their doors is desired, and whether pavers should be allowed in the townhomes. There was discussion about the subject of pavers and the thought was that there is a need for consistency and there is no guarantee that pavers would be maintained appropriately after installation. All agreed that pavers should not be allowed at this time and concrete remains the only choice of materials.

The meeting was adjourned to allow the Board members to meet in executive session.

Respectfully submitted,

Sally Burmeister