Seal Coating Schedule and Information

This is a tentative schedule for seal coating, line striping, and painting new house numbers for your parking spaces.

June 21st & 22nd - Talgrath Ct. & Towyn Ct.

June 22nd only - Penwyllt Ct.

June 25th & 26th -  Carmarthen Ct. & S.Snowdon Ct.

June 26th only - Conway Ct.

June 27th & 28th - Caernarvon Ct & N.Snowdon Ct.

June 28th only - Pembroke Ct.

July 10th & 11th - Lampeter Ct. & Gwynedd Ct.

July 12th & 13th - Kidwelly Ct. & Neyland Ct.


All Vehicles must be removed by 7AM on your start date. We plan to have the Courts open by 4 PM on the second day.

Please plan to have your car moved for you if you will be on vacation. We will tow your car if it is in the Court after 7AM your 1st scheduled day.

If you have anything (mulch, Stone, Dumpster, etc.) in your parking space, please remove it off the macadam.

If you are expecting deliveries or construction work being done to your home on these days please notify these people the Court will be closed.

If it rains and the schedule is pushed back you will be notified by a Flyer from your Block Captains.

Thank you for your cooperation. We are trying to disrupt you as little as possible.

Scott Leidy

Property Manager

Rhondda Homeowners Association