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July 2010 Board Meeting Notes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of Board Meeting

July 19, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.
Present were SP,  SD, SB, MC, CT, FC, AA, and JF (left early). Property Manager and Maintenance were present. Absent: TMcC, .
Architectural Committee: The Chairman reported that the committee reviewed 16-18 requests but most needed additional information before approval. Per the Chairman’s request, SB motioned that the Board require any application containing a drawing be to scale with measurements to avoid misinterpretation and be typed or clearly printed. CT seconded; all were in favor.
Minutes Followup:
Resident request for a specific color of deck stain: BG will determine the range of colors for deck stain but had not realized that she had been assigned to do so. The color that the resident has submitted would fall within a range of brown shades.
Handicap Ramp: A Board member mentioned that an inspector told her that the Association should be very careful when proceeding with the ramp because additional accommodations could be requested. The Association attorney was consulted and advised that if further requests were made they would be at the expense of the resident. There was also a question of what is the liability if someone who is handicapped is injured because we don't have a ramp. SP stated that the Association is showing good faith in our residents.
Vinyl Fences: SP suggested that she put on the agenda under old business to vote on the wicker color vinyl fence for the town houses. Singles and twins could have white or wicker in the styles of fences that have been approved. After discussion, SP would like the Architectural Committee to make a recommendation to the Board that the townhouses with white trim be allowed to have white vinyl fences. Just as wood fences must be replaced when they no longer look good, so would vinyl fences. No further action was taken regarding wicker colored vinyl fences for townhouses.
Penwyllt Boulders: Since the Board said the adjustment would be made, we need to reassess the need to move them and do so if needed.. Property Manager will check to find out whether the problem continues with the resident.
Election Box:  It is too early to give out the key to the committee.
Tree Purchase: A Board member offered the Association a small maple tree which will be planted but may be too small to survive the elements (kids). This brought up the subject of the trees that were approved for planting on Caernarvon and Conway. A resident stated that Caernarvon Court doesn’t need another tree even if it is a replacement for a tree that died, and the money could be reallocated to something else. It was pointed out that large trees are being selected so that they survive risks of the court. The resident also questioned the restoration of the area of Bausman Rd. that was cleared; she was told that plans are in the works for Bausman but it is too hot to plant trees/shrubs now. The resident suggested that money be reallocated for snow removal and was told that there is a fund that is in place for snow removal and the Association is not in a dangerous position regarding those funds. Another resident mentioned the dead tree on Talgrath; it is targeted for removal/replacement but she doesn't think a replacement is necessary due to risk of damage by the children who play in that area. Conway Ct. still needs trees and the two that are earmarked for that court are still to be planted.
Unsafe conditions in courts: MC will work with the Architectural Committee on the unsafe concrete areas.
Safety Inspection: AA talked with an inspector from Treddyfrin  Township who is willing to do a walk through inspection for the Association. SP requested an estimate of what he would charge for all of the community’s courts and streets. It was pointed out that a procedure is needed for correcting safety issues and following up on them in a timely manner.
Maintenance Report:
Every 3 years the Association is required to have an electrical inspection in the pump room; there are some things that need to be addressed before the next inspection. The electrical enclosure for the circuits is rusting away and needs to be replaced; 3 breakers need to be replaced as well. Maintenance will get bids.
Security Cameras: No demonstration was scheduled as previously discussed; contacts have been unreliable. There are other vendors who can be contacted, but the cost is more as was quoted by our current vendor.
Wood Carpet and Swing Sets: The wood will be delivered this week and an order has been put in for chains/clevises for the swings. Today’s Tree is still cleaning up storm damage; they will be here as they are able.
Pool Budget: The budgeted amount has already been used due to replacing motors and the need for more chemicals due to the heat wave. The Treasurer asked if the budget should be raised. This is not necessary because the mechanical parts have already been replaced; the amount of chemicals needed this summer is up by 1/3. Unused funds in any year should be carried over due to the need for continued care and as a means of being proactive; and documentation should be left for future treasurers. It was noted that the maintenance manager’s hours have exceeded what has been budgeted. He will have a private discussion with the President about new responsibilities that have been added to his schedule.
Treasurer's Report:
Computer/Printing costs are up and attributed to the Peachtree upgrade; there shouldn't be any more related expenses. Printer cartridges are recycled. July 4th expenses have not all come in; there is an additional $480 which will exceed the budget. The Treasurer is still looking for members for the Finance Committee; Resident AR suggested that the committee meet more often and pointed out that it is not listed on the website any longer. Resident PG volunteered her experience.
Property Manager's Report:
Aged receivables: some old problems have been resolved due to the desire to have pool privileges.
Subpoena regarding a former employee: A member suggested that there is no obligation to keep records after 4 years. The Property Manager was able to find the records that were requested.
Issues that the Property Manager would like addressed that have come up since her report:
(1) The pool manager had a problem over the weekend with a young resident; and wants to suspend pool privileges for a month. There have been issues before for the same belligerent behavior so he should go ahead with the suspension. A letter will be sent to the parents. The individual could be banned from the pool if there are further incidents. The parent apologized, but the manager believes that it sis the responsibility of the youth to apologize. The police have been called on occasions of public intoxication but not for belligerent behavior. Rules and regulations  support taking away privileges. JF made motion to suspend the individual and SD seconded; all were in favor.
(2) A resident requested to put in a new exterior door that does not meet the approved criteria and asked what would happen if the door was installed anyway; a $1000 fine would result ; It was unanimous to uphold  the Architectural Guidelines as they stand.
