September 2010 Board Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of Board Meeting

September 20, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Present:  Sue Patt, Michael Cassella, Angelina AlMadanat, Gwenn Melcher, Michelle DiMichele, Christine Trevaskis, Sara Dill.  Becky Shallow and Dianne O’Melia were also present.

Absent:  Scott Leidy, Frank Cetera, Joyce Fedora

Minutes Follow up

Architectural Shingles:  A Board member requested that the issue of using architecturally not to be discussed at the cedar siding meeting to keep the meeting focused on the immediate need for a consensus on cedar issues.

Board Liaison:  Frank Cetera or Gwenn Melcher will be the Board Liaison for the upcoming elections.

Informing residents about changes:  When changes are made, they are listed in the roster .  Cost effective to make all homeowners aware at the same time

Good Maintenance Document Correction:  Concrete cracks require repair for ½” vertical or 1” horizontal crack.

Lighting Instructions for future events:  Property Manager will follow up with Scott Leidy to obtain instructions on how to set up lighting for events in his absence.

Security Lighting/Cameras:  Currently, motion sensors and lights work at pool with the exception of the large overhead light.  A Board member suggested the Board wait on acquiring security cameras since there have been no vandalism reports in the recent past. There was general agreement among Board members.

Maintenance Book:  The Board purchased a book regarding exterior maintenance that is available to all board members who would like to use it as a reference.

Treasurer Documentation:  Going forward, the Treasurer’s reports will include notes on budget items that have been changed to allow future Treasurers to better plan for future repairs.

The August 2010 Minutes were approved by the Board.  At this point, Michelle DiMichelle proposed that full names be added to the minutes for ease of reading, Michael Cassella seconded, all approved.

Maintenance Report

Scott Leidy was not present to give the Maintenance Report.

Good Maintenance Descriptions

While the Good Maintenance Description document will be important in deciding on future failures, it has not been completed.  It has been clarified that letters to homeowners will go out to address serious failures that are actual failures according to current guidelines.  The Board will go through the current failures and walkthrough and address them.  Each member has agreed to take on a portion of the failures and address the situation within two weeks.

The Board will complete the Good Maintenance Description Document and the Architectural Walkthrough Committee will be requested to train volunteers in the use of this document during walkthroughs which will ensure consistent results.

The Board will meet on Thursday, October 7, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. to specifically address the Good Maintenance Document and complete revisions.

Treasurer’s Report

The item currently in the budget for 4th of July is actually for several summer events.  Going forward, all events will be broken out on the budget to show homeowners where event funds are actually being spent.  Yearly planned events include: Easter, Halloween, Holiday Party, Family Fun, Adult Night, Volunteer Appreciation, 4th of July.

Finance Committee Questions for the Board:
There is $17k that was budgeted for additional brush removal in 2010 but not used. Will this be an item for next year or can the Financial Committee appropriate the funds for something else?  The Board determined that $3.5k will be maintained for brush removal and $3.5k for vegetation control in 2011.  The remainder will be redistributed in the budget.

A homeowner is requesting handicapped access improvements in Rhondda.  What has been decided?  The president will correspond with the concerned homeowner explaining that the legal and financial ramifications of furnishing permanent and/or additional handicapped access does not permit the Homeowners Association to take any further actions with respect to handicapped access.

Can the $1K in the budget for a Volunteer Appreciation Event be scaled down?  The Artistic Director will be looking into catering the event this year instead of holding it at a restaurant and expects to keep the costs under $700.   In light of the number of volunteers in the community, this was thought to be a reasonable amount.
Can the Hankin Center be available before 4pm since there have been numerous requests and it would add to the funds?  In the past, the time restraint of 4 p.m. was imposed due to pool use.  The Board voted to remove the caveat from the contract and make the Hankin Center available for use before 4 p.m.

Can the rental fee for the Hankin Center be raised to $100 to raise funds?  The current rent is for the Hankin Center is $75.  The Board determined that the availability of the Hankin Center is considered an amenity for homeowners and the rate would not be raised.

Several homeowners have requested that funds be available to have the Hankin Center insulated, is this feasible?  The Board determined that the cost was too prohibitive and voted against insulating the Hankin Center at this point.

Property Manager’s Report

Deadlines: There are townhomes on Talgrath and Neyland courts where there has been an adequate attempt to bring the cedar into compliance, meaning original pristine condition.  It has been proposed that if the homeowners on these courts are in agreement as to what pristine means, these homes will pass inspection.  The homeowners who did not make an adequate attempt or any attempt at all at repairing the cedar siding on their homes will receive failure notices.  The homeowners are to be given until Spring to bring the cedar into compliance.  The Board will complete follow-up walkthroughs of these courts by Oct. 1.  The Board discussed sending the homeowners in compliance on these courts a letter composed by Mike Cassella that will outline the current proposed policy for passing “pristine” siding as mentioned above and requesting homeowner feedback to establish the guideline for “pristine” siding. Mike was asked to make a few revisions to his letter (add new spring walkthrough plans, revisit color process options). Michelle DiMichele motioned for the letter to be sent, the motion was seconded, all approved.  

