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April 2011 Meeting Notes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Date:  April 18, 2011
Opening Time 7 p.m. Farmhouse

Members Present:  Debbie Danis, David Bova, William Coleman, Michael Cassella, Barbara Guenst, Angelina AlMadanat (arrived late)                            

Members Absent:  Sue Patt, Christine Trevaskis, Frank Cetera

Others Present:  Property Manager – Danielle Diamond
Quorum:  Yes
Previous Meeting Minutes:  Approved
Moved by David Bova to accept
Seconded by William Coleman
Motion carried.
  1. Mike Cassella reported on his conversation with Dianne O’Melia about the concern she had regarding her reputation as Property Manager from Rhondda.  For the record, there had been a misunderstanding of the minutes.  The Rhondda Homeowners Association Board of Directors would like to thank Dianne for the years of her service.  The Board in no way had any ill will against Dianne O’Melia.  Any interpretation of the minutes as unacceptable performance by Dianne was out of line.

  1. Welcome new members of the Board.  
    1. Debbie Danis replaces Mike Cassella’s Board position.
    2. Angelina AlMadanat replaces Bill Coleman’s Board position.  
    3. Each of these positions is filled to complete the year of 2011.

  1. Maintenance Report – Danille Diamond for Scott Leidy
    1. See list enclosed.
    2. Advised Towyn Court and Carmarthen Court have stones that need to be moved to the edge of the central common ground.

     4.  Committee Reports:

     a.    Website Committee-  Rebecca Shallow will be deleting any email messages to specific officers, board  members so the next member starts anew.  They will also help organize the file folders and assist

with the forwarding of messages.  

b.    Architectural Committee – Brooke Coleman reported there was a request to stain decks in a cedar court to match the approved stain color for the cedar.  

      1. William Coleman motioned to allow the cedar courts to stain their decks the same color as the cedar siding.  

Seconded by Barbara Guenst.  Approved by William Coleman, Barbara Guenst, Debbie Danis.  Opposed by Dave Bova.  Motion adopted.

      1. Discussion ensued regarding other court deck solid staining options.  Upon discussion the  

     board deferred to  the architectural committee to address and color changes.

      1. Walk Through Property Inspections are underway.  Follow up failures are to be completed by Danielle and Scott.
      2. There is some question about the Township permit requirements.  It was recommended  to attend the Supervisors meeting and invite the Building Inspector to clarify permit requirements for the homeowners.  Danielle will contact the Township.

  1. Treasurer Report:  Bill Coleman reviewed the books from January, February, and March 2011.  Discussion ensued regarding specific items.  
    1. Mike Cassella will contact J&J regarding snow removal contract.
    2. Dave Bova motioned to change the accounting software to Quick Books.  Seconded by Bill Coleman.  Motion carried.  
    3. Cash reserves are available to complete repairs to Tennis Courts/siding of Hankin Center/other projects.

  1. Property Manager Report – Danielle Diamond:
    1. Assistant Carol Mapson hired.  Will be working approximately 20 hours per week.  
    2. To call Township regarding trash and recycling services.  Discussion ensued regarding consideration of hiring a private service for Rhondda.

Minutes Review/Old Business:
1.  Completion of Projects:

a. Unfortunately “Fire Zones” for parking can not be enforced in Rhondda according to Fire Marshall, Mike Holmes.  State fire trucks will be able to get through.

b. David Bova motioned to immediately address the deterioration of the tennis courts and commission Ray Forgione’s services to oversee the job.

Seconded by Debbie Danis.  Motion carried.

     c. Other jobs to be competed include:

      1. Add an additional sidewalk from the employee parking space to the farm house porch.  
      2. Replace the siding on the Hankin Center.
      3. Replace the basketball hoops.

New Business:

1.  Landscape Committee to be lead by Dan Shallow.
  1. Place a lock on the door for the supply room and provide a locked closet for the election committee.

Meeting adjourned approximately 9 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Guenst
Secretary, Rhondda Homeowners Association