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April 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

 Rhondda Homeowners Association
Minutes of Board Meeting
  April 20, 2009

In attendance:  Sue Patt,  Sally Burmeister, David Dunn, Joyce Fedora, Todd McFarland, and Angelina Reyes. Frank Cetera and Tom McCandless were absent.  Dianne O'Melia and Scott Leidy were in attendance. 

President Sue Patt called the meeting to order at  7:08 p.m.
; it was delayed due to the late arrival of several Board members.

The first subject for discussion was an appeal from a resident to cancel the fining process against them; they demonstrated that they had done everything in their power to complete the repair for which they are being fined. Sue Patt made a motion to cancel the fines; Angelina Reyes seconded, and a vote was unanimously in favor. 

The President asked for approval of the minutes. Technically, the minutes had already been approved electronically, rules of order allow such an approval as long as there is a quorum of  members who respond. There was a quorum approving the March minutes. Since there are some Board members who would prefer to receive the minutes via email rather than through document sharing, the secretary will accommodate email. Minutes will continue to be included in the pre-meeting packet, so that there is an opportunity to answer any questions from those who were absent from the last meeting. The desire is to approve minutes within one week of the meeting so that a summary may be posted on the website in a timely manner. Comments added electronically to the minutes during the approval process are only for the purpose of making factual changes; the secretary will make corrections from the comments and then delete them. If a member was not present at the meeting in question, that member is not required to read or approve the minutes. Sue Patt made a motion that electronic approval be the only process used for approval from this meeting forward. Sally Burmeister seconded. All were in favor. Joyce Fedora requested that minutes be sent to her via email. 

It was noted that Vice President, Tom McCandless was absent from the March meeting and is not here tonight; Sue Patt will contact him to discuss attendance.

The only topic from the minutes that is not on the agenda is a monthly report from each committee. Dianne O'Melia will contact all committee chairmen a week before the meeting to request their monthly report. Committee reports should be submitted even if the chairman will be present at the meeting to give their report.

Maintenance Report:  Scott's activities this month included clearing storm debris, replacing snow plow divots, replacing batteries in smoke detectors and installing new smoke detectors, set up/tear down of Easter Egg Hunt, replacing slats on benches, treating goose nests, pool and tennis court maintenance, and assisting with the installation of alligator heads to deter geese. The fence on the trail by Worthington Road will be repaired in the very near future.   

In regard to the tennis courts, the lower courts will be locked and no keys given out due to their deteriorating condition. Scott checked previous repair bills for the courts; a past estimate was for $10-14,000 to resurface all of the courts. Information will be given to the Treasurer who is actively involved in getting bids.

Biddle has completed their first cutting of grass on common grounds and mulching of entrances and will repair divots that they find. TruGreen has put down their first application, and the post office replaced the mailbox on Lampeter Ct. that was damaged during the winter. 

Treasurer's Report: $25,507 was collected in dues for the month and there was $26,786 in expenses. The first installment has been paid to the lifeguards and $2432 was put into the Capital Reserve Fund. There was a question about the expenditure on printing and postage. Dianne purchased postage for the election rather than waiting until after the rate has gone up. Investor owners receive their Roster by email if an email address is on file. The total cost for the Easter Egg Hunt was $850. A Board member asked whether the aged receivables were due to an increase in the number of residents who were unable to pay their dues; the same residents are overdue and the process of legal involvement is in place for those who meet the criteria.

Committee Reports:
Safety Committee: Mark Gallant distributed "Rhondda Safety Tips" for publication in the Roster/website; topics include PA One Call, reflective arm bands, and the kick-off meeting for the committee. Arm bands will be available for the purchase price of $2.00 at the office or for delivery by the committee for those who cannot get to the office during business hours. The kick-off meeting will be held at the Hankin Center on Thursday, May 14th. Interested residents can RSVP via the website. Mark talked with Sgt. Fortmann of the Uwchlan Police Department about the Town Watch. Concerns that were identified include liability of patrol members and the need for background checks. Since surveillance will be passive, there is less liability and background checks are not needed. A schedule will be established and the number for non-emergency calls to police will be clarified. Committee meetings will be held as needed. 

