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January 2013 Boarding Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

January, 2013

Meeting brought to order at 7:02 p.m. at the Farmhouse.

Members Present: Angelina Almadanat, Frank Cetera, Debbie Dainis, Joyce Fedora, Ben Greisler, Dianne O’Melia, Greg Orischak, Adri Recio, Fred Vodde

Others Present: Scott Leidy, Mary Malpeli
1. MOTION: Joyce Fedora made a motion to offer the secretary position to Adri Recio. Debbie Dainis seconded the motion. All board members were in favor.

2. MOTION: Dianne O’Melia made a motion to accept minutes of December 2012 meeting as submitted. Joyce seconded motion. All board members were in favor.

3. Mary Malpeli stated the By-Laws Committee has been meeting weekly since November.  She reviewed goals of the committee are to update rules and regulations in oder to better maintain community and property values and to more efficiently and effective enforce such rules.

Revised rules and regulations to date were discussed later in the meeting and are found below.

4. Treasurer’s Report:  Presented by Dianne O’Melia.  Dianne audited the accounts and stated tracking of what goes in and out should be improved.

 A. In particular, attention must be given to Capital Reserves Account.  This account is presently at a low of $206,000.00.  Reports and plans (including schedule) for this account must be updated and adhered to.  A copy of the May 2011r eport prepared by Ray Forgione will be provided to the treasurer.  Dianne O’Melia and Scott Leidy will then work on the schedule.  Scott Leidy requested the board set the minimum to be maintained in this account.

 B. Scott Leidy reported pending improvement under Capital Reserves account is for re-paving Penwylt Court and sealing Conway & Pembroke Courts.  He will get bids for this project.

C.  Dues. 

1) Posting  of dues should be done by date. 

2) As of January 1, 2013, $28,000.00 is owed in past due.  Most of this amount is owed by fourteen homes, three of which have not paid for 3 or more years. 

3) Scott Leidy stated list of past due was submitted to Transworld Collection.  However, Transworld keeps a percentage of amount collected.  Angelina Almadanat and Frank Cetera stated that the contract with Transworld was for a one time payment only.  The contract expires in July.  Should it be reviewed and determine whether to cancel it now instead?  Liens should be filed for these homes. 

4) Dianne O’Melia will meet with Scott Leidy and Lorri Dial to update these accounts.


5. Property Manager’s Report:  Presented by Scott Leidy.  Please refer to attached report dated 1/18/13.  Items discussed are below.

A. MOTION:  Debbie Dainis made a motion to keep current accountant, Linda Nave, and for Ms Nave to work with Dianne O’Melia and Scott Leidy.  Angelina Almadanat seconded motion.  All board members were in favor. 

B. Dianne O’Melia added that Dawn detergent may be used to clean oil leaks in seal coating and macadam.  Scott Leidy will try this method first prior to testing other products.

C. A courtesy letter will be sent to owner in Lampeter as a reminder that parking is not allowed in the back of homes.

D. 113 Talgrath has been in foreclosure for several years.  Joyce Fedora stated  property has not been managed since and is damaged (collapsed ceiling, warped floors, mold).  The property is owned by Household Finance (HF).  HF has been notified several times of the current state of this property, but has not responded.  Debbie Dainis asked Scott Leidy to contact our lawyer to determine how to pursue this matter.

6. Old Business was brought up by Frank Cetera.

A. Landscaping by Ryan Dawson. Trees planted were not tripod and one fell down.  Scott Leidy has tried unsuccessfully to contact him several times.  In addition, problems still exist with parking of his trucks.  Debbie Dainis will contact Mr Ryan Dawson.

B. Canadian geese inundation.  Scott Leidy stated he can use cart to keep them off property through January and start dogs in February when mating season starts.  Dogs can be used until eggs are laid.  Should we look into dog silhouettes (profiles)?  Money has been budgeted for this matter.

7. Committee Reports


Debbie Dainis reported Committee continues to meet monthly and that walkthroughs were completed.


Board reviewed drafts of revisions made to Residential Uses and Leases, Pool, and Snow rules and regulations. Minor typographical corrections or clarifications required.

Angelina Almadanat inquired about use of pool during adult hour 7-8PM.  Not many people use it now and this time should be open to families also.  Debbie Dainis stated that extending family hours to 8PM would require presence of two lifeguards.  Ms Dainis will contact Grube to clarify current schedule of lifeguards and pool hours.


No report


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No report


Angelina Almadanat suggested holding the appreciation luncheon at Limoncello this year. Least expensive luncheon is $21.00 per person.  The total number of volunteers is needed to plan this event.


No report

8.      MOTION:  Motion to adjourn and meeting adjourned at 10:00PM.


The Executive Meeting began at 10:05PM.  All board members were present.

A.     The Executive Meeting was held to discuss staffing and job descriptions for property and office managers. 

B.     A Executive Meeting was scheduled for 2/7/13 to re-write job descriptions.

C.     The Executive meeting adjourned at 10:35PM.