September 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Date: September 19, 2011

Opening Time: 7:05 p.m. Farmhouse  

Members Present: Christine Trevaskis, Debbie Dainis,  Michael Cassella, Barbara Guenst, Sue Patt,  Dave Bova , Angelina AlMadanat

Members Absent:  Frank Cetera, William Coleman

Others Present:  
Property Manager – Danielle Diamond
Maintenance - Scott Leidy

Quorum: Yes

Previous Meeting Minutes:
Moved to accept with corrections by Debbie Dainis
Seconded by  Angelina
Motion carried.     All  in favor.

1.  Maintenance Report:  Scott Leidy
submitted report
sink hole by the pump hose is large.  Scott  thinks it is a storm drain - home depot for an auger and may rent.  ? blockage of the pipe.  
Sue Patt asked if filled sink holes had been seeded.   Areas need topsoil and then will be seeded.
Small farm house repairs listed on capital reserve study and Scott to work on them in the winter.
Scott stated asphalt repair bids need to be submitted earlier in the year.-

Angelina AlMadanat motioned to fix drains in North Snowdon and Carmarthen Ct now and that we get bids for macadam repairs in spring 2012.

Dave Bova 2nd
All were in favor

2.  Committee Reports:      

a.    Website Committee- Was given social committee list to post.  Sue Patt will address.

b.    Architectural Committee– Two requests were deferred to the Board for review:

1.  Greg from Neyland Court concerned about placement of his shed because no space in yard due to the ground wetness, slopped, and a swale.  Greg requests to have is shed placed on common ground which he also maintains.

Chris Trevaskis  motioned to allow Greg to put up storage shed on common ground.  

Sue Patt 2nd

All were in favor.

2.  Another resident of a Court is requesting to replace her front door with full glass door due to health concerns.

Motion:  Sue Patt  - In lieu of front door being full glass view, homeowner may install a high E full glass storm door to meet the light requirements for her health.  

Barbara Guenst 2nd

All were in favor.

c.     Social Committee-  Rhondda Roster list the parties.  October 22nd Halloween party.  

d.     Landscape Committee -  Barbara Guenst will share bids with Dan and address with Biddle.

e.     Election/Nominations Committee - In progress.

f.      Finance Committee -  two more meetings scheduled to be held to finalize the budget.  

4.   Treasurer Report-  Danielle
Discussed budget in Bill Coleman’s absence.

7.   Property Manager Report – Danielle Diamond
submitted report
1.  Banking - deposit short, spoke with bank manager.  M&T bank.  Mike to speak with bank president and address.  
2.  Service to heat pump.  Purchased a yearly maintenance contract.  
3.  Sue Patt brought up rules and regs/bylaws on website not password protected.  Will try to create password protection.
4.  Digital Camera - requesting one for the office.
5.  Discussed renting auger and camera for pipe from home depot.

Motion - Dave Bova to purchase digital camera not to exceed $100
Sue Patt 2nd
All in favor

5.  Discussion ensued to switch the surveillance camera views.

6.  Discussed Biddle landscaping, Dave Bova is concerned because of a  tree leaning 60 degree angle. Dead vines need to be removed from trees.

7.  Oil contract

Dave and Mike to go through the bids for heating oil and advise the board.

8.  Snow plow removal

Sue Patt specifically asked to ensure J&J has adequate insurance to cover the cost of repairs to damaged curbs from the snow plows.  

9.  Landscaping

Grass cutting contracts discussed.  Will get more information from different contractors.

10.  Cleaning - Angelina recommend we hire a person from the Arc of Chester County, however, the person would have to be on the payroll.  Discussion ensued and it was thought to best hire a cleaning service rather than place another person on the payroll.

11.  Discussed getting a different printer/copier, consider getting a quote from Kinko's.  Danielle to find out cost.

Minutes Review/Old Business:   

1.  Parking Committee - split on surveys from community regarding lighting.  
Next meeting Mark Kramer to present something final for the board.
Township road parking do they have to be moved to plow

Go back to Marks committee

2.  How to handle a tie if occurs in the future.  

Motion  by Dave Bova - In the event of a tie for any office will have a run off election for that position.
2nd by Angelina AlMadanat
All in favor

3.  Sue Patt asked if we had a maintenance plan for the new tennis courts.  Scott stated he was only advised to keep the pine needles off the surface.  No formal plan is in place.

4. Dave Bova spoke with the post master.  The Post Master needs to know when job is approved and he will get the postal maintenance person to remove and put mailboxes in a temporary location.  All new mailboxes will be removable.

5.  Dave and Frank did not meet with Tom Cook at Uwchlan Township regarding the curbs.  Sue Patt would like to be at that meeting when they discuss the curbing issue.

6.  Dainelle did not order the Man vs. Beast CD as she does not have a credit card for the office.  Barbara Guenst will order and submit bill.

Danielle Diamond was allowed to express concern regarding salary.  

Barbara Guenst
Secretary Rhondda Homeowners Association