Architectural Committee: Adri Recio  reported that only a few people attended the last meeting because of confusion about the date. The committee received a request  to modify a home with an addition in order to accommodate a disability. This topic will be discussed at the executive session on April 27th. Adri and Mark Gallant will make inquiries with the township about zoning/set back issues. It will also be good to have the opinion of realtors regarding the impact on surrounding properties.

Social Committee: Angelina Reyes said that there are some middle school aged girls who are interested in a youth program; Angelina has not been able to find anyone to chair this committee which would be separate from the Social Committee. There were 26 volunteers for the Easter Egg Hunt; thank you notes were sent to all. Angelina believes that costs could be cut by utilizing businesses owned by residents. She kept a journal so that there will be written notes for next year. The next event will be the July 4th Party. Information will be put on the website and in the Roster; the deadline for the Roster is April 22nd. There was discussion about how new residents are welcomed to the community and how residents can be engaged to participate in activities. The block captains normally welcome new neighbors. There are residents who are interested in having "court" parties; this would engage residents without depending upon getting them to the pool. Various incentives were discussed to encourage organization of such events; paper products could be supplied by the Association as an incentive. 
Website Committee: The website has gotten 1,900 separate "hits" this month. There was a suggestion that residents who go to the website are automatically registered to win a gift certificate or pool pass to encourage participation. 

Landscape Committee: Sally Burmeister reported for the committee. Some bids have come in for the court repair/boulder project. John Zaprala has been in contact with Garry Miles about planting and maintaining the entrances. He will plant the beds and weed them; volunteers will provide assistance. It was suggested that Garry adjust his selection of plants considering the exposure to sun; the bed on Worthington across from Woodlark is shady.

Property Manager's Report:
Major accomplishments included the Workmen's Compensation audit and Easter Egg Hunt.
Focus for the next month will be on guest passes to the pool for volunteers, the pool opening scheduled for Memorial Day, tracking of past due monthly dues, the 4th of July Party, and a resident issue.

There was discussion about how to deal with residents who are behind on dues and do not respond to letters requesting contact with the office.  The website cannot be used for this purpose. There was a suggestion that a letter should be submitted with the 5407 document if there is a foreclosure/sheriff's sale. This would generate a return call and make it more likely that the Association would receive dues owed by the resident.

Dianne mentioned that a homeowner had called to request a "Children at Play" sign for a court. This request should be routed to the Safety Committee.  

Old Business:
There will be a "beta" test on May 2nd to include the Snowdon Courts. Letters will be hand delivered to each household to announce the date and also provide a copy of the check list. The check list will also be posted on the website. The inspection will begin with the cedar courts and move to the remaining courts, twins, and single homes. A Board member should be on each inspection team , and there will be seven people on each team for the townhouse inspections. Any "failed" items on the home inspection will be handled as they have in the past via the office. The goal is to engage the homeowners and to get them to "buy into" the process and the maintenance criteria for setting goals. 

Voting Process for Cedar:
The selection of an alternative choice to the clear cedar finish is nearing completion. The President would like the Board members to give some thought to how the individual court meeting/voting should take place. 

Tennis Courts:
Todd McFarland received another estimate for the renovation of the courts; the cost would be $60,900 for use as a tennis court and $65,700 for conversion to a basketball court. He felt that the company representative was the most knowledgeable so far. When the courts vote on the cedar, there should also be a vote to register interest in tennis/basketball. Todd has a page on the website on this topic. It would cost $45,000 just to put in the mesh reinforcement without digging up the area to ensure stability.

Violation Protocol:
There was discussion about how to handle situations when a resident is behind on dues and also has a serious architectural violation. Should we "pick our battles" or are both concerns to be dealt with concurrently. The consensus was that both concerns should be dealt with concurrently. Topics included legal advice and ramifications of going to court over a violation. 

Open Board Position
There are currently two residents who have expressed an interest in filling the open position; Barbara Guenst and Debbie Dainis. Sally Burmeister made a motion that the discussion be rescheduled for the executive session to be held on April 27th. Sue Patt seconded and the vote was unanimous. 

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Sally Burmeister