November 2011 Board Meeting Notes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Date: November 21, 2011

Opening Time 7:09 p.m. Farmhouse  

Members Present: Debbie Dainis, Barbara Guenst arrived at 7:41 p.m., Angelina Almadanat arrived at 7:18 p.m., Sue Patt, Frank Cetera, David Bova

Members Absent:  Christine Trevaskis, William Coleman
Others Present:  Scott Leidy

Quorum: Initially the meeting was started without a quorum with only 4 members present.  Quorum was present at 7:18 p.m.

Previous Meeting Minutes:  Dave Bova suggested tabling the minutes from October 17th for acceptance since members did not receive written copies for review.  

1.  Resident had concerns regarding the upcoming election.  
Discussion ensued that the Bylaws need to be reviewed to determine election process.

2.  Maintenance Report – Scott Leidy
       See attached report.

Motion - Dave Bova:  To accept proposal from Trugreen for lawn weeding.
2nd by Angelina Almadanat.
Motion carried.

Landscape contract - Biddle Contract locked in for 3 years.

$13,400 paid to Total Site Development for repair to Basin #3 out of the Capitol Reserve Fund.

3.  Committee Reports:      

a.    Website Committee - no report

b.    Architectural Committee - Need to get a new chairperson.  

c.     Social Committee - Angelina

Blanket/Food drive went well with Boy Scouts.

Halloween advertising was not done well.  Only 30 people attended.  Need to have something for younger children

Still waiting to hear from volunteer for Breakfast with Santa Saturday Dec 10th  9 - 11 am.  

d.     Landscape Committee -  no report

e.     Election/Nominations Committee - see below

f.      Finance Committee - no report

4.   Treasurer Report - No report  

Minutes Review/Old Business:
1.  Oil Contract
Motion - Dave Bova  Accept the contract for fuel oil that was the second lowest bid but the contractual language was to the point.  (Think it was Sheller.)  
2nd Frank Cetera

2.  Mail Box pads.  Target date to replace May 1st.  
Motion - Sue Patt Get mailbox pads replaced and repaired as close to May 1st as possible.  3 need to be completely replaced and 3 repaired.
2nd - Dave Bova

3.  Ownership of curbs-
Depends on the property lines.  Dave Bova and Frank Cetera spoke with Tom Cook.  

Angelina requests a schedule for curbs/macadam repair
Scott to develop schedule for macadam.  Will measure the property line of houses in those courts to see who owns the curb.  

4.  Property Inspections - Angelina to check properties.  
Angelina recommends hire company to handle walk through.

5.  Property Manager Search - Table to exec session.

6.  Surveillance cameras - discussed

7.  Election Committee - accepted votes.  

Motion - Dave Bova  The only ballots that will be disqualified  for this election only will be for non-payment of dues.
2nd  Debbie Dainis

New Business:

1.  Property Management Software
Carol made suggestion.  TOPS.  Cost depends on what is purchased.  Sue to research.

2.  Security System
           Protection Bureau - Do not have a current contract.  On auto renew.  
Another option is ADT at cost of $149 initially and then $39 per month.  Unlimited codes.  Will be able to track who is coming in.  
Angelina recommends going with another company.  

3.  Carol suggested we bring someone in to check Danielle’s math for taxes.  Sara Dill offered to do the work for $20 an hour.  
Motion Angelina Almadanat to hire Sara Dill as a contracted laborer to check the taxes and help close the books for 2011 and set up the system for 2012.
2nd Dave Bova

4.  Non profit status incorporation.  We are not a charitable association.  
Discussion regarding Rhondda HOA current non-profit status.  According to Sara Dill we need to be sure we have the appropriate paperwork from the accountant, Linda Naves.  IRS developed a separate non-profit incorporation status for Homeowners Associations.  Were we grandfathered in?  There is no paperwork in the office regarding our status.

12.  Mary Malpeli
Signed petition.  Deal with renter 107 and 113 Caernarvon Court.  Problems exacerbated with the parking due to snow.  
Sue Patt to address with Carol to send the homeowner and residents a letter to remind them to follow rules and regs regarding renters.  
Will pursue legal action if needed.  

Mary agrees to spear head committee to address rental units and owners.  

New Business:

Barbara Guenst
Secretary, Rhondda Homeowners Association