September 2011 Quarterly Homeowner's Association Meeting Minutes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Quarterly Homeowners Meeting

Date:  September 13, 2011
Opening Time 7 p.m. Farm House

Board Members Present:  Sue Patt, Michael Cassella, Barbara Guenst, Debbie Dainis, Angelina Almadant, Christine Trevaskis
Board Members Absent:  William Coleman, Frank Cetera, Dave Bova
Others Present:  Property Manager – Danielle Diamond
1.  Mike Cassella discussed major repairs completed or in progress:
Tennis courts - completed
security cameras installed around farm house/pool/tennis courts
brush removal
sink holes to be repaired
retention basins to be repaired
storm drain clogged in several courts to be cleaned
curbing issue to be addressed as to ownership and who has responsibility to repair and replace
macadam repair for Pennwylt/both Snowdon Courts - quote have been obtained
Post master agreed to work with Rhondda so mail boxes pads can be repaired or replaced as needed in the courts
Many of the repair payments are coming out of capital  reserve funds
some repairs are season dependent and may need to be postponed

2.  Parking / lighting committee Mark Kramer
considering solar lighting
discussion ensued

3.  Vandalism/security has been a problem.
Someone has cut the fence and broke in 3 times around the tennis courts/pool.
Dog poop was thrown into pool which required the pool to be “shocked” several times over the summer.
Graffiti on the garage / pool house / play grounds had to be removed.
The Hanken Center had shingles ripped off the roof and the shingles were stacked underneath the trees.
Children/teenagers have been seen out at 3-5 am in club house area.

Police have been contacted  and stated they will step up controls.

Will install security cameras to monitor front parking lot. It was recommended that  no lighting be installed.

Illegal drugs had been found in the club and farm house parking lot .  Police were notified.

The basket ball hoop was replaced and torn down again.

2. Election Committee - Nominations - Fred Vodde reported.  
Only two nominations were received in the mail.
Mohammed Jan for President.
Frank Cetera for Board member.

From the floor nominations accepted:
Mike Cassella for President.
Sue Patt for Vice President.
Barbara Guenst for Secretary.
Ryan    for Treasurer.
Debbie Dainis for Board Member.
Angelina Almadant for Board Member.

3. Homeowners from Neyland Court with multiple concerns.

A.  110 Neyland Ct

Contacted the office in April regarding a tree that needs to be removed.  Scott stated since the tree is 30 ft from the back of the house the HOA will have removed. Estimate was already obtained from Today’s Trees.
B.  108 Neyland -  Has construction trash on lawn which has blown around after the hurricane.  No dumpster.  Grass not cut.  Request the problem be addressed.
C.  146 or 48 Neyland  grass not cut and stated is an eye sore.

D.  Water run off in Neyland Court  has been an ongoing concern.  In the winter deep ice accumulates.  Homeowners advised the records of the association be checked to verify this issue.  For the past 10 to 15 years  this problem has been brought, repeatedly, to the office’s attention.  According to the homeowners present, letters were written to the homeowners of Neyland Court by Rhondda HOA that the drainage problem could not be fixed.  A homeowner in Neyland Court broke an ankle in the past and sued Rhondda.   The residents are concerned that only stop gap measures have been employed and would like the drainage issue to be revisited as it is a civil engineering problem.  They report that water from Bausman Road drains into Neyland Court when it rains.

Mike Cassella to talk with Uwchlan Township and will get a civil engineer involved.   Residents will be updated regarding the situation.  

Residents in Neyland also stated that the “No Trespassing” sign by the retention pond is not visible as it is sinking into a sink hole.  Mike advised the retention ponds to be repaired and the Township is involved.

Meeting adjourned 7:50 p.m.

Barbara Guenst
Secretary, Rhondda Homeowners Association