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March 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

March 19, 2012

Meeting brought to order at 7:07 p.m. at the Farmhouse.

Members Present: Mike Cassella, Sue Patt, Frank Cetera, Chris Trevaskis, Dave Bova, Ryan Dawson, Debbie Dainis
Member Absent: Angelina Almadanat
Others Present: Scott Leidy

Approval of February 2012 minutes - Ryan Dawson motioned to accept the minutes as submitted. Sue Patt seconded motion. All in favor.
Questions from follow-up to minutes
1. Lawyer- Sue asked if Scott called Tina Weber, Scott stated that he called her but she has not returned his call yet. Scott stated he would call her again because he has 3 issues he wants to discuss with her.
2. Gold Star Community Recognition- Sue and Scott have not had time to look into this with CAI.
3. Scott stated he would like to attend Property Manager training for his certification. Sue motioned to have Scott pursue the initial process for certification, Chris seconded motion, all in favor.
4. Architectural follow-up for failures from last years inspections- Sue asked about how this will be done now that the weather is nice? Scott stated that the office does not have the time to do that now due to the software conversion that is going on. Dave suggested going forward with starting the inspection process for this year and only looking at the gross violations in the courts.
5. Storage Shed request for Penwyllt Court - this resident invoked rule #26 of the Architectural Covenants and stated that he planned to build the shed as he originally requested. It was discussed that the resident waived his rights when he agreed to have his request sent to the Board for review because the Arch Committee would have denied his request. Scott will send a letter to the resident that he is not approved to put the shed up as it was originally submitted because that request had not been approved.
6. Goose Control - Scott indicated that the dogs are working.
7. Scott is currently getting bids on the macadam work that is needed and will bring bids to the next Board meeting and will then develop a schedule for the repairs.
8. Scott noted that the work will begin on the upper pond drainage pipe tomorrow, Total Site Development will do the work as bid and approved.

Property Managers Report - see attached, there were no questions.

Old Business
1. Replacement Board Member - it was noted that 1 resident is interested. It was discussed that the vacancy needs to be posted in the Roster for interested candidates to apply.
2. It was noted that the money from the maturing CD was moved to First Resource Bank for use on the capitol improvements scheduled this year.

New Business
1. Sara Dill - temporary employee- plan to keep her as a contract worker to do the 1099 and she is willing to sign a confidentiality clause.
2. Energy Broker- the office received a request from CRM Energy Group - Mike stated he will contact the broker and let him know that he can run an ad in the Roster to explain his services to the community.
3. Bylaw Committee - several residents at the homeowners meeting agreed to start the committee. Greg Orishack will chair the committee.
4. Neyland Court - there is a swale behind the back of one row and there are 3 homes that are getting water in their basements and a homeowner is asking for assistance with the cost. It was discussed that since the swale is on private property that the association will not assume the cost for this repair.
5. Parking Issue- Mike stated that residents discussed parking issues at the homeowners meeting last week. Mike suggested the residents speak to the Parking Committee to see some of the suggestions they had. Mike is going to draft a letter to put into the Roster to outline the possible solution to the parking issue, it will limit the number of cars that residents can have parked in the courts.
6. Coatesville Police- Scott stated he received a request for a donation- the Board stated not to donate for this, we donate for the local police.
7. Scott asked if there is any Rule and Regulation about motorized dirt bikes used on common ground area. Frank noted that there is an item in the covenants that restricts use of motorized vehicles in the common areas or on the bike path, he will give copy to Scott.
8. Ryan asked if the company he works for could bid on jobs with closed bids. He noted he is a partner in the company. The Board decided that it would be ok if they submitted by closed bids and Ryan was not aware of other bids.

Dave Bova motioned to adjourn meeting at 8:10 p.m., Chris seconded motion, all in favor.

Respectfully submitted by,

Debbie Dainis, Board secretary