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March 2012 Homeowners' Association Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

March Quarterly Homeowners Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The meeting was brought to order at 7:03 p.m.

Review of December 2011 Meeting: No formal minutes were available to review. There was discussion
about some of the items that were discussed in the previous meeting. See items discussed below.

1. Curbs - Mike Cassella discussed that it is still being determined who owns the curbs, the
homeowner vs. the Association.

2. Scott Leidy stated that he will be getting bids for court repairs and also painting for individual
address numbers.

3. Retention Basins - Mike asked residents how the repairs have helped the drainage issue on
Neyland Court. One resident noted that he still has a large amount of water that collects in his
parking spots. Scott noted that some added work is planned to address that issue. Total Site
Development will be back to do some additional work.

New Items - Discussed by Board President

1. Goose Management - Scott has gotten a vendor with border collies to scare the geese from the
pond areas, they come several times a day and this has been effective so far so that they don’t nest
in the area.

2. Commercial vehicle in Towyn Court - Mike noted that there has been a complaint received. He
noted that the truck is an acceptable size as per the rules and regulations. The owner stated he
was willing to put a magnet over the lettering to cover it if asked to do so. He will also pull the
diesel fuel cell off the truck so that it is no longer present. A resident present at the meeting
asked that the person with this commercial vehicle be asked not to bring any commercial
equipment home going forward.

3. $85,000 CD - the CD that matured has been moved to a cash account to be utilized for many of
the planned capital improvements for this year. Scott noted that the pipe behind the pump house
has been repaired.

4. Vacancy on the Board - Mike noted that there is a vacant board member position open, it is the
position left when Debbie moved into the secretary position. Mike noted that the residents who
received write in votes during the recent election have all been contacted, but no one was
interested in serving at this time. One resident has come forward with interest and this will be
discussed at the Board Meeting next week.

5. Board Consistency - Mike noted that there is a plan to handle issues in a consistent manner. He
stated that a committee of residents will be formed to review the current Rules & Regulations to
formulate any suggestions for revisions. This will be advertised in the Roster. Connie Long,
Mary Mapeli, Hank Patterson and Greg Orischak all volunteered to be part of this committee.

Resident Issues Discussed:

1. One resident asked if Total Site Development (TSD) will be back to make the area behind
Towyn Court by the apple trees nice again. Scott said they will be back to smooth the dirt and
seed some of the areas where they worked over the winter.

2. A Neyland Court resident stated that he believes that the work done in their court has been done
nicely. The only issue they have now is that children are playing with the rocks that have been
used for the drainage areas. Scott stated he has discussed this issue with TSD. He noted that
TSD will be looking at it for a solution; he also noted that they have stated they may need to
cover the areas with soil and grass seed, but this partially defeats the purpose of the rocks and
the drainage field. Some suggested that a letter be sent to each home on the court asking
parents to enforce with their children not to play with the stones and a statement will also be
posted in the Roster.

3. One resident with a corner lot asked if it was ok to place a sign in their yard to read “stay off the
grass” and Mike stated that was ok to do so.

4. One resident asked if additional “no trespassing” signs could be placed in the retention basin
since people are still utilizing that area. Scott stated he will get some more signs to post in that
area as no one should be using that area for recreation.

5. A resident from Neyland Court brought up the issue of the swale behind her house, that it
causes an issue with water getting into her basement. She got a cost to correct the area from
TSD when they were working in the court but she doesn’t feel she should have to pay the whole
cost to correct the issue for all of the neighbors in that row. Mike asked the resident to get a
price quote for the work and it will be discussed at the Board Meeting next week.

6. A Neyland Court resident brought up the issue that the sidewalk was cracked between her home
and the other corner home by TSD during the work on the retention basin behind their homes.
Scott stated that will be looked at and addressed. She also asked about the tree that fell behind
their homes in August 2011, she noted animals are living in the remains and also noted that
people are dumping yard waste in the area now. She also asked about the mesh work in
between the houses and wants to know if the ground area will be smoothed out once the grass
begins to grow. Scott stated that if the ground remains uneven TSD will come out to repair the

7. One resident asked about people storing cars in the courts. He noted that there is one resident
that owns 3 cars which take up additional parking. Mike noted that is a known issue, but if any
vehicle has a current inspection and registration there is nothing that can be done since there are
no limits placed on the number of vehicles per household.

8. One resident asked about having more parking spaces added. Mike noted that was an issue that
was being addressed by the Parking and Lighting Committee but they found that the cost was
prohibitive and it would also cause possible issues with drainage in the courts. Several residents
stated that they would like to see the number of vehicles allowed per household addressed.

9. One resident brought up the possibility of possibly negotiating a group rate for alternative
electricity for interested residents. This might lower the rate for all residents significantly since
there are a large number of homes in the community.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by,

Debbie Dainis, Board Secretary