November 2010 Board Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of Board Meeting

November 15, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 7:13 p.m.

Present:  Sue Patt, Frank Cetera, Gwenn Melcher, Christine Trevaskis, Sara Dill, Michelle DiMichele, and Scott Leidy.  A homeowner was also present.

Absent:  Angelina AlMadanat, Michael Cassella, Joyce Fedora

Review of Minutes
Frank Cetera made a motion to approve the October 2010 minutes as written, seconded by Michelle DiMichele, approved by all.

Caernarvon Ct. Concerns
A homeowner had a concern about trash containers being left overly long in front of several homes in the court creating a driving hazard.  Additionally, there is a large tarp hanging from a balcony in the back of one of the homes and a great deal of trash on the ground in front of the same home.  A Board member will make a preliminary visit to the homeowners to discuss the complaint lodged against them.

Snow Plowing
A Pennwylt Court homeowner raised a concern about the difficulty of plowing around the boulders and suggested they be moved back 10 feet to resolve the issue and moved back in the spring.  Scott Leidy has been assured by the snow contractor that the boulders will not be a problem as they will be removed and replaced as necessary.

The homeowner also brought up the concern about the extra cars parked in the courts that will make plowing difficult during the winter months.  It has previously been determined that creating extra parking areas is not financially feasible.  Project Engineers would have to be hired to determine water runoff, lighting, etc. A temporary solution is to have families with more than two cars, park 3 cars into 2 spaces during snowstorms if they will fit.

Snow regulations are currently listed on the website and in the rules and regulations and will be added to the winter roster.

Maintenance Report
Scott Leidy made two keys, one for a Board member and one for the new cleaning lady, Janet King, when she is contracted.  He suggested replacing the locks on the farmhouse and redistributing keys to address safety concerns.   

Scott has been trimming trees and cutting vines throughout Rhondda in preparation for winter.

Paving is complete on Conway and Pembroke Courts.

Rosters and payment books have been delivered to the block captains.

The Towyn Court street sign that was stolen several weeks ago has been replaced.

Scott addressed a letter from a consultant regarding the ongoing problem of sinkholes throughout the community.  The sinkholes occur as limestone and other substrata wash away.  This is not something that cannot be prevented but rather must be dealt with as it occurs.  It was suggested that the sinkholes continue to be filled by Scott as they occur with concrete and dirt and contractors will be called in as necessary for assistance.  Michelle DiMichele motioned to have Scott fix sinkholes with the assistance of contractors as needed,  Frank Cetera seconded, all approved. The Llandovery sinkholes will be addressed immediately.

Treasurer’s Report
Supplies/expenses – there is a $653 charge for classified ads that was not included.

Checks and Balances - When checks are cut, Sara Dill is to be informed in order to keep track of what is outstanding.  While there is no Property Manager, two board members will be present whenever a check is cut to ensure checks and balances.

As Treasurer, Sara Dill will generate expense reports going forward.

Property Manager’s Report  
Before leaving, Diane O’Melia completed the 2009 financial year and the accountant was able to close it out.  2011 is open and homeowners have already begun paying their yearly dues in advance.

Checks are being deposited, bills that are due have been paid.  The insurance coverage is due for renewal at the end of November and Workman’s Comp will also be paid.  Proof of insurance is important for home resale certifications.

In lieu of her experience, the Board discussed hiring Diane as a consultant and to provide training for her replacement.  Michelle DiMichele motioned that Diane O’Melia be approached provide consulting and training services, Frank Cetera seconded, all approved.  

Committee Reports
Architecture -  Chris Trevaskis reported that the Architectural Committee would like to have the Request Form edited to include the need for drawings completed to scale.

An Architectural Committee member needs to be delegated the task of calling and notifying residents of approved/unapproved improvements.  Additionally, reviewed Request Forms need to be mailed back to the homeowners.

Social -  There will be a hot breakfast including eggs at the Breakfast with Santa event in December.

Election-  Votes will be tallied on Sunday, November 21 at 12:00 p.m. in the Hankin Center by the Election Committee.    

Old Business
Walkthroughs – Follow-up letters are currently on hold.

Tennis Courts – A homeowner suggested that some of the extra monies in the budget be used to renovate the tennis courts. The courts are outdated and it was agreed that this issue is important and the homeowner is correct about newer courts being a draw for potential buyers.  This issue will be revisited and addressed next year.  It will also be added to the list of suggested capital improvements.

New Business
Search Committee Update – Top candidates were determined and will be contacted for second interviews. Background checks will be conducted, including references, education, and criminal history.

Employee Handbook – Sara Dill has updated the Employee Handbook to reflect current employment laws.  Board members will review, comment and vote on adopting the final revised edition at the Saturday, November 20th interview meeting.

Property Manager Job Description – The revised job description will be reviewed, commented and voted on adopting at the Saturday, November 20th interview meeting.

Capital Reserve Study – A Capital Reserve Study was done in 2005.  The importance of a study is in order to determine how much needs to be put aside for capital improvements each year.  It was suggested that a more timely second study be done.  Frank Cetera mentioned there is a cost associated with having a Capital Reserve Study done and that in the past the study had not been very helpful.  He suggested a meeting with Scott Leidy to review the 2005 study to see if a new one makes sense.  It was decided to have a sit down with Scott to discuss the study and to create a document of capital improvements that have been made and that have been suggested for the future.  Scott will be addressing the Capital Reserve Study in January.  He will be given a copy of the 2005 study at the December Board meeting.

Post-Dating Checks – Several homeowners have been sending checks to cover association fees that post-dated for periods after the fees are due.  This practice is an issue that will be addressed at the beginning of next year.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:43 p.m.  The next Board Meeting will be held on Monday, December 20, 2010.

Respectfully submitted,

Gwenn Melcher, Secretary

Approved by: Sue Patt