November 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

 Rhondda Homeowners Association
Board Meeting
November 16, 2009

Meeting called to order at  7:11 p.m.
Present: Sue Patt, Sara Dill, Tom McCandless, Sally Burmeister, Patrick Milia, and Angelina Reyes (arrived late). Absent: David Dunn, Frank Cetera, Joyce Fedora, the Property Manager and the Maintenance Department.
Representatives from United Methodist Church of the Resurrection on Sharp Lane discussed their open gym and coffee house plans. They have an open gym the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month. There is adult supervision. In January they will have a coffee house with live music. 7-8:30 p.m. will be the open gym and then 8:30-11 p.m. will be the coffee house. They will post notices on mailboxes with magnets. The program is for 7th-12th grade. Donations of food are welcome. November 21st 7-11 p.m. is the next date for open gym.a
Review of minutes: There was discussion about the extension policy for walkthru failure items. The new Board initiative regarding walkthrus was reviewed for the benefit of a new Board member. Suggestions included all extensions be the same time frame such as 6 months, or April 15th as the Spring deadline only for items that cannot be completed due to winter weather. A member suggested that volunteers be given a month of dues to participate and to get all the inspections done quickly; this would not be cost effective. Another suggestion is that an independent contractor should be hired to do inspections. Homeowners need to understand their responsibility and know what is and isn't compliance and to expect the walkthru and checklist as well as follow up. Pool passes were given this year to all volunteers. The President and Property Manager will discuss and make detailed plans regarding the procedure. Some failures require an immediate remedy. A motion was made to table the discussion of failure items and deadlines; all were in favor.
Website Committee - A committee member was asked to take care of the instructions for auto payments and there was a request for a meeting to discuss it.
The Secretary suggested that all Board members use Rhondda webmail as opposed to personal email. Google docs should also be used when a document is put out for approval because it is a more efficient method of editing.
A Board member asked if there had been any more discussion about allowing architectural shingles; that is a subject to be addressed by the Architectural Committee. Another Board member brought up the issue of rotted cedar on gables; a resident was given a quote for two siding products. Any product needs Architectural Committee approval.
The Secretary noted that a concrete contractor dumped concrete chunks and debris in plastic bags on common ground. A caveat to contractors might be added to the approval form that they are not to dump on Rhondda property. A "Contractor Etiquette Sheet" might address this problem for any contractor working in the community.
Maintenance Report: No representation at the meeting.
Treasurer's Report: Thank you to the Property Manager for marking unusual items for notice. Per the Treasurer, expenditures are on track; there is nothing to be concerned about at this time. Certificates of Deposit will roll over in the Spring and will not be transferred to another bank until better rates are on the horizon. The Treasurer and Property Manager will ensure that they have up-to-date information on vendors for tax purposes. The President asked if there has been an increase in dues not paid. According to the Treasurer, historically this occurs when the pool is no longer open.
Property Manager's Report - Written report distributed. A "major accomplishment" listed is the selection of colors for Conway Ct. Seventy-three percent of residents have signed off and there is Architectural Committee approval. A Board member brought up the issue of contractors using the proper products. The Board has addressed the issue sufficiently. A motion to approve the colors was made and seconded; all were in favor.
There was discussion about insurance coverage quotations. There is a $1600/year increase for coverage recommended by our Nationwide agent. Nationwide knows our organization very well and their recommendations are trusted. The lower quote could go higher if more information comes forward and we do not have experience with the other company. A motion was made and seconded to continue the policy with Nationwide; all  were in favor.
Trim and porch ceiling colors: The Property Manager requested a decision regarding the colors; the original colors should be converted to Benjamin Moore paint colors, but the Architectural Committee needs to make the decision along with a decision on shed colors. Window trim color has not been discussed as part of the Color Selection Process because many residents have capped their trim with vinyl/aluminum and it cannot be easily painted. 
Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon: A Board member suggested holding the luncheon at the West Chester Inn; she believes she can get a price of less than $20/person. A decision was made to invite individual volunteers only (no spouses) due to the increased number in volunteers (97). There was a suggestion that door prizes should only be for volunteers (not Board or employees and their families) and that table decorations could be used as door prizes. Door prizes have been included only when there is extra money in the budget for the luncheon.  
Letter from a resident asking about a van that is believed to be stationary and not used: The registration of this particular vehicle is current so the Board has no recourse to request that it be removed.
Playground Graffiti - A child admitted responsibility for the graffiti to peers. The graffiti was painted over as soon as it was reported. No other action will be taken except to discourage this type of negative behavior.
Letter from a resident about a contractor who advertises in the Roster: Any contract is between the resident and the contractor. Our advertisers should have their PA license number in the ad as required by law, but the Association does not endorse those who advertise.
Landscape Committee: The secretary reported for the committee chairman. Grass will not germinate this late in the season; seeding will be continued in the Spring.  The President will ask the Property Manager to get quotes for boulder placement from the landscaper who placed boulders on Lampeter Court; the Vice President has a contractor to suggest as does the Treasurer. A quote for the shrubs for Bausman Rd. could be requested at the same time.
Architectural Committee: There is research to be done on more permanent products. Subcommittees could be established so that the Chairperson doesn't have to do everything. The Architectural Committee needs to be proactive when it comes to anticipating what products might benefit the homeowners for better maintenance.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:53 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted

Approved -Sue Patt 11/23/09 12:14 PM Approved -Tom McCandless 11/29/09 7:26 AMApproved -Patrick Milia 12/1/09 9:59 PM - Approved -Angelina ReyesApproved -Sara Dill 12/8/09 1:01 PM