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February 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

February 20, 2012

Meeting brought to order at 7:03 p.m. at the Farmhouse
Members Present: Mike Cassella, Sue Patt, Chris Trevaskis, Dave Bova, Debbie Dainis, Ryan Dawson, Angelina Almadanat

Member Absent: Frank Cetera

Others Present: Scott Leidy

Approval of January 2012 minutes - discussion about sentence under committee reports - remove line reading "The Board agreed to enforce the fine for failure to obtain approval for work."

Dave Bova made a motion to accept minutes as amended. Sue Patt seconded motion. All in favor.

Property Managers Report

- see attached

Additional information:

  1. Discussed CD at Bank of America - Sue is suggesting to move the money into the M&T Bank account to make money liquid for upcoming expected expenditures for community repairs this year. Sue motioned to move CD money to M&T Bank. Angelina seconded motion. All in favor.
  2. Scott discussed First Resource Bank account information and interest rates. Dave motioned to take the CD maturing in February and the money in the capital reserve account and open a money market account at First Resource Bank. Chris seconded motion. All in favor.
  3. Office Assistant - Scott discussed there is a candidate that he and Carol have interviewed and they would like to suggest hiring her. Mike and Angelina will call the candidate and schedule a meeting to meet her.
  4. Discussed hiring an attorney for Scott to be able to contact for any legal questions. Dave suggested contacting Tina Weber who met with the Board in the past to discuss his questions. Scott stated many of his questions are in reference to the many foreclosures and the tax changes in place now.

CAI Information

1. Sue discussed information located on the CAI website. She noted the Chapter Meeting is coming up on 4/19/12. She suggested that Scott join as a new membership since Danielle’s membership has expired.
2. Scott is testing multiple software systems to suggest to the Board. He noted that Peachtree is getting slower everyday and that is a concern. Scott and Carol like the TOPS system but still want to research and test some other systems.
3. Gold Star Community Recognition - Sue suggested the Community apply for this status which is through CAI.

Committee Reports

Architectural Committee

  1. Dave noted there has been a request by a resident on Penwyllt Court to build a shed that looks like a British phone booth. Discussion about how there are no regulations about look or style of sheds. Ryan made a motion to allow the resident to build the shed to comply with the current requirements for materials, size, foundation and color based on the Arch guidelines. Chris seconded motion. All in favor.
  2. Dave also noted that there was a request last meeting for a pond on Carmarthen Court which was approved.
  3. It was discussed that the Architectural Committee is suggesting initially focusing on 3 courts and addressing the violations that are the most outstanding. Then they would move onto 3 more courts and address them and so forth. This will allow the office to send letters and do the follow-up inspections so the process does not become overwhelming as it has in the past. Dave made a motion that the Board approve the Architectural Committee recommendation to address 3 courts at a time and to concentrate on the gross violations until all homes are inspected and the violations are addressed. Angelina seconded motion. 5 members approved, Sue abstained.

Social Committee

  1. Angelina stated there is one person interested in heading this committee. She has left a message to speak with her.
  2. Easter Egg Hunt- tentatively scheduled for 3/24 @ 11a.m. - she needs volunteers.
Website Committee - did not meet
Old Business
1. New Board Member - Mike called all the people that received 1 vote for a Board position during the recent election and no one was interested in accepting the position. Dave stated he would speak with Jackie Denning again this week and see if she will reconsider and then he will let Mike know her decision. If she is not interested there will be a notice placed in the Roster.
2. Geese - Dave discussed the need for goose control again, he spoke with a rep at Longwood Gardens and he has given several suggestions. He noted that constant and ongoing disturbance of the geese is necessary to control them and eliminate population. Angelina motioned to begin using dogs and a starter pistol to begin chasing the geese before they nest. Chris seconded motion. All in favor.
3. 332 Penwyllt Court - the resident continues to allow their dog to run free and relieve itself in the Court. Scott will direct the neighbors to call the police and the HOA will reinstitute the fining process.
4. 241 Towyn Court - the house has been empty for the last 7 years, the owner pays someone to mow the lawn. Scott will inspect the property for possible issues and violations.
New Business
1. Drainage pipe from the main pond has collapsed, the road is flooded below the pond and it is deteriorating. Total Site Development has submitted a proposal. Dave suggested having them also look at the upper pond drainage since that has never worked properly and then add that to the bid to correct both pond areas at the same time. Dave motioned to accept the bid if cost is at or below $11,000 for both areas. Angelina seconded motion. All in favor.
2. Projected capital reserve costs this year
• asphalt, seal coating and court repairs - approximately $80,000
• pond drainage - approximately $10,000
• HOA software - approx $10-15,000
• Curbs - ? cost
• Projecting $100,000-105,000+ this year

Dave motioned to adjourn meeting at 8:56 p.m. Angelina seconded motion. All in favor.
Respectfully submitted by,
Debbie Dainis, secretary