September Quarterly Meeting Notes

Rhondda Homeowners Association

Quarterly Meeting

September 14, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Farmhouse.
Present at the meeting were the President, two Board Members, the Property Manager, Treasurer, Secretary, and about 12 residents.

The President asked those in attendance to write down any questions they might want to have answered during the meeting and if there are any questions about minutes from the July meeting or the budget.

Items brought up for discussion

Elections:  The contents of RHO Post office box were introduced by the Election Chairwoman, Connie Long.  This year there are four Board positions and two Board of Director positions open.  Nominees are as follows: President- Michelle DiMichele; Vice President – Sue Patt; Treasurer - Sara Dill; Board Members – Chris Trevaskis, Bill Coleman, Angelina AlMadanat.

Judy Bennett nominated Debbie Dainis for the position of President and she accepted.
Dave Bova was nominated by Deb Dainis for Board member and he wrote in an acceptance.
Secretary position – no volunteers to date.

Board Liaison – Frank Cetera may be performing this duty.  If not, Gwenn Melcher has volunteered for the position.

Paving Conway, Pembroke:  Both Conway and Pembroke Courts are to be paved in the near future.  A homeowner requested that the grade in front of 114-124 Conway Ct. be repaired during repaving.  There is a serious ice issue there during the winter months where cars have difficulty getting out.

Replacement products above roof line in Contemporary homes:  There are two board members who are trying to meet with homeowners of contemporary town homes to discuss replacement materials for the cedar above roof lines. The homes are at a point where the cedar is requiring replacement and the board would like to provide the option of long lasting, low maintenance products to use in lieu of cedar.  At this time only the cedar above the roof line will be discussed, not the cedar in the front of town homes.

A homeowner requested that each court be allowed to vote on the replacement materials as they did for their color choices.  This is to be discussed at the Cedar Meeting at 7:00 p.m. September 22, 2010.  This meeting was placed in the roster, it is listed on the website calendar and notices will be distributed to cedar homeowners prior to the meeting. Homeowners are encouraged to express their opinions and participate in the decisions.

Snow Zones:  A homeowner requested that Scott Leidy complete the printing of snow areas in Caernarvon court.  There are not enough areas to park during snowstorms.  A Talgrath Ct. homeowner mentioned zones are covering parking spaces and could be moved 5 ft. further to provide more room.  Currently, snow is to be moved to areas designated as snow zones.  Boulders will be pushed back and reset in the Spring.  
A board member mentioned the need to ask residents from each court if snow zones required revision.  The Property Manager will have Scott Leidy and the snow removal contractor drive through each court and have snow zones reevaluated.

A homeowner suggested that it be made clear that each homeowner has only two designated parking spaces and cannot park additional cars in snow zones during storms because there is nowhere else to put the snow. The President made note that in the past the board has looked into paving additional remote spaces or more of the unpaved areas but that these options would require Township approval, hiring an engineer, adding lighting, etc.  It is capital improvements that take up the money that would be considered for additional parking and a substantial increase in fees would be required to address the domino effect that would result.  It is a separate issue from the regular budget. Another homeowner suggested charging a fee for the extra parking spaces used by those homeowners with more than two vehicles.

Finance Committee: The Treasurer along with the Finance Committee is preparing the budget for next year and reports that it is well in progress.  For those interested parties, there is a Finance Committee meeting on September 27 at 7:00 pm in the farmhouse.
A homeowner made a request that a study be done of the pool use to determine whether the pool should be open more or less hours and offered to compile the information. The Property Manager will provide the homeowner a copy of the pool log.

A homeowner questioned why the budget for parties is over 60% higher than usual when several events had been cancelled.  It was explained that there were actually more parties added than normal including Family Fun Night, 4th of July, Halloween, etc. The Finance Committee will be provided an event list for the upcoming budget proposal so that supplies can be better coordinated.  In the past, too many supplies were purchased and there is a bit of a surplus.  This contributed to the budget to be higher than expected. Additionally, homeowners are encouraged to sign up for events instead of showing up without an RSVP to ensure there are enough supplies for everyone.

The same homeowner claimed the need to cut back on event costs.  It was explained that measures have already been instituted and that event costs are only 1% of the budget and used to promote community spirit and enhance the value of the homes.
The Treasurer mentioned there was a point of contention in preparing the budgets over events and the costs involved.  The consensus is to cut events to keep the budget balanced if necessary or reduce the amount spent on Appreciation Dinner and use the funds for events.  This has not been finalized in the budget.
A homeowner took the opportunity to give a big thank you to all the volunteers that work so hard and gave their time to provide parties that encourage neighborhood participation.

Miscellaneous: A board member suggested that homeowners who send in questions for the board meetings be sent a notice with the results.  Currently emails are sent.  It was suggested that answers to homeowners be posted in a comment section accessible to all homeowners.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gwenn Melcher, Secretary