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December 2010 Board Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of Board Meeting

December 20, 2010

The Board Meeting was called to order at 7:37 p.m.

Board Members Present:  Sue Patt, Frank Cetera, Gwenn Melcher, Christine Trevaskis, Sara Dill, Michelle DiMichele, Mike Cassella, Angelina AlMadanat.

Also present: Scott Leidy, Connie Long, Danielle Diamond, Dave Bova

Absent:  Joyce Fedora

Approval of November Minutes
Sara Dill, Chris Trevaskis, Frank Cetera, Michelle DiMichele all approved the November minutes as written.

Minute Follow Up
The new Property Manager, Danielle Diamond, needs to be apprised of the recent Architectural Committee revisions that are to be incorporated into the approval process.

The existing Property Manager job description is outdated and in need of revision.  Sara Dill volunteered to work with Danielle to create a job description more in accordance with the current needs of the Rhondda community.  Michelle DiMichele will assist with this undertaking.

Danielle Diamond and Scott Leidy will review the 2005 capital reserve study and forward their findings to Sara Dill for inclusion in the 2011 budget.

Maintenance Report
Sinkholes:  According to the consultant, the large sinkhole is a contractor dump and not caused by limestone.  The timeline for repairing the sinkhole is weather dependent. Scott Leidy will attempt to have a soil delivery made this week, but given the weather, it may be Spring before the sinkhole is filled.

Asphalt painting (snow zones, center parking lines, house numbers):  Scott has a list of the asphalt painting that needs to be completed in all courts and it will be done as necessary.  He will complete the painting in Conway and Pembroke Courts in the Spring after the asphalt has cured to ensure the paint sets properly.  In lieu of snow zones on Conway and Pembroke Courts, Scott has offered to put orange PVC to mark the zones.  Angelina AlMadanat suggested that a snow rezoning / No Parking  on the back left corner of Towyn Court would alleviate difficult parking conditions.  Scott will add this suggestion to his list.

Geese:  The geese-away lights on the pond are missing.  This occurred sometime in the last few weeks.  Additionally, Scott successfully chased away about 400 geese with the golf cart.

Hankin Center:  There was some wind damage to the siding and shingles that required small repairs.   

Newcomen Road Tree:   There is a tree that has been staked several times but is not doing well and thought to be unsightly.  Scott would like to see it replaced with a bush.  This will be revisited in the spring.

Farmhouse office:  A new lock was installed on the Farmhouse office door and keys were distributed to all appropriate parties.

Property Manager Report
Office Procedures:  Danielle has spent the last week acclimating herself to the office procedures, Peachtree, etc.  She did find that there were many late fees that had not been applied and she needs to determine how far back these can be applied and set a procedure going forward for capturing the late fees.  Going forward, she suggested sending a notice requesting payment from the homeowner when a late fee is applied and follow up with an attorney if necessary.  She would like to be more aggressive in accruing excessive late fees from homeowners and will be contacting the attorney to discuss options to this effect.

Newsletter:  The newsletter has been published by a an outside service, however, Danielle will be looking into alternative methods of publishing the newsletter at a lesser cost.

Insurance Certificates:  Danielle will be working to ensure insurance certificates for all contractors are current and in place.  The Association’s insurance provider will be performing an audit because of a red flag (landscaper did not have proper insurance, since rectified).

Cleaning service:  Danielle feels the fee is exorbitant.  While the board approved $200/month, it was found that the cleaning service was charging $400 each month ($200 per visit).   She is seeking to either change the terms or terminate the contract.  An additional concern was that there is currently no means of determining how much work was performed during each visit.

Hankin Center Rental:  Each time the center is rented out to a homeowner, the homeowner is required to fill out and initial a form stating that the center has been properly cleaned after the event.

Committee Reports

Architectural Committee
Dave Bova approved one roof between meetings because the homeowner was unable to make contact with the office during the transition to a new office management.  He assured the board that the roof met all requirements.

Brooke Coleman has volunteered to become the new Chairman of the Architectural Committee when Dave Bova assumes his board position in January.

Walk-Throughs – the re-evaluation from the last walkthrough needs to be completed.  It is not clear that follow-up letters were sent.  This process is not yet perfected.  There are quite a few homes in clear violation to the point that it is a safety issue.  A list of these homes has been compiled and needs to be strongly followed up on.  Angelina AlMadanat has volunteered to spearhead the effort to schedule deadlines.  A separate meeting is required to address this issue.

Homeowners are requesting that the Architectural Committee research the use of solar panels in the Rhondda community, including installation, tubing, and energy storage.  The use of solar panels would require a change to the Association bylaws.

Election Committee
Connie Long is concerned about the dwindling members on the Election Committee.

The unprecedented tie vote this year for a board position illuminated the need for a revision of the voting procedures.  However, before any decision can be made, the Association Charter needs to be reviewed to ensure proper protocol.

Social Committee
Breakfast with Santa was a success.  There were at least 100 people in attendance.  It was noted that more volunteers were needed at these events.

Website Committee
The website committee is looking into getting a booster system for the conference room in the farmhouse because the internet signal is weak in that area.

Email addresses and access rights have been set up for the new board members.

New Business

Volunteer of the Year nominees:  Angelina AlMadanat because of her continuous efforts to serve the community and event planning/participation; Judy Bennett for her work in the community, assistance to her neighbors, and duties as block captain; Sally Burmeister for her years of service to the community.

The Volunteer of the Year is Angelina AlMadanat by an overwhelming vote.

Volunteer Appreciation:  A Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon will be held in the beginning of next year.  Angelina will be investigating venues.  There was a discussion about the necessity to increase the budgeted amount for the Appreciation Dinner.  It was felt that community members who give so much of their time to make the Association a great place to work, should be properly thanked for their time and shown how much their efforts are appreciated.  This is difficult to do on the current budgeted amount.

Michelle DiMichele made a motion to set the date of the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon as February 27, 2011 in order to allow time to determine options and attendees, this was approved by all..  

Treasurer’s Report
The Year to Date Income Statement are being corrected and verified and once completed will be provided to the board members for review.   It was determined that the Income Statements needed to better clarify exactly what monies were available and in which accounts they resided.

The Treasurer will report in January on changes to be made to the budget.

Board Chairperson for 2011
Chris Trevaskis nominated Michelle DiMichele for the Chairperson role.  The board member that acts as Chairperson is required to run the board meeting and forego voting rights.  By majority vote, Michelle is the 2011 Chairperson for the Board.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:38 p.m.  The next Board Meeting will be held on January 17, 2010.

Respectfully submitted,

Gwenn Melcher, Secretary

Approved by:  Angelina AlMadanat, Sue Patt