(3) There is a single home that has a metal shed  in place for 25 years that violates the guidelines but no one has ever been willing to follow up to cite the error. It was not identified as being unacceptable during the Walk through. CT mentioned that she had to take her shed down even though it had been up for 5 years. There is one in Penwyllt Ct. that was written up as a failure. There is the precedent  to have the resident remove the shed, but there can then be no others in the community that are allowed to stay. The guidelines should be worded to clarify what is allowed. SP requested the Architectural Committee address this question. AA motioned that the resident keep the shed until it needs to be replaced due to poor condition or if the house is sold, then it must be replaced with an approved shed. MC seconded. All were in favor.
Resident’s Paint Color: The resident did bring in a color sample that is a brown. MC made the motion to approve the color and AA seconded. All were in favor except SD who was concerned that the Board is approving a color before the subcommittee has identified the range of colors. SP explained that the goal is to not have a huge disparity in color; and to guide our residents toward a solid color stain that is more durable and looks better longer. The resident has also been waiting for a decision.
Architectural Committee: SP presented as the liaison  to the committee.  After an explanation from the committee chairman regarding how a previously approved fence was brought back to the committee, those present  at the committee meeting rescinded the request for his resignation. A committee member said her first instinct was that someone was out to get someone else. SP clarified that a picket fence is still a picket fence even if the space between pickets is not the same width as the picket. Stockade fencing is not allowed; to be approved as a picket fence, the space between pickets has been defined as no less than an inch.
Website Committee: The committee is working on advertising for Family Fun Night to get more involvement from the community.
Social Committee: The 4th of July  event went very well/very successful. Family Fun Night will be held on August 14th from 7-10 p.m.; there is a Carnival Theme and help is needed. CT volunteered her help. Cotton candy, snow cones, and a clown are planned; there will be no moon bounce due to safety, etc. There have been requests for an adult social night. Angelina would like to put it together. Adult swim night used to be on the schedule, but no one showed up. Alcohol would not normally be provided for such an event, but it could be a BYOB. Committee members will look into a margarita machine or something similar. Pool management would need to be scheduled for the night. Funnel cakes are not being considered due to safety issues with oil, but MC’s  “Tater-nator” might be considered for entertainment.
Security Cameras: We should keep following up on current contacts despite the approach of the end of summer.
Good Maintenance Descriptions: Failure letters are being held up for the finalization of this document. Once FC has reviewed the document and given his comments, it will be finalized. The deadline for hearing back from residents who have not  painted or stained is July 30th. Property Manager  is waiting for the committee designated to follow up on failures in order to complete the failure letters..
Replacement of cedar above the roof line: Vinyl or Hardie plank should be approved for above the roof line; there are 6 courts that have made a color decision and could match siding to their color. for horizontal application. The decision should rest with the individual courts. AA will coordinate a presentation and post information at the pool for an August 17th at 7p.m. meeting in Hankin Center.
Cedar/Roofs not in compliance:  MC doesn't think the July 30th deadline is realistic due to the unusually hot season. The proposed letter was reviewed with more stringent terms spelled out in a follow up letter. SD will review Pembroke homes for completion, AA will do Towyn Ct., 100% of S. Snowdon is complete. SP will review  N. Snowdon Ct.,.109 is the only home on Caernarvon that is incomplete, Talgrath and Neyland have many units that have not been treated and perhaps meetings should be scheduled for those courts. According to resident PG, some rental units are being done on Talgrath and a nice letter would be a good nudge. MC volunteered to review both Talgrath Ct. and Neyland Ct. SP will revise the letter tonight and those who need to report in will report to Property Manager by Wednesday.
Smoking in the pool: The consensus is that smoking should not be allowed in the pool area. AA made a  motion and CT seconded; all were in favor. A No Smoking sign will be posted.
Memorial for Kay Hall: FC made a motion to plant a tree and install a stone/plaque in honor of the long-time manager of the community. SD seconded and all were in favor.
Sheller Oil Contract: The Cost Assurance Plan is what has been selected in the past and Property Manager believes that we should stay with the same plan. A vote was taken and it was unanimous.
Vote: replacement for VP - MDiM &  Secretary - GM
Discussion was held as an executive session and both individuals were approved to assume offices being vacated. There was a reminder that biographies for the election must be submitted before the September quarterly meeting or in person at the meeting. There will be openings next year for three board members and four officers.
Pool rules #4 regarding children under the age of 10 being supervised at the pool: Per MC, the Y sets the age at 16 for providing babysitting. MDiM put forth the motion FC seconded. All were in favor of babysitters at the pool being at least 16 years of age.
Adult Swim from 7-8 p.m.: Age 18 to continue as the minimum age with lifeguards to encourage mature behavior.
Swim test given to ages 15 and younger: There was discussion about whether the age requirement for having a swim test should be lowered. It was unanimous that the rule be left as is. Lifeguards should honor badge from year to year; a request will be made that the lifeguards enforce testing and give out badges; any child not able to show the badge must retake test.
Architectural shingles:
There have been requests for architectural shingles; 3 tab shingles are inferior and the price for architectural shingles has come down. A lot of roofs need to be done, but a lot have already been done with 3 tab. If architectural shingles are allowed, they must be matched to identified color. The Architectural Committee is to be responsible for matching the color. "Moving towards  adopting architectural shingles" FC will check into availability issues. There will be a long transition. It is not a big issue for singles, but is a little more for twins, and a fairly large issue for townhouses.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:48 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,