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August 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Approved: Sue Patt,

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Date: August 15, 2011

Opening Time: 7:03 p.m. Farmhouse  

Members Present: Christine Trevaskis, Debbie Dainis, William Coleman, Michael Cassella, Barbara Guenst, Sue Patt, Frank Cetera, Dave Bova

Members Absent:  Angelina AlMadanat

Others Present:  
Property Manager – Danielle Diamond
Architectural Chairperson – Brooke Coleman  

Quorum: Yes

Previous Meeting Minutes:
Moved by to accept as ammended by Dave Bova
Seconded by  Frank Cetera
Motion carried.      

1.  Mary Malpeli - Caernarvon Court has problems with rental properties using multiple parking spaces.  Submitted letter to the Board with a petition from other homeowners of the Caernarvon Court.  *To be discussed at Board Meeting in September 2011.

2.  Maintenance Report:
Danielle read list.  Request for the future to have both Scott and Danielle submit in writing a report before each Board meeting so then only questions from Board members can be addressed.  
3.  Committee Reports:      

a.    Website Committee- Was given social committee list to post.  Sue Patt will address.

b.    Architectural Committee– Brooke Coleman  

1.  Broken, missing shutters - no exact replacement shutters are available.  Comparable options are available.  Since they are not an exact match, Brooke would like to know how the Board would like to address this issue.  The recommendation of the Architectural Committee is to require homeowners to replace all shutters on the face of the building that has a problem so all the shutters match.

Sue Patt motioned - That the arch committee enforce all shutters on face of building match when one replacement needed.

Dave Bova second.

Motion carried.   All in favor.

2.  New Shed request forms presented.  Will Modify.  New rules from the Uniform Code, Township regarding placement will be included.

3.  Fence and Deck requests will also be developed in the new format.

4.  Brooke would like to have all the documents/forms and color guidelines on-line.

c.     Social Committee-  no further report

d.     Landscape Committee -  Still in need of copy of entrance bed bid.  Barbara will review with Dan once received.  

e.     Election/Nominations Committee - Committee Chairperson will be solicited.         Another notice to be sent regarding election.  
*Board to address in September - How to handle a tie if it occurs in the future.

f.      Finance Committee -  First meeting to be held in September.  

6.   Treasurer Report-  Bill Coleman stated no problems.  

7.   Property Manager Report – Danielle Diamond
Barbara asked if a Maintenance plan for tennis courts is established.  Ray to provide to Danielle.  Once we have the maintenance plan it  needs to be included in the budget.
Discussed problems with children in pool.  

Addressing tenant problem with landlords.  

Police to be called if problem with children.  

Feces has been thrown into the  pool.  

Verizon on strike which has delayed completion of the surveillance camera use.  
Routine tax audit on schedule.

Service contract for oil heater with  Sheller Oil.  Need to check on the service plan for the Heat pumps.  

Minutes Review/Old Business:   

1.  Mike Cassella did not clarify project management fees with Ray, however it will be done prior to starting a new project.

2.  Sue Patt showed pictures of broken cement pads.   Many of the mailbox cement pads in the courts are in disrepair and need to be replaced or patched.  Danielle has a verbal from one cement contractor but continues to work to obtain bids.  

Dave Bova suggested searching the website:  Philly.service  It is a free service that screens contractors by users.   

3.  The macadam and curbs in the courts need to be addressed.   

Township letter regarding the ownership of the curbs in the courts was reviewed and found to be inadequate.  Dave and Frank will meet with Tom Cooke at the Township building regarding ownership of the curbs in the courts.  It was discussed that we may need a property survey to finalize this issue.

Sue Patt showed pictures of the severely cracked macadam from North Snowdon and weeds growing out of drain.  
Mike stated the Capital Reserve study addresses macadam and we need to get bids.  

4.  Sue Patt showed pictures of weeds growing between the macadam and the curbs, plus the curbs and sidewalks.  Mike wants the homeowners to remove and/or spray those weeds.  Will address in the Rhondda Roster’s presidents letter.

5.  Sue Patt showed pictures of some mailboxes.  Discussed that some of the mailboxes are in poor condition in the courts.  The postal service would need to replace.  Dave Bova meeting with the postmaster and will address replacing the mailboxes.  

6.  Frank Cetera spoke with Scott and there is another golf cart.  Frank to review webinar CD from CAI, Man vs Beast, to see if they have any new strategies to deal with the geese problem.  A CD is available and to be ordered for all to review.  Barbara to request Danielle to order.

7.  Sue Patt showed pictures of the Entrance beds weeds, weeds vines in the trees of Talgrath Court and around the bike path, the arborvitae around the tennis courts. Danielle reported Biddle to take care of weeds in the entrance beds.  To be sprayed Wednesday.  

New Business:

1.  Dave Bova concerned as the recently planted Forsythia were trimmed.  These bushes are suppose to grow and not be pruned as they are to provide a screen.   Requests clarification of who requested them to be trimmed?  And who did the trimming?  
Trimming of grass needs to be completed especially along the curbs.  All along Carmarthen Drive has overgrown along the curbs.   

2.  Sue Patt reminded Mike Cassella that Danielle’s evaluation is due in August for performance based increases which would need to be allocated by the Finance Committee.  

3.  Sue Patt advised that at the Homeowner Quarterly Meeting a financial report should be available to give to homeowners who are present.  All candidates running should be declared by then as well.

3.  Parking issue was briefly discussed and will be discussed in depth at the September meeting.  One thought was to consider parking stickers for each home.  Parking Committee chairperson, Mark Kramer, will be asked to provide feedback from their research regarding this issue.  Barbara to see if any members of CAI have developed acceptable solutions.


Respectfully Submitted,
Barbara Guenst
Secretary Rhondda Homeowners Association