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October 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Date: October 17, 2011

Opening Time 7:00 p.m. Farmhouse  

Members Present: Christine Trevaskis, Debbie Dainis, William Coleman, Barbara Guenst, Angelina Almadanat, Sue Patt, Frank Cetera, David Bova

Members Absent:  none
Others Present:  Scott Leidy

Quorum: Yes
Previous Meeting Minutes:  Approved  

1.  Michael Cassella resignation.

Motion - Angelina motions to accept Michael Cassella’s resignation

Bill Coleman 2nd.  

Resolution - carried

Dave Bova - opposed

2.  Model Code of Ethics CAI.
Motion - Barbara Guenst motions to Adopt CAI ethics
2nd - Chris Trevaskis
Resolution - Carried
Dave Bova - opposed

3.  Oil Contract - Dave Bova did not perform an in depth study of the bids with Mike Cassella.  Recommends going with the lowest cost contract.  Sheller current supplier.

4.  Mail box pads.  Scott met with the maintenance man from post office and reviewed specifications from contractor.  Chris Trevaskis and Dave Bova will be Board representatives in charge of replacing cement mailbox pads.

5.  Curb Issue.  
Tabled until next meeting.

6.  Election Ballot - Dave Bova presented ballot

Motion - Debbie Dainis motioned to amend the ballot with two additional write in slots for each member running for a Board position.

2nd Dave Bova

Resolution - Carried

7.  Walk through follow up.
Board member to serve as a point person.  Angelina Almadanat offered to be the point person.

8.  Court drains repair.
Motioned already to fix N. Snowdon.  Storm drain in Carmarthen Court also needs repair.  Bids to replace storm drain box.  
Motion - motioned to have Scott get bid to replace Carmarthen storm drain box.  

9.  Auger and camera rental.   Scott to work with Total Site Management to diagnosis drainage problem and handle it.   

10.  Maintenance Report – Scott Leidy
Changed lock to front door.
Attached report.
Dave Bova spoke with Senator Dinneman about Newcomen Road.  Swale is filled and overflowed.  It is on PennDOT’s priority list.  
Get residents to call and write to senators/reps.  Dave to write up a few sentences to inform residents.
Scott recommends staying with Biddle Landscaping.  Crack weeds in courts, edging week to week.
Motion Bill Coleman to stay with Biddle for landscaping pending Scott discussing the need to trim crack grass, curbs and specs.  

Rescinding motion and table until next month regarding landscape bid.

11.  Committee Reports:      

a.    Website Committee - Sue Patt liaison.  Will work to break the email forwarding links.  

Motion - Barbara Guenst motions that Board liaison to the Website Committee is the only Board member authorized  to have super administrator access to the website.

Seconded - Chris Trevaskis

Resolution - Carried.

b.    Architectural Committee - none

c.     Social Committee-  Angelina reported.

d.     Landscape Committee -  none

e.     Election/Nominations Committee - see above.  Ballot approved.
f.      Finance Committee - none

12.   Treasurer Report-  Bill Coleman  

Expenses going up in 2012.  Vandalism, cameras, computers, snow removal all contributed to increase in dues.  Recommends we not rely on reserves but increase dues.

reviewed 2012 budget

letter for the roster regarding dues for 2012

13.  Roster.  1st page should include important information.  Increase font size.  Include  Treasurers letter and budget.  Blanket drive and food drive dates.  

14.   Property Management Summary – Chris Trevaskis reported.   Angelina reported.  

15.  Parking and Lighting - Mark Krammer
Reported Survey
Discussion ensued
Committee to work on fact finding
16.   110 Neyland Court tree behind home to be removed.  Remind Scott.  

17.  128 Neyland Court wood left from cutting tree down.  Requesting to have cleaned.

18.  Neyland Court drainage/water/sinkhole problem.   Angelina to contact Mesko tomorrow.  Total site management to complete the job that Mesko engineers plan to repair problem.    

Minutes Review/Old Business:   

New Business:

1.  Property Manager search.  Angelina agreed to lead search.

Barbara Guenst
Secretary, Rhondda Homeowners Association