December 2010 Quarterly Meeting Notes

Quarterly Homeowners Meeting December 14, 2010

Meeting began 7 pm.
  1. Danielle Diamond – new property manager introduced

                       She is a licensed realtor and worked as a leasing manager for a condominium.
                    Danielle's start date for Rhondda HOA was 12/13/2010.
  1. Elections – Connie Long
    1. Total 201 valid ballots received.  Only 188 ballots were eligible.    Some votes were discarded because homeowners did not follow the directions correctly.

Michelle DiMichelle – president
Sue Patt – vice president
Sara Dill – treasurer
Barbara Guenst – secretary
Chris Trevascis – board member
Tie between Dave Bova and Bill Coleman
           The tie was turned to the board.  Sue Patt contacted the lawyer to seek his expertise.  Board ultimately decided both parties could serve the two year term.
           Connie Long –
              -requests/suggests that if board members do not attend meetings regularly they should be removed.           
              -recommends the Board take a vote to break a tie (between officers) in the future.
              -would like to place notice in Rhondda Roster to advise people the importance of following instructions so their vote is not discarded.
           After discussion, it was advised the Election Committee write a recommendation as to how to handle a tie (between officers) in the future.  This committee response will allow everyone to have input into the recommendations to the Board.

3.  Conway and Pembroke Courts have been paved.
     Resident from Conway Court concerned paint on the court has not been restored.  Snow zones and numbers not repainted.  Concerned because of the renter turnover and some residents do not know the rules regarding their car space allotment.  It was suggested to check if Pembrooke has the same problems.

4.  Finance Committee
     The Budget for 2011 is in the Roster.
      If anyone would like a copy of the 2010 budget they can obtain a copy from Danielle.

5.  Pool - season has come and gone.  No concerns expressed.

6.  Conway Court Resident concerned that the solid stain and painting has not been completed on some properties.
           Due to the resignation of Dianne O'Melia the Board had to focus its energy on hiring a new property manager as well as keep the office functioning.  The Board was in "survival mode".  Most of the members have full time jobs plus volunteered extra time to keep the HOA office functioning.  Therefore, the follow up on the property inspections was unable to be completed as planned, although not forgotten.

7.  Neyland Court Resident was concerned about the condition of the sidewalks and questioned if they would be addressed.
          Sue Patt addressed the revision of the property inspection guidelines.  Mike Cassella created a power point presentation using Uwchlan Township code for sidewalks.  This will be used to educate volunteers as to how to properly inspect sidewalks.  Notification will be given to homeowners who fail and fines will be levied as needed.

8.  Concern raised about cars parked in courts with expired registration.  Residents were advised to notify the office and the cars will be towed.  The courts are the property of Rhondda Homeowners Association.

9.  Chris Trevaskis clarified that the Board followed up on all the property inspection failures.  They were reinspected and "flagged" for "safety" failures.  The Good Maintenance Document had been voted on by the Board  and followed Uwchlan Township Code.  It is very specific.  Volunteers will use this document to inspect properties in the future.

10.  One homeowner questioned the rules and regulations for solar panels.  It was suggested that a request for solar panels be submitted to allow the Board to consider them.  This would require a change to the rules and regulations if approved.
          It was mentioned that the single family homes have been approved for architectural shingles.

11.  Shed placement regulations were discussed as one homeowner's shed is inappropriately placed.  Uwchlan Township code has specific guidelines.  This will be addressed with homeowner.

12.  Concern was expressed regarding Landlord/Tenant properties which are not well maintained.  Danielle stated she has experience working with landlord/tenant situations and she believes in enforcing the rules.

Meeting was adjourned.