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February 2010 Board Meeting

Rhondda Homeowners Association
Board Meeting Minutes
February 15, 2010
Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m.
Present: SP, TMcC, SD, SB, JF, FC, PM, ARM (arrived late). MC was absent. Property Manager and Maintenance were both present. 

Review of January Minutes for Follow-up:

Parameters for electronic approval of the minutes: Secretary to post minutes by Friday after the meeting. Board members approval and/or corrections no later than the following Friday. The Secretary will send the minutes in an email to those who cannot access them via the share link.

Feedback from Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon: Comments from individual Board members: too long (12:00-3:00 traditional time span), venue was okay, the location in 2009 was nicer overall. Why other Board members/staff did not attend included "had to work", "out of town/health constraints", having guests pay was a means of limiting the number in attendance. It was clarified that spouses/guests were requested to pay for their meal due to having twice as many volunteers to invite this year and the need to stay within budget as was clearly stated on the invitation. Suggestions for improvement: a summer cookout or pool party open to volunteers and their families, or a breakfast on a Saturday, the possibility of having a summer event and a winter event. The desire is to be able to include families.



Court boulder project; no bids yet due to contractors dealing with heavy snowfall. Updated asphalt report prepared for 2010 and "resident engineer" contacted with no response. Miscellaneous activities: cut up and dispose of storm-damaged trees, work on entrance to pump house, install one "Geese Away", and build/place two park benches. Time spent shoveling, salting, and plowing the bike path. Maintenance will look into a plow and snow blower attachment for the Kubota and advise the Board. Plowing the north path was appreciated for safety reasons.


Teens were observed snowboarding off the roof of the Hankin Center; this is an extreme liability issue and in the future the police should be called immediately and/or photos taken for identification purposes. 


Snow Plowing Issues: Vehicles were left in the snow zone, fire hydrant was covered,  mailbox on Towyn Ct. was knocked over by plows and reported to the post office by the carrier. Property Manager to follow up with the post office but suggested that residents should call the post office to expedite replacement/repair. Note to appear in the Roster to remind people to share parking spaces with others. Snowplows could be outfitted with air horns to let residents know when the plows are in the court, however, the consensus was that residents can watch/listen for trucks so they know when to move their cars. Snow rules will be reviewed for updating and to clarify expectations. The snow storm(s) were an unusual occurrence and a spirit of cooperation between neighbors should prevail. Suggestion that the Association have a contact person and list of volunteers who are willing to help residents reporting difficulty. Updating of lists of residents for services is needed. There was discussion about establishing a time bank; residents can bank time for services they provide and trade it for other services.

Treasurer's Report:

Snow plowing bill for $20,430 for plowing up to 2/6/10. Monies will be drawn from the annual budget, then from the snow emergency fund. The snow emergency fund must be maintained at a good level to avoid an extra dues assessment in the future. There is one resident bankruptcy filing that includes past due Association dues; per the Property Manager, she has not received a response from our attorney regarding the claim form and will send a second request. 

Property Manager's Report:

Parking space increase: Awaiting information from the Township, however, decisions would need to be made about who would be allowed to use them, a fee to use them, etc. if permission is given.

CAI Memberships: it would not pay for too many Board members to join unless they are really interested in going to seminars which can also be attended w/o being a CAI member at a slightly higher cost. Books ordered and received cover best Practices, the role of the President and a road repair handbook; two roles of the president are to prepare quarterly reports and to develop new leadership. The Road Repair Handbook should be passed on to Maintenance.

Committee Reports:

Website: Meeting rescheduled due to the weather.

Landscaping: The committee is without a chairman at the moment, but a meeting will be called in March to discuss plans for court repair, entrances, a plant swap, etc.

Old Business

Vote on N. Snowdon Court colors: 10 of 14 signatures have been secured; at least one outstanding signature is an owner who is in favor but has not signed. The colors chosen are Valley Forge Brown for the cedar and Roycroft Bronze Green (a MAB color which will be converted to Benjamin Moore.) There is still an option of pristine clear, but all residents are in favor of using a solid color stain.  All Board members voted in favor of the colors chosen.

There was a question about a townhouse that is listed for sale without the realtor knowing that the cedar needs to be returned to pristine clear condition or painted with the solid color stain chosen by the court residents. The Property Manager reminded the Board that before a home goes to closing it will be inspected, and the seller and buyer will receive notice of any changes that need to be made before the property can go to closing.


TruGreen proposal: As the contractor who provides lawn care (weed/feed) for the common ground, TruGreen is offering a discount to residents as follows: Townhouse residents with inside units would prepay a total of $106 to cover 4 applications (2 spring, 1 summer, and 1 fall). This price would not be eligible for free service calls, however, residents who purchase all seven treatments would be eligible to free service calls for re-treatment. Additional treatments are lime and potassium at $26 per application, and grub treatment for $35. 60 residents must enroll before discount is given.

Physical Appearance Assets Assessment Form:  use to inspect Association property, specifically the courts, so that there is a record of conditions over a period of time. Maintenance will begin using the form as is and make adjustments as needed. Categories include Macadam Appearance, Mailbox Pads, Curbing, and Landscaping. Solar lights are listed on the form; the community does not have them, but information will be gathered to determine cost and feasibility. Solar lights have a 6-day charge and are the #1 recommendation from law enforcement to deter vandalism, etc.

Survey: Seventeen surveys have been completed on the website and others have been turned in to the office for a total of approximately twenty-five. The President will provide a summary of the responses at the next meeting.

Architectural Committee Chairperson: DB is interested in the appointment but was not at the meeting. Before being considered, He will be asked to submit a plan for the committee.

New Business:

Harleysville Bank will soon be First Niagara; there are no concerns about fee changes because there is no Association account there, only a CD. 
Property Manager attended two seminars recently; one was on purchasing electricity via a distributor, and a second seminar sponsored by the CAI on social networking. 
The Property Manager conveyed a request from a resident who asked that the minutes from quarterly meetings be distributed in the Roster since not all residents have access to the Internet. Publishing information 4 times a year would not be a problem. 
Meeting adjourned at 9:01 p.m. 
Respectfully submitted,