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August 2010 Board Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of Board Meeting

August 16, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm

Present:  Sue, Michael, Frank, Angelina, Gwenn, Joyce, Michelle, Christine (arrived at 8:00).  Scott and Dianne were present. .

Note:  Frank will not be present for September and possibly October Board meeting due to out of town commitments.

Minutes Follow up

Penwyllt Boulders - Dianne  will continue to check on complaints from the homeowner.  She last spoke with the homeowner at the June Quarterly Homeowner Meeting and has not heard from them since.

Grandfathering - There is a need to note the exception to rules already discussed for future boards.  Notes are kept in individual files at this point but it was suggested they be noted on walkthrough docs.  Many inspectors had noted the grandfathered items on the docs, but a better job needs to be done in future.  Dianne offered to set up a separate list of grandfathered items throughout Rhondda if requested.

Shingles – Frank will check on viability of using the architectural shingles when new roofs are necessary.  Old shingles may become obsolete in next few years.  Dianne asked a contractor about shingles; he mentioned architectural shingles are a superior product and will last 50 years and are thus more cost effective.  Architectural Committee discussed this at their meeting.  Frank does not have all answers yet with respect to pricing and longevity of shingles but will get back to Dianne and Sue in the near future.

Siding Notification Letter - There was a complaint from a homeowner who feels the board is making decisions arbitrarily without resident input. The homeowner did not feel the notification letter properly informed homeowners about failures. It was noted that homeowners are encouraged to attend Architectural Committee meetings where decisions about changes to regulations are discussed before they go to the Board for approval and that is considered sufficient. Deciding on siding is a process that needs to be resolved. This is an issue that only affects cedar homeowners.  Dianne O’Melia will contact a contractor to attend tomorrow night’s meeting who will explain options for replacing the cedar siding above the rooflines.

Maintenance Report

Safety Inspection – Angela has not yet been able to reach Michael, the inspector from Treddyfrin Township who is willing to do a walk through inspection for the Association, for an estimate.

Asphalt – Scott stated that in asphalt business we are technically in 4th quarter.  If Conway Court is going to have the asphalt replaced it needs to get on the calendar.  It was brought to the attention of the Board that the public curbs were in disrepair and for optimal appeal should be replaced at the same time, if not before, the asphalt.  At this time there is $20k available to replace curbing since each year funding is set aside for this task and, to date, it has never been replaced.  

The Board confirmed that each homeowner is responsible for the curbing in front of their homes and since many homeowners had curbs that, though not failed, were not in optimal condition, they should be afforded the opportunity to have their curbs replaced at the same time to save on cost.  Curbing is difficult to match up when sidewalks are done and it would be easier to coordinate as much as possible with homeowners when the association has it done.  

A discussion about the late timing of bringing up the curbing issue ensued and the lack of sufficient notice for the homeowners.  A motion to only asphalt Conway and Pembroke was made by Michelle, seconded by Angela, approved by all.  The curbing repairs issue will be revisited in the Spring.  In the meantime, Scott Leidy/Sue Patt will also check Pembroke to determine how much curbing repairs will be required.

Scott gave quotes from three qualifying contractors for paving of Conway to include subsurface repairs, tack coat, mill out around spaces, leveling course and resurfacing.  He explained that asphalt indexes influence pricing quotes.  Contractors won’t lock in a price since it is driven by oil.  Prices will fluctuate by a few thousand depending on when contract signed.  Angela motioned for least expensive contractor since all bids similar, Michelle seconded, all approved.

Mailbox pads - There are several mailbox pads that are in disrepair and require replacement.  This item has been added to the agenda. Frank will resend the list of courts needing mailbox pads replaced/repaired.  

Miscellaneous - Wood carpet is installed on playgrounds, stress cuts on trees completed, graffitti on the garage has been primed and two swings were replaced.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer was not present, however a list of items was available for review.  A board member questioned the attorney item and it was determined that there was no expectation to receive money even if property goes into foreclosure.  The documentation for future Treasurer’s will be revisited at a later date.

Property Manager’s Report

Cedar Siding - A board member mentioned that a number of Talgrath residents feel their homes are in pristine condition since they’ve had contractors sand and coat.  A number of these residents received the letters for failed cedar siding and claimed they had not been made aware previously that this was the case.  The planned walkthrough follow up of Talgrath was supposed to take place in March, but never occurred.  Talgrath residents claim they just found out in July they have a sudden deadline. A board member brought to attention that Talgrath had voted on clear cedar and felt they were already in compliance.  Several homeowners had used the Sikkens, an approved color.  Sue reiterated that it was stipulated in a letter that clear pristine would have to be returned to and this was made clear even face to face in the court meeting.  There needs to be a follow up meeting with regard to the cedar siding townhome courts.  Dianne O’Melia will set up a reinspection of all the units having failures on the Architectural Annual Walk-Thru done last year and earlier this year.  A second notice with Sept. 30 deadline will be sent to the cedar siding homeowners not yet in compliance.  Mike Cassella and Christine Trevaskis volunteered to visit the Talgrath Ct. and Neyland Ct. next Tuesday to verify those townhomes that have been brought into compliance. Dianne O’Melia will send notices to these two courts in advance. Angela AlMadanat will follow up in Towyn Ct.

