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June Quarterly Homeowners Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association-June Quarterly
Quarterly Homeowners Meeting
June 9, 2009
Present from Board: In addition to the President, four Board members were present.
Meeting called to order at: 7:05 p.m.
The president introduced new Board member.

The minutes of the March quarterly meeting were posted on the website after the meeting. There were no questions, so it was not necessary to read the minutes.

A resident was interested in composting: the chairman of the Composting Committee will follow up with assistance.

A resident stated that she had heard that residents will have to replace their sidewalks. Sue explained the criteria for determining whether a sidewalk needs to be replaced. Aggregate showing alone is not a cause for replacement, but if the concrete around the aggregate is wearing away or their is a tripping risk, a resident will be asked to replace the sidewalk.
The President proceeded to perform a "six-month check up" of the 2009 Board's performance based on goals that were set during the "campaign".
1. There was a desire to publish minutes from Board meetings quickly and post them for the residents. This goal has been satisfied via the Rhondda website. The President asked whether this was a reasonable change of policy. A former Board member said minutes from quarterly meeting do not require approval.\
2. Goal of utilizing website to communicate with residents: While the website has been established successfully and is being utilized by some residents, it does not successfully support password protected access; significant expertise and time required for this function. It would take our Google expert, about a week of coding to complete that mission. The President has asked our expert to come up with a price for his work since it requires a commitment above and beyond resident volunteerism. Safety and privacy issues do not allow us to post the Roster or pictures at this time. This function would provide the ability to post forms and documents, the Roster, pictures, etc.

3. Goal of establishing committees using resident experts:
There are five Website Committee members,including two who are website experts. One is monitoring the "Comment" function of the website so that any comments will be funneled to the right person.
The Landscape Committee is chaired by a resident who is a landscape professional. Regarding the Bausman Road clearing, it was not Rhondda residents leaving wood chips. The Board Liaison to the committee spoke about the plan to plant shrubs such as Rhododendron in front of trees, a project that will not be implemented until fall. The Brandywine Conservancy reviewed the common grounds and made suggestions such as idea of allowing 6 feet of growth around the pond to discourage the geese. It was suggested that mowing be decreased in some areas such as the area below the pool. Plans for events community events are forthcoming; There will be a table at the 4th of July picnic so the chairman can meet and talk with residents.

The Safety Committee chairman has posted safety tips in the Roster to remind residents of resources for safety such as the vacation checks by police. He "tested" different Children at Play signs and selected a type that is movable as the most visible to motorists. Parents must take the initiative to purchase one at Toys R Us for about $11. Mark also put together a program to make reflective arm bands available for dog walkers and exercisers to use at night. They are being sold for $2 each (cost) and may be purchased from the Rhondda office at any time or from people doing the court walk-throughs. On the 4th of July, there will be a bike safety check and minor repairs to bikes will be available; also, good safety helmets for children will be available at a reduced rate. 


The Architectural Committee is currently reviewing the rules and regulations in order to simplify them. The annual inspection has begun and a document illustrating good maintenance and the walkthrough checklist are available online. Residents are being encouraged to be present when their home is inspected. Sidewalk condition is a big issue; some are in very poor condition. Visible aggregate is being noted during the walk-through, but a sidewalk does not fail for merely having aggregate visible. If the sidewalk is not bumpy or crumbling it will not fail, but will be checked as "needs improvement" so that the resident will know to start planning for sidewalk replacement.  Cracks in sidewalks can be filled as long as they are flush with the sidewalk and do not pose a tripping hazard. It is suggested that residents go together with their neighbors to get a discounted price for replacing all their sidewalks at the same time.


A color consultant has been retained to recommend color choices for the cedar courts at this time, and other courts later. Each court will vote on a choice for cedar in their court. Residents who have regularly maintained their cedar with a clear finish will be allowed to continue with that treatment, but all others will be required to use the solid color stain choice voted in by the court. Tom McCandless will set up an account so that Rhondda residents can get a discount on Benjamin Moore stains.


A resident stated that she doesn't think that people should be told that they are "out of compliance" and have to have their cedar stained in 30, 60, or 90 days. A deadline has not yet been set, but whatever it is, it will be reasonable and anyone with a hardship can discuss an option with the Architectural Committee/Rhondda office.

A resident volunteer is coordinating the color selection via the consultant and it is a process. There will be several homes that will be stained/painted according to the choices available so that residents can see what the houses will look like in "real time."

5. The goal of fiscal responsibility has been utilized b encouraging residents to sign up to receive the Roster by email to save printing costs. However, only 77 out of over 600 homes have made this choice. A resident asked about the Finance Committee and was told that there is such a committee and they usually begin meeting in August to prepare the budget for the coming year. A resident noted that the cost of electricity for the Hankin Center is a big expense.


A Youth/Event Committee has been established and is planning the 4th of July Picnic. It will be different from those in the past by having "booths" for the Board and various committees as well as having the kids bike decorating contest and safety inspection, and possibly fingerprinting. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be provided and residents are being asked to sign up to bring beverages and desserts.

There are several young ladies who would like to organize an event for kids to clean up the playgrounds and areas where there is litter. A resident agreed to work with the youth group. The Board Liaison is also looking into training teens to volunteer to serve as "Mom's Helpers"; she will arrange for courses in CPR and First Aid.
A resident asked whether there will be a Family Night at the pool. Plans are not yet underway, but it will be scheduled.


There was discussion about the use of the tennis courts; there are now 20 keys that have been purchased from the office. Conversion to a basketball court or multi-use area would be an option for addressing the courts that have sunk and are not in use.

The final goals of the new Board members were to interface with local police and promote safety in the community, review/organize/streamline architectural guidelines, and empower owners to get involved in the issues that directly affect them. More residents are getting involved through committees and annual inspections, and the Architectural and Safety Committees are meeting these goals.


The President thanked the small group of residents for their involvement and attendance at the meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,