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December Quarterly Meeting

Rhondda Homeowners Association
Board Meeting Minutes
December 8, 2009

Meeting called to order at 7:03

Board members present at the meeting: Five officer/Board members were in attendance. The Property Manager and Chairman of the Election Committee were present as were 2-3 residents from the community.

Election results and statistics:

608 ballots were mailed out and 195 were returned representing a 32% response rate.

35% of residents responded and 23% of investor owners responded

Approximately 17 ballots were disqualified because they were dropped off to the office or included dues and/or the resident's name.


SP received the most votes for President; there was one write-in vote

TMcC was unopposed for Vice President; there were two write-in votes

SD ran unopposed for Treasurer; there was one write-in vote

SB ran unopposed for Secretary; there were five write-in votes

Directors - There were eight candidates running for 3 positions and two write-in votes.

The three candidates receiving the highest number of votes were:  FC, JF, MC

The Committee will look at voting statistics by court;  Towyn Ct. had the highest number of votes submitted. Thank you to committee for their service to the community.

The President asked Election Committee to review the election protocol to see how we might update the 30-year-old process.

The President presented "6 priorities as I see them"* and would like to know how to inform membership of topics that are priorities as well as how others view the priorities. The Community Association Institute (CAI) has a lot of good ideas that should be considered for implementation; best practices includes surveying the membership. (See attachment for priorities.)

Involving block captains in Board meetings might be a way to get more involvement from the community; should block captains be elected? Past efforts to have more block captain involvement have not been successful. Block captains don't want to be the bad guy with residents of their court. Does the ability exist to have private individual access to the website. Per Sue Patt, the committee has discussed that but it complicates the set up of the website. The bylaws and regulations would be a good addition to the website. Other questions included whether there is money in the budget to pay someone to manage the website and whether usage of the website justifies that expenditure. It was agreed that communication with residents is a challenge. The last meeting held to unify block captains was attended by 5/19 block captains.

It is hard to get to know neighbors; there was a suggestion for more events (such as court parties) to get neighbors together. A Rhondda Newcomers packet is given out with important information, and includes a copy of the Roster and discounts from local businesses.

If block captains are not willing to make a visit to new residents, then a committee needs to be formed to do it.

Problem of aging buildings, breakdown of the social network, etc. There must be a change in the bylaws to convert the tennis court(s) to another purpose; this reenforces the need to review the bylaws to see whether they need to be updated. Uses for  consideration are a basketball court, a dog park, or a picnic area. A community garden could be established in the area behind the tennis courts.

Enforcement of community rules/guidelines: DD volunteered to contact the investor owners, more specifically realtor owners about conditions of their property. Township responsibilities:  The township inspects certain aspects of a property prior to sale, every time there is a change in tenant of a rental property, there are inspections but it includes only safety issues such as concrete and railings, smoke detectors. other suggestions included:Resident accountability regarding the rules and regulations; Promoting pride in the community to encourage residents to care for their property whether another neighbor does or not. Question of having a renter/landlord deposit with Rhondda as insurance; there is a leasing fee and an agreement in place; investor owners would feel that they are being targeted.

Residents have not been made to maintain their properties over the years and enforcement of existing rules/regulations is needed. Suggestion that a committee be formed to work on other categories of owners, not just realtors and investor owners. Let residents know where to purchase replacement globes, slider glass replacement, etc. via the website/Roster.

The  Chairperson of the Architectural Committee is resigning and it is a natural time to reorganize the committee and establish subcommittees for walkthru, new products, approvals, etc.; there will be discussion at the Architectural Committee meeting next week. Members of the committee are not crazy about being the bad guys either, and ultimately it is the Board's responsibility. If we engaged a management company, we would not have this problem - otherwise we need to work very hard together to solve the problems we have with maintenance.

Volunteer Brunch: We have 97 volunteers to thank this year at the appreciation event; last year there were 35-40 volunteers and 65 total with guests. At the last meeting the Board voted to invite volunteers only, not spouses. The Inn at Chester Springs, Brickside Grill, America Bar and Grill, Hollywood Diner are locations to consider. The dollar amount is more important than the menu. There is $2000 in the budget, but a gratuity and room rental are additional. The suggested date is January 31st, the Sunday before the Super Bowl. The Inn at Chester Springs can accomodate more people with flexibility. Spouses may attend by RSVP and paying for their dinner when they respond to the invitation.

Thank you to DD for two years on the Board.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


 *"6 priorities as I see them"*

1. Continue to utilize the RHOA website to allow residents direct and timely access to information of interest, full disclosure of board meeting minutes, and communication with leadership within the community.
2. Continue to broaden leadership and volunteer involvement with committees whose members are residents with expertise in each area.
3. Continue to ensure fiscal responsibility and promote the wisest, most appropriate use of available resources.
4. Continue to empower owners of townhouses, twins, and single family homes to address issues relevant to their particular type of residence. Focus on cost-effectively updating and modernizing our community, and pursue timely cooperation with residents for correction of maintenance needs.
5. Begin to provide surveys to owners regarding their interests in specific issues relevant to the community.
6. Begin working toward "Gold Member" status for our community within the Community Associations Institute (CAI), by implementing the best practices of homeowner associations nationwide.