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March 2010 Meeting Minutes


Rhondda Homeowners Association

Board Meeting Minutes

March 15, 2010

Meeting called to order at: 7:05 p.m.

Present: SP, TMcC, SB, FC, JF, PM, MC, AM. Absent: SD

Property Manager and Maintenance Manager were present.

Review of Minutes:

Parameters for electronic approval of minutes were reviewed; the secretary is to post the minutes for approval by the Board members no later than the Friday after the meeting, and Board members are to approve the minutes electronically no later than the following Friday. The secretary will leave inserted comments unless they are correction of typos, or name spelling.

Resident complaint of neighbor throwing snow on property: Further information suggests that this may not be a petty complaint but more a concern about the risk of water damage to the home, but it is also a dispute between neighbors. Board members were in favor of staying out of the argument unless it involves the Association.

Services directory review is ongoing and coordinated by AM; she does not have time to manage a time bank so the Board would need to recruit someone else to do that. Per the minutes of the February Board meeting, the minutes from the Quarterly Meeting will be published in the Roster.

Maintenance Manager's Report:

"Away With Geese" light was placed in the small pond. The device appears to deter geese at night but not during the day. Per the Maintenance Manager, it should deter geese from nesting near the pond which would be a major accomplishment. He asked residents to report back about what they observe. New or repaired park benches were placed at several locations. Storm damage to Hankin Center/Farmhouse was repaired.In March, the Maintenance Manager will concentrate on storm cleanup to the common grounds, including cleaning up cinders, divots, and tree damage. J&J Landscaping who has the contract for snow removal agreed to clean up snow plow divots on the courts.


Paving 2010- Based on review of asphalt conditions, three bids need to be brought back to the Board to determine how much asphalt work the Association can afford to do based on current prices. Board should prioritize the asphalt work to be done. Clarified that milling means to score and remove asphalt to check for base repair. Considering the conditions that exist on Conway Ct., the thought is that we should get a quote for replacing all of the asphalt, and would also suggest that for Pembroke Ct.; it would take three days to do the work on each court. All funding comes out of Capital Reserve Fund, but there are line items designated for such projects.

Boulder Project: Quotes requested based on price per boulder in case we need more later. The bids were reviewed and a vote taken to approve contracting with Today's Tree since they had boulders set aside and were prepared to deliver and install at the most reasonable price. The vote was unanimous in favor of proceeding with the boulders from Today's Tree. There is a plan to get bids for 2 new trees for Conway Ct. and 1 for Caernarvon, replacing trees that died. Shade trees are preferred over pines. There is $1500 in the budget this year for trees. A vote was taken and all Board members voted to go forward with the bids/purchase.

Maintenance asked for contractor names for concrete repair to curbing and mailbox pads. Al Cicchinelli, Steve Krauss and someone known to TMcC.

SB asked about plans to restore trees on Bausman Rd. where land was over-cleared and where residents expected action by the Board last year. Maintenance will get suggestions from Gardners Nursery when he is pricing replacement trees for the courts. He also mentioned that a lot of that property belongs to the township, which leads to the question of why Rhondda cleared it if it does not belong to the Association.

Tennis courts - JF asked about getting bids to repair the tennis courts. Last year, bids were secured that suggested a cost of around $65,000 to restore the lower courts. The Board needs to decide whether the courts will continue to be utilized as tennis courts or if they will be converted to another use before getting bids.

Treasurer's Report:

Treasurer SD is not present to report. Property Manager was available to answer any questions. All bills for snow removal have been submitted. SP suggested transferring $20K from the snow emergency account to cover the overage, and then to continue to put any surplus funds into the snow budget. JF suggested paying for the overage out of the current budget. MC suggested waiting for the treasurer to be present for further discussion and the majority agreed. In regard to outstanding dues, there is nothing to be done about residents who are unemployed or unable to pay dues other than to request that they make arrangements with the office.

Property Manager's Report:

A goal was set to have the first court asset audit completed by Memorial Day.

The office continues to work on the letters for courts inspected late in the year and an update  was provided on what has been completed to date. 

