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April 2010 Board Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of Board Meeting

April 19, 2010


Meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m.

Present: SP, SB, SD, FC, and MC. Absent: TMcC, PM, AM, and JF. No quorum present for voting.

Property Manager and Maintenance Manager were present.


Review of Minutes of last meeting for follow-up:

Away with Geese: only one nest is present which is an improvement. Laws pertaining to wild life prevent disturbing any geese who are tending to their nests. Snow Removal overage: The question is from which area of the budget should we take funds to pay for the charges for snow removal that were over the budgeted amount. Per the Treasurer, SD, if we take funds from the snow account, there would be $25,400 remaining in that account; if we are under budget at the end of this year, we could then replenish some of the funds used to cover the overage. FC would like to pay the overage from the operating budget to ensure that the amount in the snow account is preserved rather than take the chance that the amount is spent on something else. Since there isn't a quorum present, the vote will have to be carried over to the May meeting.

Maintenance Report: Maintenance Manager

In addition to routine seasonal chores, Maintenance did the following:

Neyland and Conway Cts. were reinspected; Bids/specs were put out for curbing replacement throughout the community, the Bausman Rd. landscaping project, and asphalt paving for Conway and Pembroke Cts.; no bids yet for 3 replacement trees. The boulders for the courts should be delivered this week; soil has not been ordered, but will be since soil and seeding to repair the courts needs to go forward this coming weekend, boulders or not.

Trugreen treated the grounds, Biddle mulched the entrances, bushes donated from residents were planted at the Bausman Rd. site. A suggestion was made that we could use existing landscape materials from common ground to fill in the area on Bausman; Landscaping adjacent to Worthington Road behind Pembroke Ct. is over crowded. Maintenance Manager will check it out.


Curb replacement should be done before paving: 18k or 101k lowest bids; one for sectional replacement and one for complete. SP suggested replacing the whole curb when paving is being done. A problem with this approach would be that other courts will not be done for some time and curbing could be damaged with the next snow plow. Curbing is usually put down in 10ft sections. SP will contact TMcC to find out whether his contact does curbing.

Bausman Road "reforesting":  Three bids were submitted; all included stepping stones or decorative landscaping when the purpose is mainly to re-establish a sound barrier and "reforest" the area. We don't want to make it an enticing area for teens.

Talgrath easement behind houses - Maintenance Manager will use the Kubota to clear a path on Rhondda property.

Treasurer's report: Short payments are becoming more of a problem with residents who are chronically behind; some pay what they owe without the late payment fees which is not fair to those who pay the late fee. The office will make payment arrangements with residents who ask for a plan. 

Several certificates of deposit will mature in the next month; SD will investigate options with higher interest rates. She will email everyone for approval so the change can be made before the next meeting.

SP asked the property manager about Repairs/maintenance/bldg at being at 74% of budget; this is not unusual. A lot of work is being done now before the pool opens.

Discussion about parties for children (Easter Egg Hunt) being cancelled; residents say children are disappointed but still parents do not come forward to organize.

Property Manager's Report:

Comments regarding additional parking have come into the office; some suggestions from residents include the resident paying for the construction of the space which would then become their property. Letters have gone out to many courts reminding residents of inspection deadlines; fines will begin May 1st. Residents having some difficulty understanding which items have the April 30th deadline. Discussion about other pitfalls including use of the word "paint" instead of "treating" or "staining". Criteria for extensions: only for people who are unemployed; need to come up with a list of items that meet the criteria for extension.

Discussion about items on the walk through checklist: FC wants the topic on the agenda for next meeting to see what was in the minutes from the past. At issue is residents being fined for items that are not in the Architectural Guidelines.

Secondary colors: porch ceiling and trim colors should remain the same with color conversions to Benjamin Moore.

There was situation of concern regarding a Rhondda youth getting into pool area and the child's risky behavior.

Committee Reports:

Website Committee:

The committee would like to offer residents an incentive to pay dues and receive the Roster online. A mechanism to opt in for electronic dues payment could be part of the website. A raffle could be the incentive. Property Manager has the assignment of figuring out what the savings has been since the option of receiving the Roster online was made available to residents.

Architectural Committee:

Chairman DB reported that his first meeting with the committee went very well. Four residents went to a twin home on Llandovery Dr. to investigate a color request that may or may not be equivalent to the original color used. The group suggested the paint be lightened by two shades.

There are 5-6 volunteers to do the single home walk-through inspection. DB would like a list of the members of the Committee and phone numbers so that he can contact them for an interim meeting to approve the paint colors so the above residents can go ahead with their painting. There was discussion about the size of the committee and the possibility of subcommittees. Not all committee members can attend every meeting, but their services could be used on a subcommittee such as no- or low maintenance materials for the exterior of homes or a walk through subcommittee.


SB reported that the plant swap is scheduled for Saturday May 1st at 9 a.m. and soil/seed court repair is scheduled for this coming Saturday at 9 a.m. for the courts north of Worthington Road.

The landscaping contractor generally used by the Association was contacted regarding the planting of annuals. The Property Manager will provide some history of what has been spent for flowers in the past.

New Business:

A representative of ADT emailed to ask if the Association would be interested in pricing security cameras for some areas of the community. The pool area would be a location needing extra security. Property Manager will contact the representative to ask him to come to give his suggestions and pricing. The President asked FC to be present as a Board member. He will come over if Property Manager calls him and he is at home.

A resident has offered to be part of the sports committee. He is interested in the tennis courts as an isSP, i.e. turning the lower court into a basket ball court, and would serve on a committee. Re-purposing of the courts would require changing the bylaws.

The President has a conflict on the scheduled date for the May board meeting and requests a change from May 17th to May 24th. She will email those who are not in attendance to ensure their ability to attend on the 24th.

It was brought to the attention of the Board that residents walking their dogs on the open lot on Llandovery Dr. are picking up after their dogs, but throwing the bag in the woods. A suggestion was made that a trash barrel be located there. Property Manager will talk to Maintenance Manager about doing so but will first ask the resident for his thoughts.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:41 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,