Snow Rules and Regulations

    1. In accordance with Township policy, snow plowing will commence at the conclusion of the snow storm.
    1. The Association’s contractor will pass through the courts so vehicles can get into and out of the courts as the contract stipulates in accordance to Township policy.
    1. Vehicle owners must dig out and remove their vehicles from their parking spaces after the courts are plowed.
    1. After the snowfall stops, if the total accumulation exceeds four (4) inches, and after vehicles are removed from parking spaces, the Association’s contractor will clear the snow from the empty parking spaces.
    1. If equipment (such as plows and front end loaders/back hoes) and suitable locations to deposit the snow in are available, then the Association’s contractor will return one (1) time the day after a snow fall for a final clearing of the snow.
    1. If vehicle owners do not promptly remove their vehicles from parking spaces after a snow fall has ended, or if the vehicle owners do not remove their vehicles from parking spaces before the Association’s contractor returns to clear snow the day after a snow fall, then Association’s contractor will not clear the snow; the vehicle owners will have to clear the snow from the parking space themselves.
    1. During and after a snow fall vehicles may not be:

    a.     parked in front of entrances; 

    b.     parked by or in front of mailboxes;

    c.     double parked; 

    d.     parked so as to block any driveway or court;

    e.     parked so as to block access by a plow or front end loader to a driveway or court; 

    f.      parked on township streets (the township may fine you or tow your car if you park it on a Township street during a snowstorm or before the street is plowed for the full width).

    1. Do not operate vehicles in the courts before they are plowed and cleared of snow; packed snow cannot be plowed.
    1. Do not blow, shovel, throw or push snow onto

    a.     roads, driveways or courts after they have been plowed or cleared of snow; 

    b.     in front of mailboxes, fire hydrants, signs or entrances;

    c.     parking spaces which have been plowed or cleared of snow; 

    d.     sidewalks or walkways which have been plowed or cleared of snow;

    e.     other home owner’s sidewalk, front yard or parking space.

    1. Owners and residents are responsible for clearing the ice and snow from their own steps, stoops,  walkways, decks and patios.
    1. Owners and residents must clear the ice and snow from the entire width of their own walkways and sidewalks within 24 hours of snow stopping, in accordance with township ordinance.
    1. Do not put any chemical or product down to treat or melt ice and snow on the parking lots, courts or roadways which may damage the paved surfaces.
    1. Do not put any chemical or product down to treat or melt ice or snow which might kill or harm pets, wildlife or people.
    1. Do not stop and talk to the snow contractor or ask the snow contractor to perform any other work or to change the sequence of the contractor’s work.
    1. All questions and requests may only be directed to the Management Office at 610-363-8413.
    1. The failure by an Owner or any resident of an Owner’s dwelling to promptly and fully comply with these Snow Removal Rules may result in levying of fines against the Owner and the pursuit of any other sanctions or remedies which may be available to the Association under the Declaration, these Snow Removal Rules or prevailing law.

    These Snow Removal Rules may be amended, changed, revised, withdrawn or supplemented, in part or in whole, by the Board at any time.

    All amendments, changes, revisions, withdrawals or supplements to these Snow Removal Rules will be published to the Owners, and will be binding upon the owners immediately upon publication. 


    Board of Directors of the Rhondda Homeowners Association hereby adopts the Snow Removal Rules this 17th day of June 2013.