A Talgrath Ct. resident brought up the subject of a notice to Talgrath Ct. residents that she distributed regarding the question of pristine cedar. A letter was sent out last year from the office on this subject, but some residents do not remember receiving it. SP asked which Board members might take a good look at cedar on Talgrath and Neyland to evaluate for "clear pristine cedar." PM, MC, and TMcC volunteered to inspect those courts. They will do a cedar audit of Talgrath and Neyland and also distribute a revised letter with the paint names that replace "Rhondda Red and Hankin Green." Property Manager noted that most inspection failures have been corrected and wondered about sending out failure letters before knowing the results of the cedar audit. Three courts have not gotten an initial letter, one row on Kidwelly Ct. has not been inspected but will be done soon.

The deadline for the Roster is approaching (Friday, March 19th); Property Manager agreed to remind Maintenance about setting a schedule for seeding courts to be included in the Roster.

Landscape Committee: A meeting of the Landscape Committee was held on Saturday, March 13th. The meeting was attended by Maintenance and two residents. Garry Miles is still employed to maintain and plant the entrances. SB agreed to call Mr. Miles to talk to him about plans for the beds since there is at least one bed that would do better with shade plants instead of petunias. Plans will be made to hold a plant swap in May and the committee will assist Maintenance in organizing the court repair by publicizing the schedule and recruiting residents from each court to help.

Architectural Committee:

SP reported from the last meeting that was held without an appointed chairman. Memorial Day is the goal for completing walk through inspections of twin and singles. She reviewed the checklists for their relevance to the twins/singles and agreed to check to see whether the letter that is delivered prior to the walk through needs revision. There was discussion about inspecting on private property, the philosophy of the walk through checklist, and the desire to hear from the single/twin residents to know how they view the checklist.

Old Business:

March Quarterly Meeting: SP reviewed information from the meeting since there were several Board members who did not attend.

Surveys: The Board is welcome to look through the responses. Maintenance of property/appearance of the community was the biggest issue. There were about 44 responses. Other concerns included: junk cars, landscaping of private property, snow removal, parking, and removing geese. There was a suggestion that candidates for the Board provide more information about what they intend to work on, etc. not just how long they have lived here. Other suggestions included highlighting volunteers in the roster, holding more adult socials, and maintenance free products for our homes. It was hoped that the survey would generate more volunteers, but it did not.

Discussion regarding the selection of a Chairman of Architectural Committee:

It was announced at the quarterly meeting that resident DB was appointed to chair the Architectural Committee. SP expressed her concern that the chairman-elect was not aware of what the Board has done in the past year to ensure a thorough inspection with a new checklist. It was of concern that he said the walk through process should all be completed within a month which is very difficult when those doing the inspections are resident volunteers. SP stated that the walk-through process is not up for discussion and if the new chairman is not agreeable to doing it the way they have been set up to be done, then he might need to be replaced or the functions of the committee divided with separate leaders or chair people so that someone else is assigned to take charge of the walk-through process.
There was further discussion about comments that were made at the quarterly meeting. SP explained that she "stumbled" over the announcement because of the concerns she has, not because of any desire to re-vote the appointment. Veteran Board members suggested that the issue of DB's fence from years before was blown out of proportion and the only way to get out of the problem at that time was to change the Covenants. The Association offered to pay for the fence of another resident who was affected by decisions that were made, but she declined the offer. SP wants to make sure that it is very clear to the new chairman that he follows the directives of the Board and it is not his option to decide that the walk-through should be done differently. BG, the other candidate, had a written plan about how the Architectural Committee should be organized and is familiar with the changes that have taken place. DB did not have any kind of a plan to present.
Respect: At the quarterly meeting, the above discussion led to an instance of name calling by one Board member toward another. Such behavior in a public forum in front of residents reflects badly on the Board as a whole. The President would like to move forward with respect towards one another as has been the goal of the Board since taking office in January 2009.  
New Business:

2nd quarter survey topics could be parties, street lights, an attempt to hone in on specifics.

The consensus was that any further surveys should be tabled at this time.

Email from A local realtor has established a website focusing on homes for sale/sold in Rhondda. They have included a link to the Association's website. The consensus was that the Association should do nothing further and cannot support individual realtors.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:36 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,