Boulders - Since there have been no new complaints from homeowners, the boulders will not be moved back a foot at this time.  The boulders are doing the job they were meant to do and will be moved in the winter if necessary for plowing.

Paint colors – Dianne presented color matches for outdated Hankin paints from Marchwood Hardware.  The Board recommends Benjamin Moore paint because it is a superior product.  It was felt that one paint company should be chosen as a standard.  However, homeowners can match the approved Benjamin Moore colors at a different supplier but will be responsible if their replacement colors don’t match up properly.

Because of confusion regarding the chosen paint scheme for each court and the use of outdated colors, this item will be revisited.

Architectural Committee

Applications -  A sheet of graph paper for scale drawings will be attached to the applications along with updated instructions previously approved by the Board.

Concrete -  The Uwchlan web page has requirements for homes with unresolved concrete issues.  Concrete with more than 1” vertical crack or more than ½” horizontal crack fails.  Aggregate showing is fine as long as there is no trip hazard or loose and crumbling pieces. It was suggested that these standards be noted on the walkthrough forms.

Deck railings - There are several homeowners with decks that fail to meet current safety standards.  These decks are grandfathered in and will only have to be replaced when the property is sold or they fall into disrepair. Decks with missing slats are considered in disrepair.

Vinyl fencing - The Architectural Committee addressed vinyl fences.  They are split and want to check out the colors in person before voting.  Feel we would be better off as a community if we allowed only one type of vinyl fence to increase uniformity.

Shingles – The Architectural Committee feels the architectural shingles will look significantly different than the current 3 tab shingles and are impossible to match for townhomes and twins.  Their suggestion is to wait 20 years. Several board members disagree with this outlook and will address their concerns at the Cedar Unit meeting tomorrow night.  It was noted that the architectural shingles have been in use throughout Rhondda. Michelle DiMichele motioned that single homes be allowed to use the architectural shingles, Frank Ceterqa seconded the motion, all approved.

Miscellaneous – The importance of informing all homeowners of impending changes was stressed, whether or not they affect a particular homeowner (i.e. vinyl fences, roofing, siding, etc.)

The Architectural Committee requested that future letters to homeowners have a more conciliatory tone.

Social Committee

Family Fun Night – Angela stated that family fun night was a success, however, there was a serious lack of volunteers.  There was estimated to be about 200 attendees.  The cotton candy was a big hit and the DJ was good, however, the lighting was poor.  While it was noted that several lights are in disrepair, there was some available lighting that was not used because there was no one present who knew how to set them up.  This is a safety issue that will be addressed by having instructions written up for future events.  Thank you notes were sent out promptly.

While food and supplies were used that were in stock, there is still a need to inventory party supplies to avoid waste.

Adult Night - Need to be sure the lighting is not an issue on August 27th.  It was suggested that rather than have margarita and daiquiri machines, blenders be made available for people to make their own drinks.  The need to make attendees aware that glass containers are not allowed at the pool was stressed.

Halloween – Discussions are underway, nothing yet determined.

Old Business

Security Cameras – A security company provided a demonstration.  The daytime film is clear, however, the nighttime film is useless.  The Board will continue to investigate the use of security cameras at the pool.  In the meantime, the lighting issue at the pool was addressed.  Scott Leidy will look into repairs, Frank Cetera will inspect the current lighting and determine feasibility of upgrading to flood lights with motion sensors.

Good Maintenance Documents There remain a few points not in agreement on what is “needs improvement” vs. “fail” on issues.  Discussion ensued about whether or not to use the “needs improvement” vs. a Pass/Fail system with commentary.  It was agreed that only “fail” items would be addressed at this time but that a code book was needed. Board members are requested to read the fail document and make comments.  Michael Cassella will send all board members presentation on safety issues.

A board member requested that the Uwchlan Township code book be purchased to assist in the construction of the Good Maintenance document.  

New Business

The Board received and accepted a resignation letter from Tom McCandless, Vice President, effective August 6, 2010.

Nomination/Election Committee - Mike nominated Joyce to be the Board liaison, responsible for overseeing the election process and counting of the ballots.  Please note that Joyce did not accept and this item was not resolved.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.  The next Board Meeting will be held on September 20, 2010.

Respectfully submitted,