May 2010 Board Meeting Minutes

     Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of Board Meeting

May 24, 2010


Meeting called to order at 7:04 p.m.

Present: SP, SB, SD, FC. MC, and PM. Absent: TMcC, AM, and JF.

The Property Manager and Maintenance Manager were present.


SP requested that Property Manager check with Marchwood Hardware regarding converting the remaining Hankin paint colors to Benjamin Moore colors. 
A resident from Penwyllt Court asked for clarification about property lines; he would like to plant a tree and is not sure who owns the property behind him. The Property Manager has already completed a request for information from the township. 

Review and Approval of Minutes:
SD and FC stated their approval of the minutes from the April meeting having not previously done so electronically. Minutes were approved with removal of inserted comments and addition of one member name which was inadvertently omitted. 


Maintenance Report: The court repair and boulder project has been completed; there are a few small boulders remaining that could be used on S. Snowdon Ct.; repairs to Conway Ct. that were not done previously will be completed once more topsoil is ordered.
Trees: The Association's grounds contractor submitted a bid for three trees (two on Conway and one on Caernarvon) The cost would be $2250  for three 4-5 "gauge" (4-5" circumference?) maples. Attempts will be made to secure two more estimates. A birch tree was removed on Carmarthen Ct. and trees were trimmed on other courts.
Tennis courts were cleaned and made ready for use.

New entrance signs were installed at Bausman/Ship, Caernarvon/Worthington, and at the new entrance at Bausman/Worthington. Entrances on Newcomen Road do not have signs and are on private property.
Graffiti on the north playground was painted over.
New trash bin was installed on Llandovery Drive.
April 30 inspection deadline for Conway Ct. was completed and is yet to be done for Caernarvon and Talgrath. The first reinspection for the Snowdons is also to be completed. The property at 146 Neyland Ct. was reinspected for sidewalk and lawn issues; the sidewalk needs to be addressed as soon as possible because it is a tripping hazard.The landscaping is overgrown. This prompted discussion about whether there is a means to specify an element of the walk through checklist that needs more immediate attention for safety reasons. Ninety days is the length of time that passes before the Association may go on a property to do the repair and charge the owner.

A van on Caernarvon Ct. was inspected for low air pressure in tires which would render the van undrivable and thus prompt intervention by the Association; the van was found to be driveable.
ADT security cameras:
FC and Maintenance met with a representative of ADT regarding pool security and were given a quote of $1799 to include a large DVR player that runs continuously for 7 straight days and will automatically reset. It has a color picture during the day and black/white at night; it does not include the price of a monitor. There will be four cameras set to optimize clarity. Remote Internet access to the feed is $10/month.  A service plan is $25/month; if anything goes wrong with the equipment, it is $160 to come out and $80/hr. without the service plan. 
There was discussion about whether the cameras should record during the day; the system could be timed to only be on at night. The Property Manager will draft a letter to the attorney to find out whether a sign must be posted saying there is surveillance. FC recommended purchasing the system.  ADT requires a two weeks lead time for installation. It was suggested that we also get a quote from the Protection Bureau, our current security contractor. The Property Manager or Maintenance Manager can sign off on a contract once the decision is made. A call will be made to ADT to ask about a timer. All agreed that it would be acceptable to vote electronically once all bids are in.
Curbing and paving in Pembroke Ct. and Conway Ct.: Maintenance will have more time to devote to this project once the pool is open. Residents should be alerted to the presence of a concrete contractor doing curbs since it could present an opportunity to get sidewalks done more inexpensively. There was a question as to whether a special meeting should be scheduled to discuss this issue and others rather than waiting until the June Board meeting. An interim meeting may be called by the President for further discussion of important issues.  

The Maintenance Manager asked whether more topsoil should be ordered to finish Conway Court repair. He will place an order since there is always a need for dirt.  

Treasurers report:
The Treasurer reported that rates for CDs remain low; a 5/28/10 renewal at Bank of America would be at the current rate is 0.20%and the CD at M&T rolls over on 6/9/10; it is a 13 month CD at the rate of 1.10%. FC made a motion to leave the CD's where they are. The vote was unanimously in favor. 

The main pool pump burned out and $3500 is the cost of replacing it; that expenditure will put pool expenses over budget. The pump is an item that is replaced every 3-4 years and should be anticipated. Landscaping and grounds expenditures are up due to the court repair project and boulders. There was discussion about a catered BBQ event for residents and volunteers; there is not enough time to plan it for June, but a date in the future could be considered, such as before school in the fall.

