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March 2008 Quarterly Homeowner Minutes

Rhondda Homeowner's Association
Quarterly Homeowner's Meeting
March 10, 2008
The President welcomed residents and introduced the Board members who were present. She then announced that a Board member has resigned for personal reasons, so there is a vacancy to be filled.

A member of the Website Committee provided a "tour" of the Rhondda website. The Roster and the minutes will be accessible online some time in the future. Rhondda has been accepted by Free Cycle and that too will be accessible via the website. Flyers will be distributed to encourage residents to check out the site.

The Chairman of the Safety Committee described plans for a Neighborhood Watch; a program to work with neighbors and law enforcement to monitor the courts and common areas. Lighting and signage are two areas that will be explored. The short term goal is to establish a volunteer base. He suggested that there are services such as Vacation Check by the Uwchlan Police that can be utilized by residents.

The Chairman of the Landscape Committee reported that the first priority for the Committee is to complete the clearing project on Bausman Road. He will come up with a detailed plan in regard to what should be preserved and what should be trimmed. He will also address court damage. The project will be put out for bids and three will be selected for presentation to the Board.

The Chairman of the Architectural Control Committee reported that there are many new people on the committee and they are reviewing the guidelines which will then be submitted to the Board for approval. Volunteers are needed to assist with the walk-through inspection. Emphasis is on updating the look of the courts and on good maintenance of homes.  

Copies of a walk through check list were handed out; it is still in the development phase. Efforts are still being made to identify alternate materials. Color/product recommendations from some paint companies are forthcoming. Once confirmed, the choices will be put out to the courts. Until maintenance free materials are identified for above the roof line, a solid color stain will be the desired treatment. It is important to keep the cost to the homeowner in mind.

There was discussion about using compact fluorescent lights and other green products such as solar panels, which are not cost effective at this time. Rhondda will need to keep the possibility in mind for the future. Residents are reminded to keep their porch lights on at night. There is a plan under consideration to have CFLs at the Farmhouse for residents to purchase at cost.

The minutes of the December Quarterly Meeting were approved. A resident asked that a summary of the meetings be posted on the website so that residents will know what is being discussed at  each meeting.

There were no questions regarding the Operating Fund Report; the biggest expense for the month was snow plowing.

The Property Manager reported that complaints have been made to the office about the amount of trash blowing around the neighborhood. Residents were told that they can keep their trash can and lid together by punching two holes through the lid to attach it to the can.

Other topics discussed included ongoing issues with residents who do not pick up after their dogs, and a concern about people walking at night in dark clothes. The Safety Committee will check into reflective tape armbands to sell at cost.

Other questions addressed the painting of parking spaces, acceptable products for walkways from the common sidewalk to each home, and whether it is possible to have street lights installed. Parking lots will be painted as soon as weather permits, sidewalk materials will be discussed at a future meeting, and the cost of streetlights is prohibitive.

The Composting, Youth, and Athletic Committees will be forming soon.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.