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March 2010 Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association
Quarterly Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2010


President SP called the meeting to order at 7:16 p.m. 

Board members present: SP, SB, SD, and MC

There were a total of about 18 residents who attended the meeting in addition to the Property Manager and including block captains.

The President collected questions from residents while the Secretary reviewed accomplishments since the last quarterly meeting in December that included:
  • Breakfast with Santa successfully organized by a resident
  • Geese Away bought and installed
  • Books from CAI ordered and received
  • Planned and held Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon
  • Named a Volunteer of the Year
  • Established a Community Physical Appearance Audit form to keep track of what repairs/changes need to be made to common areas of each court
  • Continue to work on boulder project and other landscaping plans
  • Continue to investigate possible addition of parking spaces in the court
  • Established a survey and distributed it online and via the Roster
  • Selection of a new chairperson for the AC

The President discussed the need for "continuity of leadership" and establishment of records that can be picked up by a new Board for an orderly transition. She also provided an explanation of the Community Association Institute as a resource for best practices.

Rhondda Website: The website is being utilized for document collaboration, meeting minutes, and the recent survey that was developed via Survey Monkey and also distributed via the Roster. About 44 surveys were completed split almost evenly between online and hard copy submission. Active volunteers were a little more than half of the respondents. Concern was expressed about maintenance issues and the walk-through follow up process, installing boulders, addressing the worse offenders when it comes to maintenance, and troubleshooting in a more active way. The consensus on the election process: want more information, what is platform, what will candidates do, more details, more information on issues and candidates. Relative to items the Board should address in coming year: maintenance, tennis courts, correction of failed walk-through items topped the list. There was not a big response to forming a Lion's Club in Rhondda and a feeling that it might conflict with the Lionville club. Rhondda Twitter usage could help notify residents of snow plowing, pool closing, etc. and requires almost no effort. It is enabled on the website, but there are no FAQs, etc. Freecycle: there is a good amount of interest but not in being the moderator. Sixty-three percent of respondents said that they read every word of the Roster; 13/20 "hard copy" respondents read every word. Miscellaneous: street lights/solar, new maintenance products, geese control, snow clearing, and junk cars. 

Architectural Committee Chairman: The President explained that two volunteers came forward ,  both having excellent qualities to recommend them; there was a very quick vote and DB received the appointment. There is strong concern on the part of some Board members that because he has not been involved in the last year when the walk through process was overhauled, that DB may not be in favor of continuing the new practices. A resident pointed out that he could be brought up to speed. Another committee member suggested that it might have been nice for the committee to meet both candidates; there will no doubt be a period of transition for Mr. B. He serves at the pleasure of the Board and can be removed if he is unable or unwilling to make a proper transition. Both candidates had negative and positive aspects as a prospective chairperson. It is the responsibility of the Board to ensure that the committee works well, so if it doesn't, the Board will have to respond accordingly. The President asked for the respect of residents and assured them that she will work with Mr. B. to get him "up to speed."  

Squirrels in the attic: A town home resident discussed an ongoing 3 year problem with squirrels in her attic. The President mentioned that it is a private property issue and suggested the possibility of forming a "mediator committee" to deal with such instances. This is an item that  should be added to the checklist for the  non-cedar courts. 

Vehicles that don't run or aren't registered: Per the Property Manager, vehicles must have a current registration and inspection to be parked in the community. If the vehicle is identifiable and hasn't moved for 7 days, the Property Manager can notify the owner/put a sticker on the vehicle and insist it be moved or towed. If the registration is current and the vehicle is not moving, the Association has less of an opportunity to tow. If a resident notices such a vehicle, it should be reported in writing to the office; we will continue to look for solutions to the problem.

Follow up to last year's walkthru: Weather-related repairs were extended to the end of April. Not all courts have received initial letters or 60-day follow-up letters. There are some residents who have extenuating circumstances. The President reviewed the process.

Court decisions regarding solid color stain and metal roof color: June 30, 2010 is the deadline for changes (clear pristine cedar/solid color stain). PG of Talgrath Court suggested that it be printed in the newsletter what is "pristine"; it is on the website. There are pictures of what is considered pristine cedar which a resident will return to the office.

This year's walkthru: The Architectural Committee met last night; twins and singles will be inspected by the deadline of Memorial Day. The Board and Committee are actively recruiting volunteers for the walk through process. An attempt will be made to utilize block captains in a concerted effort to help organize; 6 block captains were at the meeting.

Landscape Committee: Plans are advancing for boulders to be installed around the courts to prevent damage from cars/trucks. Seeding and soil addition will be scheduled once it is known when the boulders will go down. There will be a meeting to discuss projects and functions of the committee on Saturday, March 13th, at 9:30 a.m. in the Hankin Center.

Issues brought forth by residents tonight:

Snow removal cost: thanks to past boards who established the emergency snow fund, we have funds to cover the overage; $38,000 was the budget, and the actual expense was approximately $50,000. There was a suggestion that a front loader should not be used for the parking lots because of the expense, but it is necessary when we have such a large volume of snow. A resident asked that the contractor be told how much we appreciated the extraordinary effort they made. Established snow zones helped, but they were not always honored. Residents were able to assist the plows by getting residents to move their cars where needed.

Number of residents allowed in a townhouse: No more than three unrelated individuals are allowed to occupy a home, but the Association can't discriminate against just the renters. The township can be asked to assist, but they are reluctant to get involved per a resident who made a request.

Excess numbers of cars/residence: A resident of Neyland Ct. said that there were seven cars at one home during snow plowing, which worked against the plows. A suggestion was made that such issues should be addressed by the landlord through the lease.

Rhondda Roster delivery: A block captain had several complaints including: the Rosters "are never on time, so meetings were missed;" an extra insert was included in March; there is not enough advance notice to come to meetings. The President stated that it is in the job description for block captains to attend quarterly meetings. A suggestion was made that maybe it would help to have a second block captain to share the burden of delivering the Rosters, etc. Another comment was that the block captain could encourage residents to get their Roster online.

Request for Architectural Committee approval: the form and reference sheet is on the website.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.