Grandfathered item:  There is a slider window that was approved in Penwyllt Ct. early in the term last year.  It was approved because it matched the appearance of the other grid double hung windows in the court.  These types of decisions are to be made on a case by case basis.

Court Fees:  The Property Manager requested that the Board consider adding $200 to the budget on this line item in the budget.  Michelle DiMichele made a motion to accept, Sara Dill seconded the motion, all approved.

A Board member was contacted by a contractor and offered free Hardy Plank materials to replace the cedar above her roofline.  She accepted and had the cedar replaced for $500.  Since she considered herself the “sample” home, she maintains that she did not think to get architectural approval.  Several homeowners were upset because at the previous Cedar Meeting permission was not given to have a sample home with alternate materials above the roofline.  The homeowner in question has agreed to come into compliance with whatever the final decision of the Board is with respect to acceptable materials above the roofline.  At this point, it was reiterated among Board members that the entire Board needs to be involved in any and all decisions made on unapproved home maintenance.  No arbitrary decisions will be acceptable. All decisions must be approved by the entire Board.  It was brought up that there is currently a $1000 fine for making an architectural change without prior approval.   To date, this fine has not been applied very often.  Since there is an upcoming meeting next week on the correct materials to be used, all fines in place with respect to this issue are tabled pending the results of that meeting. Michelle DiMichele motioned for approval, Angelina AlMadanat seconded, all approved.

A homeowner on Towyn Court is requesting that they be allowed to replace the cedar above the roofline with vinyl that matches the gutters (one strip).  Michelle DiMichelle motioned to have the homeowner must wait for a decision until after the Cedar Meeting next week, Sara Dill seconded, all approved.

Architectural Committee

There were no Architectural Committee items addressed this month.

Social Committee

The Artistic Director mentioned that pony rides will be available at the Halloween Party.

New Business

Homeowner Information:  Angelina AlMadanat suggested a log be posted on the wall in the farmhouse with questions from homeowners showing date/time/result of any questions posed to the Board and that the homeowner posing the question be sent a letter enlightening them as to the outcome to show that the item was addressed.  Answers to all homeowner questions will also be mentioned in the minutes and listed on the website.

Quarterly Homeowner Questionnaire:  Michelle DiMichele suggested that a questionnaire addressing community issues be created and put in PDF or made available in printed form to homeowners. These questions will be added to the website and directed at the entire community to find out the disposition of homeowners who would not normally speak out and allow for a fair consensus.  Notice will be placed in the roster and on the website as will results.  Angelina AlMadanat suggested that the surveys be available at events and perhaps at quarterly homeowner meetings to obtain more of a consensus. Michelle DiMichele will spearhead this effort.

Megan’s Law List:  There was a proposal to place informational flyers in the farmhouse of offenders currently residing in the Rhondda community who are on the Megan’s Law List.  This action was not approved and it was suggested that the Board lawyer be consulted before any further action was taken.

Ballot Approval:  Angelina AlMadanat motioned to approve the ballot, Michelle DiMichele seconded, all approved. Note:  The rosters next month will be out late since bios for nominees are not yet available.

Michelle DiMichele and Angelina AlMadanat requested that they be more involved in cedar townhome deliberations going forward and that a volunteer be found to head a committee to specifically address cedar issues.  This request was welcomed by the Board and the president updated them on contractors who will attend the Cedar Meeting.

Walkthrough follow ups to determine if failures have been addressed were divided among Board members.  The walkthroughs are to be completed by October 1, 2010.  

Note:  Rebecca Shallow attended the meeting to address the Board on website issues.  At 9:00 p.m. she had to leave without having addressed the Board.  At that point, in deference to non-Board members, the Board made a decision to allow all non-board members to address the Board before any regular meeting items were discussed.

An absent Board member requested that the Board address a letter outlining their concern about some of the actions taken by the president and calling for her resignation.  The Board discussed the issues, agreed to increase their efforts to ensure all members are involved in decisions and given the opportunity to participate in managing, and resolved that resignation was inappropriate.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 p.m.  The next Board Meeting will be held on October 18, 2010.

Respectfully submitted,

Gwenn Melcher, Secretary

Approved by: Sue Patt, Mike Cassella, Angela AlMadanat