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April 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

April 16, 2012


Meeting brought to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Farmhouse.


Members Present:   Mike Cassella, Frank Cetera, Dave Bova, Ryan Dawson, Debbie Dainis

Member Absent:     Angelina Almadanat, Sue Patt, Chris Trevaskis

Others Present:      Scott Leidy


Approval of March 2012 minutes-  Dave Bova motioned to accept the minutes as submitted.  Debbie Dainis seconded motion.  All in favor.

Property Managers Report- see attached report.  Additional discussion:

     Goose Control- The vendor has done a good job getting rid of the goose population.  Dave noted that he believes there is 1 nesting goose up at the upper pond possibly.  Scott stated he will look to see if there is a nest with eggs and if found will discuss with Geese Management.                                                                                                                    

      Dave made a motion to ask the vendor to stop chasing the single goose at the upper pond.  Frank seconded motion.  All in favor.

Treasurers Report- Mike noted that we have switched software so no full report is available at this time.  Scott stated that Sara and Carol are ready to close out the 2011 year taxes.  Scott said with the new system there will be cleaner reports to show accrual and percentages for expenditures.  Scott’s goal is 5/1/12 for ability to access clean reports. 

Old Business:

     New Board Member- we received one e-mail from a resident who is interested in filling the vacant position.  Mike stated the people who received write-in votes during the election have all declined.  There was also a homeowner from Penwyllt Ct. present at the meeting that expressed interest in the Board position.  Candidates will be discussed later at executive session.

     New Hire in Office- there is another person that is interested in the position to fill the position in the office when Carol leaves.  Megan Sullivan is the candidate that Mike would like to interview, he noted she has property management experience.   She has a stronger background in accounting to assist Scott.  Mike noted there is still no end date for Carol for her last day

Parking Situation- Mike addressed the homeowners that were present at the meeting, he noted that at the last meeting the only items that had been decided were that: each townhome will have 3 parking passes and there will be a towing company to address violators.  He noted that by June 1st there will be a permanent plan set in place.  He noted that each townhome will continue to have the 2 permanent spaces they already have and they will also be given 1 visitor pass.  Mike noted there was a Parking Committee in the past that had researched parking issues.

Issues raised by residents at the meeting:

1.  One resident stated that he had signed up for the Parking Committee and never received a call about any meetings.  He also wanted the Board to know that he is petitioning other residents to get a consensus to request to suspend the change in the Rules and Regulations for the parking changes.  He stated he would like to see a full community vote for this item.

2.  Another resident brought up that to ask visitors to park out on the main roads will cause hazards due to no lighting and periods of bad weather.  The resident agreed there needs to be a parking solution but feels this was presented in the Roster and appeared to be a final decision.

3.  Frank Cetera reminded the Board and the residents that the Rules and regulations can be changed by the Board.  He stated that this is not a covenant change so this does not need to be voted on by the community.

4.  One resident suggested there should be a separate mailing to keep residents informed on proposed changes.

5.  One resident had a concern about parking behind their home on Bausmann, there was concern about increased foot traffic, loss of privacy, trash, and the impact on property values.

New Business

Asphalt Bids- Scott got 3 bids from Asphalt Maintenance, Total Site Development, and Macadam.  Scott would like to suggest TSD due to the quality of the work that they have done on all the recent work they have completed in the community.

Dave Bova made a motion to accept the bid from Total Site Development for the asphalt, concrete, and line/number painting.  Ryan Dawson seconded motion.  All in favor.

Question about work done on upper pond- Dave noted that when TSD did the upper pond there was a cinder block left sitting there and he noted that they used an unsightly cap on the pipe.  He also noted the area may still need to be seeded.  Scott stated he will check this work and discuss with TSD if needed.

Hankin Center Drainage issue- Scott noted that the walls are getting wet and mildewed because there are no gutters on the Center.  He stated that Total Site Development has submitted 2 bids for proposed work.  He stated that Plan #1 is not guaranteed work to correct the problem but may work.  Plan #2 will be to excavate down to the footers, but if plan #1 does not work then plan #2 has to remove all the work done in plan #1 so the money spent would be lost.

Ryan Dawson motioned that Scott speak to Total Site Development about lowering that bid for Plan #2 to $3000 to coincide with the work awarded in the asphalt bid since they will be doing work in community.  Dave seconded motion.  All in favor.

Pool Opening- Mike noted that at a previous Board meeting he had discussed that he would like to suggest keeping the pool open during the weekdays after Memorial Day without lifeguards before school lets out for the summer and the pool is open fulltime. 

Ryan Dawson made a motion to keep the pool open during the weekdays with limited access to adults over 18 or children accompanied by an adult, the hours will be 11:00am-4:00pm during this time.  Frank seconded motion.  Debbie agreed with motion, Dave was opposed.

M&T Bank- Scott noted that on Friday when he went to make deposits there was a notice that the local M&T branch will be closing soon.  Scott stated that he would like to move that account to First Resource Bank since there will not be any local M&T branches.

Dave Bova made a motion to move the account from M&T Bank to First Resource Bank.  Debbie seconded motion.  All in favor.

Dave made a motion to adjourn official meeting at 8:26 p.m.  All in favor.

Respectfully submitted by,

Debbie Dainis, Board secretary