October 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

Approved by: Sally, Patrick Milia, Frank Cetera, Dianne, Sue, Tom, Angelina    
Rhondda Homeowners Association
Board Meeting
August 10, 2009
The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m.

Present: One Board member was absent.
Sara Dill agreed to be Treasurer for the remainder of the year.
There were residents present who thought that the documents governing the Association prohibited the Board from allowing the individual courts select their colors. A board member pointed out that the precedence has already been set that courts can have different colors. Another board member explained the difference between the Rules and Regulations that govern most of the architectural aspects of the community and Declaration of Covenants that were set up when Rhondda was first developed. The Board can vote to change the Rules and Regulations, but changes to the Covenants must be voted on by the whole community.
As a result of the court meetings, the question of a resident's paver sidewalk was reopened.The President asked whether any of the Board members felt a need to reopen this issue that was resolved earlier this summer between the Board and resident. The consensus is that it has been addressed and does not need further consideration. 
Joe Swords, a professional contractor painter was introduced to talk about the benefits of solid color stains. His experience with the product tells him that a solid-color stain is the best choice economically. He has seen the the condition of cedar in our courts; clear products only last a couple of years. Weathered cedar can be sanded down, but he wouldn't do it. Benjamin Moore stands behind their product. If prepped properly, a solid-color stain will last for 10 years.
Minutes from July Board meeting were reviewed.A motion was made to approve the minutes, seconded, and all were in favor.
Maintenance Report:
The following items were discussed:
Downed tree behind Neyland Ct. to be removed.
Middle playground: weeding, graffiti and boundary stakes. 
Merioneth Playground: Check with the manufacturer for their suggestions regarding how to obscure graffiti that is scratched into the surface material.
Vines on pine tree in Conway Ct.: One of the trees is dead and will be removed.
Snow plow lanes in courts: Areas have been identified but he needs to paint signage. Inspection of pool back flow and fire extinguishers completed by Marcos.
Depressions/sink holes behind S. Snowdon: the depressions are not sinkholes, just depressions, but they are in line with the storm drain box and manhole cover.
Inspection of conditions of asphalt on courts: There are oil spots from cars, problems with some surface conditions and around the inner circle. Residents who have wet oil spots should be notified, but if the spots are dry it will do no good. 
Drainage problem in Neyland Ct.: this is a question for consideration by resident engineers. 
Snow plow insurance settlement will be resolved this week.
Brush clearing where there is encroachment preventing mowing: trees are overhanging mowing area on the perimeter of common ground and need to be trimmed.
Treasurer's report:  There were normal pool expenses. A Workman's Compensation audit was completed and there is a refund.  The air conditioner in the farmhouse was replaced. It is working, but it is still not very cool in parts of the first floor. Biddle (mowing) is coming in at same price for next year as are J & J for snowplowing, and Trugreen. The first budget meeting will be September 2nd. 
Property Manager's Report:
There was discussion about the paver sidewalk replacement and the Color Selection Process, the Property Manager's concern about the liability involved with a resident operating equipment on the common ground as a volunteer. The subject of a waiver was again brought up. Sara Dill stated that there is a definite liability when there is no insurance. General liability coverage would cover him, but where he is specifically doing something with heavy equipment he needs more coverage. Sally Burmeister will tell John that if he cannot come up with a solution for the insurance issue then we will have to put the project out to bid. There are still some concerns about other volunteers doing the lighter work, but they could be hurt anywhere. Adri Recio was asked about her opinion since she is a member of the volunteer Landscape Committee. Adri commented that the volunteers are all adult enough to tell someone when they are unable to physically handle a particular job, so volunteers should be allowed to do the lighter work.
Sue Patt brought up the next agenda item, a resident asked for clarification on due process when someone complains about another resident. Christy Saddic inquired regarding a complaint about her dog being on a leash in front of her home and the consequential letter notifying her of the complaint which included applicable rules from Rhondda governing documents. Ms. Saddic wanted to know about due process. Dianne O'Melia would like to send a letter back to Ms. Saddic saying that the letter is being put in both resident files, further clarification about the rules, and she also feels that Ms. Saddic should not disallow traffic between the buildings. Sally Burmeister clarified that this is not merely a complaint about a dog, but was brought on by an unfortunate incident between several neighbors which resulted in one neighbor threatening Ms. Saddic and her children. It was agreed that serious threats should be reported to the police.
Sue Patt asked Dianne O'Melia if she has a phone log or anything to record phone calls into the office. Dianne said that she puts a note in the homeowner's file if any resident who calls, or writes a memo to Scott if it involves him. Sue would like Dianne to have a log of incoming calls as well.

The Macadam issue discussed at the last meeting brings up the question as to why there was a lapse in the resurfacing schedule. Dianne O'Melia looked into payments for resurfacing, repairs, etc. Nothing has been done since 2006. What happens when work is not done properly? Frank Cetera suggested that the Association would have to pay someone to inspect the job, to ensure that what was put down as a base or whatever was done according to the specs agreed upon with the contractor. Ray Forgione has not been involved for all the projects. It is something to be done the next time there is a paving job done. Scott Leidy has been assigned the job of "eyeballing" the conditions in the courts. David Dunn asked if the company providing the service could "core" in an area we select to prove that what was done matched the contract. Sue Patt suggested that there should be a system of reference for knowing what has gone before. Frank Cetera suggested asking Ray if he can provide this service. Dianne O'Melia said that she will talk to Scott first and then Ray. Sue Patt would like a standard maintenance continuity plan set up so any Board coming in can see what has been done in the past and what is coming up. Scott is working on a plan for keeping track of the asphalt. The overall plan does not need to be fancy or detailed, but a comprehensive continuity of maintenance. This should include Scott writing down what are his normal routines.
Roster information: There is a need to further address children in court parking lots. As usual, drivers must be careful, parents must watch their children. Zaira Jones of Pembroke Ct. was also asking for specific information on deck colors having asked Architectural Committee who said it was clear. She was ultimately told that she should pick some shade of brown and send it in as a request to the committee, and they well approve it. Sue Patt added that the decks that look the best and well maintained are the ones that have solid-color stains.
Family Fun Night: Debbie Dainis confirmed that the date is August 22nd; plans in place.
Maintenance Form: A resident requested that there be a form to turn in to request attention from the office. Something could be put on the website that could be printed out and used.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:42 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sally Burmeister