September 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association
Board Meeting
September 21, 2009
The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m.

Present: Sue Patt, Sara Dill, Sally Burmeister. David Dunn, Patrick Milia, and Angelina Reyes. Joyce Fedora, Frank Cetera, and Tom McCandless were absent. Dianne O'Melia and Scott Leidy were present.

Minutes to be approved and discussed later in the meeting when only the Board is present.
Pembroke Court Color Selection Meeting: Residents will pursue a compromise color rather than go with the flip of a coin decision.
Attorney Andrew Calvelli, was present at the meeting to answer questions; he represents the interests of the Association. 
It is legal to have court meetings to decide colors, but Chairman of the Architectural Committee and the Board should sign off on the colors. If the Architectural Committee is not fulfilling their duties or is ineffectual, the Board can specifically appoint other people to research and make recommendations. The only committee that cannot have a Board member as the chairman under any circumstances is the Election Committee.

The Association cannot pay for the materials or the painting of sample homes to bring them into compliance because it does not benefit the whole community.  It would be preferable to honor individual residents for volunteering the use of their home via the newsletter or the annual volunteer brunch.

The President asked Dianne O'Melia to see that the following sentence is included in the election issue of the Roster: "if any of your biographical information is missing or incorrect, please give us a call". 
Access to Mr. Calvelli will include the Board President in addition to the Property Manager. If a resident or anyone else contacts him, he would pass the information on. It was clarified that for anything that is discussed, both the President and the Property Manager should be copied unless it is an employment issue.
The Board always has the power to force repairs on the homeowner with 3 notices and the statement that if the situation is not corrected by a specific date, the repair will be made with a cost of $XX and charged back to the homeowner. If the infraction is cosmetic, it would be best to fine the resident, but in extreme cases and unsafe conditions, it is possible to repair and bill the homeowner. Persistent efforts need to be made to follow up personally with absentee owners and residents with "derelict" homes to find out why repairs have not been done; the retaining wall on Llandovery is a condition that needs to be followed up on.
Discussion was directed back to threats to sue the Association over the court color selection process. Mr. Calvelli said that he doesn't believe that there is validity for a lawsuit, but residents who threaten should be told "it is not the advice we have gotten from our counsel or how the documents are worded, but if you have some specific section of the governing documents that you feel needs to be looked at, we will have our counsel look at them."
In summary, Mr. Calvelli said that the Declarations trump all other documents, followed by the Bylaws; the Architectural Rules and Regulations can be changed by the Board at any time without the approval of the membership. The Architectural Committee is appointed by the Board and makes recommendations that come to the Board for approval. A resident could take the Association to court to dispute an issue, but he doesn't believe that there are any valid issues at this time; there are usually one or two unhappy people when changes are made. The Board is his client so he cannot respond to a particular resident. 
Maintenance Report: 
Scott Leidy addressed the following issues: Baby pool leakcourt repair, bees nests along bike trail, downed tree on Neyland, Bausman Rd. clearingthe alligator head, snow plow lanes in courts, drainage on Neyland Court, brush clearing of perimeters, Penwyllt Court access, Pembroke Court access (by Worthington property ) 120's of Talgrath access, Neyland Court access, common ground (between Pembroke and Worthington Road), asphalt in general, Pembroke/Conway asphalt
Treasurer:  CD's are up for renewal or could be renewed; the treasurer will look for rates, but doesn't expect to find any improvement. Notices have been sent out for the Finance Committee meeting to be held on September 30th.
Approval of ballot for election - Sara Dill made a motion to accept the ballot and Angelina Reyes seconded. All were in favor.
Minutes from Architectural Committee - It is not reasonable to postpone walkthrus of singles/twins despite the pressure it puts on a small group of people to get it done.
South Snowdon Colors: Alexandria Beige, Lafayette Green Mooregard Exterior Metal and Wood paint, Manchester Tan Exterior Low Lustre Metal and Wood paint, brown metal storm doors are the materials that have been selected. There are 85% of signatures to date with the hope of getting to 100%. Sally Burmeister made a motion to accept S. Snowdon Court's colors as presented. Patrick Milia asked whether clear was an option and it was clarified that the court voted not to allow any clear. Sara Dill seconded the motion and it was approved by all
Maintenance document: It will include repainting guidelines as follows: every 10 years for solid color stain unless needed sooner, every 2 years for clear unless needed sooner, every 5 years for metal roofs unless needed sooner. Patrick Milia made a  motion to accept, David Dunn seconded, all were in favor.
The Benjamin Moore representative asked his superior and was told that the self-priming products have the same warranty as using a separate primer and solid color stain/metal roof paint. 
Conversion of original "Rhondda Red" and Hankin Green to Benjamin Moore colors: It is best practice in the CAI to keep exteriors updated and fresh. The colors originally designated as Hankin green and Rhondda Red have been converted to existing Benjamin Moore colors of Ashwood Moss and Cottage Red. David Dunn made a motion to accept the Benjamin Moore colors, Patrick Milia seconded, and all were in favor.

Landscaping projects: The Landscaping Committee will work along with Scott to repair courts on September 26th and October 10th. Bausman Road will be planted once the final clearing of chips is complete.
Website Committee: The committee will meet to discuss password protecting the website and electronic dues payments.

Property Manager's Report:
Dianne's report addressed the following subjects: storm water lines in courts in Rhondda are Rhondda's responsibility. Concerns about due process: a letter was sent to the resident that information was put in both resident's files and reinforcing rule that dogs cannot be confined in a front yard. There was another complaint and attempts are being made to schedule a meeting between the residents, Sue Patt, Dianne O'Melia and Sally Burmeister. Family Fun Night was canceled; the DJ was rescheduled for July 4th next year so that the deposit would not be lost. Halloween Party: A decision was made to put the following statement in the Roster: "Due to lack of interest in the leadership for the event, none has been scheduled." House under agreement of sale; white sliding doors that are supposed to be brown; sent a letter to the seller.
Discussion regarding followup on failed items: There are concerns about consistency; the same people who inspected a court should do the followup, a small specialty team could inspect only sidewalks for more consistency. Sue Patt would like to see individual courts check their own failed items. The Architectural Committee functions need to be evaluated and organized for efficiency, including determining which outstanding failed items should be fixed by the Association and which should be fined. The less complicated failures should receive a letter, but the Board and Architectural Committee need to raise the bar and sit down with owners who have many outstanding items. Board members agreed to follow up on failed items;  David Dunn/the Snowdons and Talgrath. Sara Dill/Conway, Patrick Milia/Pembroke, Sue Patt/Towyn. Sue will also be sending the "What's Next" document out to Towyn residents.
Minutes from executive board meetings were reviewed and approved with corrections noted by the Secretary.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:55 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Sally Burmeister

Approved by Patrick Milia, Dianne O'Melia, Sally Burmeister, Sue Patt, Angelina Reyes, and Sara Dill