Property Manager's Report:
All agreed with denying pool admittance to residents who are behind on dues. The list is updated daily once the pool opens. The Rules and Regulations dictate that we follow the Downingtown School District schedule for daily pool opening. We have 85 days of pool coverage and are charged $350/day for overage. This year the opening is a week late. It is 85 days from the designated opening until Sept 6th. The Property Manager will check on an earlier opening date such as the original opening date before snow days were added to see if the manager can staff the pool. She will also figure out what our daily rate is per the contract.

Election: It is time to begin advertising for candidates for the Board. Per the survey, the current candidate routine is not providing enough information; less personal information and more information about goals of the candidate are needed. There was a suggestion that a form be filled out rather than each candidate writing a biography; the form should include number of years in the community, goals, skills, and other offices held.

Boulders: There are concerns from Penwyllt and Carmarthen Cts. where boulder placement is causing a bottle neck. There are some residents who have multiple cars that don't move. The Treasurer agreed to read and give a report on the CAI book on parking issues. 
There has also been another request from Caernarvon Ct. about a van "that does not move" very frequently; it was checked out and the van was found to have new tires and a registration; it is also in a parking space.

There was a call from a resident who received approval for pavers on their front porch and for a step but was cited on the walk through last year. The President suggested that there should be a vehicle for correcting Architectural Guideline issues when a house is sold. The option exists now for items that violate rules but were not given approval, but not for items that were approved by the Architectural Committee. An effort must be made to specify which items must be replaced at the end of their natural life, or when a house is sold, i.e. the wrong shingles, the wrong color sliding door, etc.

There was discussion about what to do with discrepancies in inspections, i.e. one residence was failed for aggregate when it should not have been. The Property Manager distributed copies of the good maintenance documents for all to review. SP recommended that the Good Maintenance Descriptions become part of the Rules and Regulations once they have been finalized and reviewed by the attorney. Determining what is considered an "eyesore" and documenting it is the goal, "eyesore" referring to attributes in one home that might cause an unfavorable impression of a neighboring home by a prospective home buyer.
Identifying the "10 worst" properties (ones that are most in need of repair) is a good starting point; there is only one house having 10 failures or more. A method for addressing the problem of discrepancies would be to go through the list of outstanding failures past deadline such as clear safety violations, crumbling sidewalks, and painted surfaces for follow up. The directions for the Property Manager who has this task is to "follow up on the obvious." In order to complete the Good Maintenance Description, it will be given to all of the walk through volunteers and Architectural Committee members with a due date for the finished document.


Website Committee: The members of the committee are making a request for financial support of an incentive with the goal of reducing costs of printing. Coupons still need to be printed for electronic payments that come in due to the need to keep track of to what month the payment is being applied. The Committee is no longer pursuing electronic dues payments, but want to proceed with an incentive for receiving the Roster electronically. $500 is the amount saved last year by residents receiving the Roster electronically. Prizes would not exceed the amount saved. The committee would like to offer something of value as an incentive. $100/$50/$25 gift cards were agreed upon by all.

Old Business:
Report on cedar on Neyland and Talgrath: the only cedar inspected was one that was on a home for sale. MC will start inspections this weekend if someone will get a copy of the form to him. SP agreed to follow up with TMcC to get the paperwork needed to do the inspection.  

Consideration will be given to dismissing the current Vice President due to lack of attendance; a replacement is needed, preferably someone who has been attending meetings and will back up SP as the President.

Color Process on Conway Ct.: A resident reported on the current issues/dispute. Residents signed off on a color but do not like the final product.  The individual who represented the residents with the painter will be asked to copy the contract for distribution to residents who signed on: MC will follow up.

Township Report on extending parking: Additional parking must conform to today's codes which includes storm water run off, lighting, etc. The process and cost of adding spaces to code makes it unlikely option.

Access to private property during walk through - The President received clarification from the attorney supporting the right of the Association to venture onto private property to perform the annual inspection. FC is still not satisfied that it is legal to do so; The Attorney is willing to be part of a phone conference to discuss the issue. Anyone interested in participating should let SP know.

Allowing vinyl siding or cement board on gables: The proposal is that a color to match the solid color stain on each court be approved, however, there are issues relating to horizontal hanging of fiber cement siding. 

A vehicle for collaboration between the Architectural Committee and the Board is needed. The current chairman has not picked up on the need for a subcommittee for this purpose; he says it is a decision the board needs to make which is true to the extent that the Board must approve the decision. 

Colors for solid color stain for decks and fences needs to be pursued.

Kidwelly Ct. residence: It is resolved that the current resident of a home that has the wrong color of roofing shingles can put into a sales contract that the roof will be brought back into compliance when it is time to replace the roof. Faded paint will not be failed if it is only fading and not streaking. 


Meeting adjourned at 10:06 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted,